Wednesday 22 June 2016

Eid Shopping With

Hello Every one
Today i am going to do a Website Review and share my Eid Shopping  Experience with 

About The Store : is an online store for  Apparels and Accessories for Women , Men and Kids .
It had a great collection of Ethnic wears like sarees , Salwar suits , Lehnga Choli  , Gowns , Western wear etc .
One can get Excellent product at Affordable Price at this store .
They provide free shipping across India , they also do international shipping .

My Shopping Experience 
Since the holy month of Ramzaan is going on and after this there is Eid Festival so i had to do lots of shopping specially ethnic wears for Ramzaan and Eid .
Earlier i used to shop from shopping malls and Boutiques but past few years i am shopping many products from online stores because of ease of shopping , good discounts etc .
So this year also  i thought of  buying some clothes from some  online stores .
I was looking for stores with good ethnic wears like Salwar kameez and Anarkalis .
When i saw this site , i browsed for some salwar suits , i was amazed to see a great collection of clothes .  It was too difficult for me to choose just one product from this site .
I liked many and wanted to buy , but since this was a first time shopping experience from this site , i decided to order just one , so that i can check the quality of product  and  see their  delivery service .
I chose one Salwar kameez from this site , they provide the option of stitching at  an extra cost , i opted that also .
After placing the order it took some ten days for the product to reach me , it took some extra time because of stitching option .
Finally when i received the parcel  i was so happy to see excellent packaging and a great product .

The product was packed in  small carton box , it was done with perfection .

Now have a look on my Salwar suit

This is a beautiful set of Salwar , Kameez and Dupatta .
I had given my measurement  to them but still i was worried that whether it would be done perfectly or not . As most of time tailors do some or the other  mistakes , but to my relief and surprise the stitching was perfect . They have beautifully stitched the suit with inner lining , Zip etc .

So i am too happy to discover an  Excellent and Reliable Online store  from where i can buy beautiful ethnic wears of my choice , in an affordable price  with free shipping and stitching option .

One thing i would like to mention that many a times when we are shopping from any online stores , quality of clothes or apparels are not same as shown in the image .
When we  see the image at the website , the cloth looks great but when we receive it the color and quality differs , then we feel cheated that after spending a good amount we have not got what we were expecting .
But in this case its not like that . The quality of cloth is too good and there is no difference in what was shown in the image at the site and what the cloth is .

Product link
Patiala Salwar Kameez

So its the same what i got , no poor quality product or different color which many other stores write that color of product may vary because of lighting effect and all .

I just loved this suit and had good shopping experience with this site .
Would surely recommend this to all , who like to buy good quality products at affordable price .

One can check the store here :

Right now many discounts and promotions are going on at the site , one can check and indulge themselves in buying some great ethnic wears .

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Shopping Haul from

Hello Every one
Today i am going to share my shopping haul from .
Last month there was an International Giveaway on my blog in collaboration with , after that i also placed an order at that site. I got my Parcel yesterday .

It is USA based online store which provides the facility of free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase .
One can shop both men and women apparels and accessories .

Now have a look on products that i got from there .

I had orders two products :

1.Shoulder Messenger Bag
2.Shiny Golden Leggings .

Price of both the products was around 10$ so total it was 20$ , with no shipping charges as shipping is free at this site .

Shoulder Messenger Bag 

This can be used as a Sling Bag , i liked brown color , some other colors were also available .
One can check this Bag here : Bag


Shiny Golden Leggings 

This is suitable for autumn and winter season , many other colors were  also available like silver , blue , purple etc .
One can check this leggings here :
Golden Leggings

After placing the order it took some ten days for the parcel to reach India. 

They  had send the products by government post so i got via Indian Postal service .
Packaging was good . 

One can check the site here

Saturday 4 June 2016


Today i am going to review a product from , its  Lomi Lomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask .

I have tried and reviewed various Skin18 product before , all of them were good , this one is also very good .
Its a collection of 7 sheet masks for face , one needs to apply each daily starting from Monday to next Sunday .

The pack looks like this

It has 7 sheet masks . Each mask has different ingredients to fulfill its unique purpose .

1.Monday -- Aloe Juicy Mask

Aloe mask is cool and refreshing .

2.Tuesday --Ginko Anti Wrinkle Mask

I do not have wrinkles but after using this mask my skin felt much better  then before , clean and refreshed .

3.Wednesday --Grape Whitening Mask

This mask has grapes extract which helps in skin whitening , skin looks brighter then before .

4. Thursday --Cucumber Bouncing Mask

It gives a cooling effect .

5.Friday --Acerola Recovery Mask

Acerola is rich in Vitamin A and C which are good for skin  .

6. Saturday --Pomegranate Vital Mask 

This mask has a strong fragrance and contains anti oxidants which nourishes the skin .

7.Sunday --Jasmine Healing Mask 

It has a flowery fragrance and  makes the skin look and  feel fresh .

1.Free from parabens , animal proteins , mineral oil , sulfate .
2.Contains extract of natural products like fruits and flowers.
3.It fits to the face perfectly and does not falls off .
4.Good for all skin type .
5.Travel Friendly pack , each sheet comes in a separate pack so one can easily carry it in their bag or purse and use it any where to feel relaxed .

Availability might be an issue as its available only on online store of Skin18.Com

I have tried all these sheet masks last week .
All of them  are good , my skin felt much better then before .
It made my skin soft and supple .
One needs to apply these sheet masks on washed and toned skin .
One needs to keep these sheet masks on skin for about 20- 30 minutes , for oily skin it should be for 15 minutes . One does not needs to apply moisturizer after using this .
It has sufficient moisturizer for the skin .
After removing the sheet masks one needs to massage the moisturizer on the face  .
It will make your skin soft , supple , nourished .

Price -- 24$

One can buy this product from

How To Teach Kids To Share The Load

Kids learn what they see at their  home and surroundings .

They imitate what  elders do , even while playing innocent games like that related to family and kitchen , a young girl plays the role of mom doing all house hold chores and cooking delicious food for her family , a young boy plays the role of dad watching TV or reading news paper .
This is because they have been seeing this at their home , mom busy with house hold chores .Whether or not she is a working professional or a simple home maker , she is responsible for all house hold chores like cooking , cleaning and laundry .
Till last generation this was OK as women used to stay at home and be a good home maker but now with the change in economy and  living style , more and women are coming out of their home to do a job and get a good pay package , with this the work pressure on her gets doubled and most of time they feel tired and exhausted and in the long run it leads to several  health problems .

So now men also try to share the load of their wives specially if she is a working professional .
They try to help their wives in laundry , grocery shopping and sometimes cooking too .

We need to teach our kids this Share The Load concept as  this would help them to understand their partners better and  this sharing the load concept bring a positive atmosphere at home . 

Ways to Teach our Children this Share The Load Concept :

1.To teach them to Respect Women

All young boys should be taught to respect women and girls .
To be humble and polite with them and to share their work to make them feel happy .
Like i always tell my son that he needs to help his sisters in every thing , in doing their home work and other small house hold works like cleaning their room , arranging their toys etc.
This is not only a girls job but also a boys work .

2. Through Games and Stories

I always encourage my kids to play together  what ever they are playing .
Be it be Cricket or Badminton or carrom at home  they need to play together , its not that girls can't play cricket , they can play everything . So this creates a healthy competition between them that who will be the best player . And they learn that a girl is capable of doing every thing which a boys does .

Even while telling stories  i try to make them understand that  Boys and Girls are equal , so we love them equally and in a home  both the partners are responsible for doing daily house hold chores .

3. By showing Practically what is told to them 
Only preaching and no action does not makes any sense .
So what we teach and say we do it and make them understand . Like my husband does his laundry himself , teaching them how to clean your clothes yourself . During weekends he cooks some delicious food saying let mama take rest for a day .
He  also helps me in cleaning and grocery shopping .
This way we have taught our kids that both husband and wife are equally responsible for doing house hold chores .

This all has created a positive atmosphere at my home where every one is doing some house hold chores , me , my husband and my kids . So the  work load is shared among all , so that one person does not gets exhausted in doing every thing alone .
This also helped us to get some free time  during  weekends so that we can spend some quality time together , go to some amusement  park or  go for a long drive etc .
Thus having lots of fun time during weekends and holidays .

(image source :Here )

Now its our responsibility to take the message of #ShareTheLoad to next generation so that we can raise them with right values of gender equality in the house hold .

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Fun Riding With Datsun Redi Go

Living in a  Metro city like Hyderabad has its own advantages and disadvantages .
Where in one can have the feeling of enjoying both worlds like Urban and Classy as well as Old and Antique , one has to cope up with many other factors like Load shedding , traffic jams , pollution , scarcity of water in summer etc .
I am living in this city past 11 years and I really love this city .

On weekends we go for long drive , either to some amusement parks or shopping malls or some times to  outskirts  of city . Commuting long distances in big city is not easy . One can use public transport like local buses , cabs , auto rickshaws etc or if one has a personal vehicle , that's the best option .
One does not needs to wait for bus or cab , one does not needs to pay a good amount as fare and most important when one is on wheels the feeling of driving a luxury car has its own charm .

But since every coin has two sides , so driving their own vehicle has also some challenges like

1.Traffic Jams  

 Since most of the cities in India specially Metro cities are over populated and there are too many vehicles on road , one has to face the traffic jam problem . If one is struck up in a jam then takes too much of time to come out of it and lot of time is wasted there .

2.Parking Problem

If a shopping complex , amusement park or a mall has parking space then its good or else one really finds it difficult to park the car any where on the road and protect it from  getting scratches and dents .

So choosing a Right Car is as important as Choosing a house to live in where one tries  to get the best of every thing in their budget .

While choosing a Car one has to look for following factors :

1. Price --It should be with in one's budget .
2.Looks --Gone are the days when people were happy with looks of an Ambassador car , now people want  car with sporty and classy looks .
3.Mileage --This is a very important factor as this helps to decide the maintenance cost of car .
4.Size -- Some people look for big and spacious car specially if their family size is big but many opt for small sized car .
5.Safety --This is one of the most important or deciding factor before choosing a car as one can compromise on other factors but not on this .

And depending on their budget and preference one always tries to buy the best car available in market . 

Since now a days a car is not only a Luxury Product but also a necessity one should look for three important factors like


FUN -- Driving a car should be Fun , one should not feel exhausted with driving a car.

FREEDOM -- It should give freedom from worries like getting late for office , poor mileage , too much of maintenance cost .

CONFIDENCE --It should give confidence that one is driving one of the best cars in the city .

I have a Hyundai Accent which we have been using past many years , its a good car , the only problem we faced is parking issues . Many a times during peak shopping hours on weekends it was difficult to get suitable parking space .

Recently when I browsed Datsun Redi Go website I was amazed to see its features .
This car has several good features  , the three excellent features which appealed me most are :

1.The Fuel Economy :

25.17 Km/L is too good and economic .

2.Small Turning Radius

Because of the compact design of Datsun Redi Go it can make a full turn around with just 4.7 metre turning radius .So its quite handy when one is in a tight spot .

3.Spacious Interior

 Datsun Redi Go has spacious interior .
Good leg space  with seating for five make it an ideal family car and  with space for luggage  one is ready to move where  ever they want .

I would like to go for a test drive of this car in my city Hyderabad .
And would like to test this car for it speed and efficiency , also would like to check small turning radius feature .

I think this car with many Unique and excellent features would surely help  me and many others  to beat the urban driving blues where one is struck up in a traffic jam and  wants to get out of it immediately and  one wants to get the best of every thing , good mileage , spacious interiors , classy look .

Nissans Datsun Redi Go  offers some of the best features which a car should have .
It is a unique  combination of style and comfort  made with the best of Japanese technology .

It gives a sense of freedom and confidence , best suited for Urban Indians who want speed with style .

 With several excellent features like Power steering , Fuel economy , Classy look and style it makes one of the best car for Urban India .


(Image source --Datsun )

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


Wednesday 1 June 2016

ColorBar Perfect Match BB Cream Review

Today I am going to review a product from famous brand Colorbar .
Its Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream .

About the product
Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream is a multi benefit beauty balm which hydrates the skin , hide fine lines and corrects the skin giving good coverage .
Its a light weight non greasy formula which is paraben free and has SPF value 20 .

We have read in fairy tales that the fairy mother uses her Magic Wand to make some one look beautiful :-)
I am not saying this BB cream is like that Magic Wand , But its closer to that , really makes one feel and look beautiful for some time .

Rs 550 for 29 gms .

Shelf Life
2 years from date of manufacture

Product Packaging
This product comes in a tube from which the BB cream can be easily squeezed out and applied on skin .Product packaging is good and travel friendly.

Ingredients :

Steric acid , green tea extract , cucumber extract , sunflower extract , aloe vera extract , fragrance etc.

Pros :
1. Paraben free.
2..Has SPF 20 ( which is good ), has broad spectrum sun protection .
3.Is light weight and non greasy .
4.Does not makes skin look or feel oily .
5.Gives full coverage even to acne prone and oily skin .
6.Ideal for Indian skin tone .
7.Contains extracts of some natural products like aloe vera , cucumber , sunflower etc .
8.Contains Anti Oxidants .
9. Travel friendly pack .

Cons :
Bit expensive .

This product is available in three shades , one can choose according to their skin type .
1.Vanilla Crème
2.Honey Glaze
3.White Light

I have the first shade Vanilla Crème .

What the product claims :

The product claims to hide fine lines , give full coverage to skin , repair uneven skin tone , hydrate the skin .

My experience with the product :
I have used this product few times and I really liked it .
Its much different from BB creams of other brands .
It gets absorbed in the skin easily and quickly and makes the skin look clean and glowing .
Does not makes the skin look oily or sticky .
Gives full coverage . Covers fine lines & acnes perfectly .
One can also use this as a makeup base or foundation .

IBB Rating -- 4.7/5

I have brought this product from online store , one can easily find this on several online stores .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post , do share the BB creams you have used in the comment section below .
Ghazala Naseem