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How I Won A Car From

Hello Every one
Today I want to Share my Journey of Winning a Car from site .

I am very active in participating in contests and giveaways as  it gives lots of happiness and fun .
Past 4 years I had participated and  won many facebook contests and blogs giveaways .
Its a good time pass for me as I do not watch TV serials  as I cannot follow useless serials for years , watching all negative stuffs . So for me  my source of entertainment is internet , writing posts for my blog , participating in contests and giveaways , and when I win and get some good stuff that  makes me happy and content that I have utilized my free time in a good way .

I randomly search many thing on net , I am a member of  many sites and forums .
I constantly try new and different things and stick to ones which are interesting .

So last year on face book I  saw's page .
The concept was very simple , Rating and Reviewing Ads .
I thought I can do this easily , since I am a blogger I can write some good reviews .
I joined the site and started reviewing the ads .
A member has to review only two ads per day and some points are awarded for that .
When that  point gets  accumulated one can redeem some gifts from their Reward store .
Their Reward store is too good , I got some  vouchers and some other gifts from there .
I was very active on that site , I used to login daily and review ads , I always wrote good reviews .
I wrote what I felt about the ad , good and bad both .
Its like what the viewer feels about the ad and how it can be improved or made better .

I always do my work with  passion , put my Heart and Soul in it .
Try to make it The Best .
So there also I did the same .

I had joined  in October 2015 .
After four months at the end of January  2016 , one day I got a mail from their team that  I have been  chosen as the one of the  Best  Performers .
That was a great thing for me , getting recognized for my work .
Then after few days again I got a mail that I am among Top 3 Performers .
I am eligible for winning a Car .
I was so happy but still not sure that I can win a car , that's  a big thing .
So i did not discussed this with any one , not even with my close family members .
They asked me to send some documents , for KYC ( Know Your Customer ).
Scanned copy of my passport , Pan card etc .
I send that all to them .
On 1st February 2016 , in the morning i got a mail from them that I have been chosen as the Winner of Grand Prize , a car , Datsun Go .
I was so happy and excited that I could not understand what to do ?
Then I checked the facebook page of and saw my Photo there as Grand Prize Winner .
Before I could understand and accept that such a big thing has happened , this news got viral on facebook , my friends and relatives started congratulating me .
It really took some time to accept that this has really happened.
My kids were  more excited then me that mama has won a car .
This is the image that as posted on their page that day .

That excitement continued for many days , got calls and messages from near and dear ones .
And after that their team contacted me for further proceedings , paper works  and all .
They said this will take time as lots of paper work is involved .
I did what they said .
First choose a car dealer in your city from where you want to get that car .Then choose a car .
Then they send me some legal documents to be signed by me and the dealer .
This whole process took some 4 months ,  which was a long period , at times i used to feel irritated that its taking so much of time , but I had no other option but to wait .
At any point of time i did not  had a doubt that i will not get my prize , I was 200% sure that i will get as i am the winner of Quest 3 of their site , before me  two other persons had got car from the site .
But the waiting time was too long .
Finally when every thing was done i told them to close this before the Holy Month of Ramzaan as it would be difficult for  me to visit the showroom again and again in Ramzaan .
So finally just a day before  Ramzaan they decided  that the Key Giving Ceremony will be done .
A representative from their team would come to the showroom to hand over the keys to me.

6th June was decided as the D Day , I got the number of their Representative and talked with her , she said she will be at the showroom  at 3 PM , we also reached there that time .
And the keys were given to me with lots of good wishes .
My kids were Super Excited and it was a Golden Moment of my life .

I would like to thank the entire Adytude team for choosing  me as the Best Performer and giving me a chance to win a car .
I would also like to thank the employees of Datsun Showroom at Hitech city , Hyderabad for being very cooperative .

For my Readers and friends , I am sharing this experience with all so that others can also get inspired and try their luck at and many more such contests , we never know what Great Things and Opportunities are stored for us by the Almighty .

One can check the site here

One can join them on facebook here
FB Page of Adytude

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .

Ghazala Naseem

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