Saturday 4 June 2016

How To Teach Kids To Share The Load

Kids learn what they see at their  home and surroundings .

They imitate what  elders do , even while playing innocent games like that related to family and kitchen , a young girl plays the role of mom doing all house hold chores and cooking delicious food for her family , a young boy plays the role of dad watching TV or reading news paper .
This is because they have been seeing this at their home , mom busy with house hold chores .Whether or not she is a working professional or a simple home maker , she is responsible for all house hold chores like cooking , cleaning and laundry .
Till last generation this was OK as women used to stay at home and be a good home maker but now with the change in economy and  living style , more and women are coming out of their home to do a job and get a good pay package , with this the work pressure on her gets doubled and most of time they feel tired and exhausted and in the long run it leads to several  health problems .

So now men also try to share the load of their wives specially if she is a working professional .
They try to help their wives in laundry , grocery shopping and sometimes cooking too .

We need to teach our kids this Share The Load concept as  this would help them to understand their partners better and  this sharing the load concept bring a positive atmosphere at home . 

Ways to Teach our Children this Share The Load Concept :

1.To teach them to Respect Women

All young boys should be taught to respect women and girls .
To be humble and polite with them and to share their work to make them feel happy .
Like i always tell my son that he needs to help his sisters in every thing , in doing their home work and other small house hold works like cleaning their room , arranging their toys etc.
This is not only a girls job but also a boys work .

2. Through Games and Stories

I always encourage my kids to play together  what ever they are playing .
Be it be Cricket or Badminton or carrom at home  they need to play together , its not that girls can't play cricket , they can play everything . So this creates a healthy competition between them that who will be the best player . And they learn that a girl is capable of doing every thing which a boys does .

Even while telling stories  i try to make them understand that  Boys and Girls are equal , so we love them equally and in a home  both the partners are responsible for doing daily house hold chores .

3. By showing Practically what is told to them 
Only preaching and no action does not makes any sense .
So what we teach and say we do it and make them understand . Like my husband does his laundry himself , teaching them how to clean your clothes yourself . During weekends he cooks some delicious food saying let mama take rest for a day .
He  also helps me in cleaning and grocery shopping .
This way we have taught our kids that both husband and wife are equally responsible for doing house hold chores .

This all has created a positive atmosphere at my home where every one is doing some house hold chores , me , my husband and my kids . So the  work load is shared among all , so that one person does not gets exhausted in doing every thing alone .
This also helped us to get some free time  during  weekends so that we can spend some quality time together , go to some amusement  park or  go for a long drive etc .
Thus having lots of fun time during weekends and holidays .

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Now its our responsibility to take the message of #ShareTheLoad to next generation so that we can raise them with right values of gender equality in the house hold .

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

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