Saturday 4 June 2016


Today i am going to review a product from , its  Lomi Lomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask .

I have tried and reviewed various Skin18 product before , all of them were good , this one is also very good .
Its a collection of 7 sheet masks for face , one needs to apply each daily starting from Monday to next Sunday .

The pack looks like this

It has 7 sheet masks . Each mask has different ingredients to fulfill its unique purpose .

1.Monday -- Aloe Juicy Mask

Aloe mask is cool and refreshing .

2.Tuesday --Ginko Anti Wrinkle Mask

I do not have wrinkles but after using this mask my skin felt much better  then before , clean and refreshed .

3.Wednesday --Grape Whitening Mask

This mask has grapes extract which helps in skin whitening , skin looks brighter then before .

4. Thursday --Cucumber Bouncing Mask

It gives a cooling effect .

5.Friday --Acerola Recovery Mask

Acerola is rich in Vitamin A and C which are good for skin  .

6. Saturday --Pomegranate Vital Mask 

This mask has a strong fragrance and contains anti oxidants which nourishes the skin .

7.Sunday --Jasmine Healing Mask 

It has a flowery fragrance and  makes the skin look and  feel fresh .

1.Free from parabens , animal proteins , mineral oil , sulfate .
2.Contains extract of natural products like fruits and flowers.
3.It fits to the face perfectly and does not falls off .
4.Good for all skin type .
5.Travel Friendly pack , each sheet comes in a separate pack so one can easily carry it in their bag or purse and use it any where to feel relaxed .

Availability might be an issue as its available only on online store of Skin18.Com

I have tried all these sheet masks last week .
All of them  are good , my skin felt much better then before .
It made my skin soft and supple .
One needs to apply these sheet masks on washed and toned skin .
One needs to keep these sheet masks on skin for about 20- 30 minutes , for oily skin it should be for 15 minutes . One does not needs to apply moisturizer after using this .
It has sufficient moisturizer for the skin .
After removing the sheet masks one needs to massage the moisturizer on the face  .
It will make your skin soft , supple , nourished .

Price -- 24$

One can buy this product from

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