Friday 1 July 2016

Review of Paper Boat Chilli Guava Drink

Hello Every One
Today  I am going to Review a Drink from Famous Brand  Paper Boat .

Today market is flooded with fruits juices and drinks from various Indian & International brands .
We have many options to choose from , but many fitness freak and health consious prefer drinks with no added sugar and no preservatives .

I had  seen this paper Boat drinks in few super stores  but never tried .
Was thinking of trying this as it has no added colors and preservatives .
Recently I got a box of two Chilli Guava Drink from Paper Boat and was happy to receive  a lovely surprise .

I tried these drinks and loved it taste .
It tastes like real guava with little chilli  flavour in it .
I thought it would to too spicy as it was written chilli Guava but its not that spicy or chilli , its good .

I loved its packaging , a unique one , one of its kind in the market .
Price Rs 30 for 250 ml which is too good .
Its great to get a good product in a reasonable price .
Expiry date -- 4 months from date of manufacture .
Approved by FSSAI( Food safety Association for India )

Pros :
1.Great taste , it tastes like real fruit .
2.Affordable Price , price much less then other brands .
3.No added colors & preservatives .
4.Easily available every where .
5.FSSAI  approved  .
6.Gluten free .

Cons :

After trying this now i am going to try some other flavors from this brand .
They have many interesting variants like Rose Tamarind , Aamras , Jaljeera, Jamun Kala Khatta etc .
All unique ones .
 When i browsed their site , I was amazed to see a Great collection of  various flavors .
One can check the site here 

Another thing which i like about these drinks is its Unique combinations  of flavors which has  great taste and some Unique Names which reminds us of our childhood memories , some thing  which is lost is today's busy life . Like this Chilli guava reminds us of guava + chilli which we used to eat during our school days . Kala Khatta reminds of some local ice cream/chuski  flavors .
So with this drinks we not only get a Delicious Drink but also get some old  memories which is to be cherished for ever . 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post .
Share what flavor  you have tried from this brand .

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