Sunday 21 August 2016

Review of Sebamed Baby products

Hello Every One
I am back with review of Sebamed Baby Products .

About the Brand :
Sebamed is a famous brand  from Germany ,which has wide range of baby products like baby lotion , shampoo , soaps ,  baby cream , diaper rash creams etc .
I have used its products for my kids and they are too good and gentle on skin .

Why Sebamed Products are special :
1.They use 100% botonical non allergic ingredients .
2.They do not contain any parabem , SLS , glycol , colorant or any harsh chemicals in any of their product .
3.Not tested on animals.
4.Their products have PH value 5.5 which is ideal for baby's skin.
5.They are hypoallergic so there is 6 times lower chances of allergic reactions with Sebamed products as compared to products from other brands .

Why PH 5.5 is good for skin :
Healthy skin has  intact protective barrier or acid mantle which is against envoirnmental irritants and guards against irritation ,This acid mantle is slightly acidic with PH 5.5 .
Break down of this skin mantle can lead to several skin related problems so maintaining skin PH 5.5 ensures healthy skin .

Specially for small kids or infants who have very delicate skin its very important to use products which are gentle for skin and would help  to maintain skin mantle .
And it has been clinically proven that use of skin care products with PH 5.5 from day 1 helps in faster development of protective mantle on skin .

Sebamed baby range is specially designed with products with gentle botonical extracts which would help to maintain PH 5.5 , so its the ideal choice of doctors and parents across globe .

The brand has gained trust of dermatologist across 85 countries worldwide.
To ensure high quality of standard all Sebamed products are manufactured in Germany .
And they contain high quality active ingredients which cleanses  moisturizes the skin and maintains its PH value .
So after knowing so much about the brand and product one really gets impressed and should try these products for their  kids , specially for  new born babies .
Their baby care range includes  some excellent products like Baby Lotion , Baby Wash , Diaper Rash Cream , shampoo , soap etc .

Sebamed Baby Wash 
Sebamed Baby Wash is 100 % soap free cleanser .
Its a tear free formula which does not makes your baby cry as it happens in case of other soaps and body wash . Its a mild body wash with Vitamin E which is good for skin .

                                                              Sebamed Baby Lotion 
Its a moisturizer with Camomile which soothes irritation , it also contains allontoin which makes the skin soft and smooth .
It has a nice  fragrance and its very mild .

                                                           Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream 

This cream contains Titanium dioxide which protects the skin and helps to keep it healthy .
Its highly protective lipid formula also  contains licithin , squalane .
It has soothing effect on skin and is very effective in healing rashes .

I have used all these products for my kids and i really liked them as they are good and gentle on skin .

One can know  more about the products on their site 

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Monday 15 August 2016

Win a Box of Snacks from

Hello Every One
I am back with another giveaway for my wonderful readers .

This time the giveaway is quite different from the usual ones , no cosmetics and no skin care products but a Box of Healthy Snacks .

Recently i had done a website Review for a site , one can read the review here Review  and know details about this site and have a look on products  they offer.

I really enjoyed all the snacks sent to me in that box and so i decided to conduct a giveaway so that others can also try and enjoy those healthy snacks .

So One Lucky Winner will win a box of snacks from .

Rules :
1.Follow me on Google + , widget given at the right corner of the page .
2.Do email subscription , widget given at the right corner of page and verify your subscription .
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7.This giveaway is open for Indian residents only .
8.Comment down below why Healthy Snacking is important ?
9.After completing all steps , do mention your name , email ID in the comment section below .

This giveaway will run for 10 days and winner will be declared after that .

To get extra entries , share this giveaway on social media sites and invite your friends to join the giveaway .

This is a sponsored giveaway , prize will be send by the  brand so i will not be responsible for delay or any such problem .


Ghazala Naseem

Sunday 14 August 2016

Enjoy Healthy Snacks With

Hello Every one
Today i am going to do a website review for site called . is a site where one can order healthy snacks .
Its a type of Subscription service which provides healthy snacks in an affordable price at your door step .

They have various subscription plans , price range starts from as low as 299 for a box with five packets of snacks .

This weekly subscription box has five snacks and it costs  Rs 299 .
The monthly subscription box costs Rs 850 .

The weekly box that i got had the following snacks :

1.Roasted Soyabean Mix
2.Jalapeno Peanuts
3.Cream and Onion Whole Wheat Thins
4.Dark chocolate Power Bars .
5.French Vanilla and Almond Granola Crunchers

I have tried these snacks and i really liked them , all very delicious and good to eat .

Now what i liked about this site is they provide healthy snacks .
We all like munching  something in between meals and most of the time we munch some thing unhealthy like cookies , chocolates , sweets which are not good for health .
So if we get some healthy snacks , its good for our health .

Healthy snacking is very important as it helps to keep the blood sugar  level normal , increases the energy level for a long period of time and it can also be included in weight loss plan . As if one is feeling full with healthy snack , he/she will tend  to eat less during meal time .
Thus the concept of eating small portion of meals and maintaining weight and being healthy can be achieved with healthy snacking .

Now Whats Good About Snacks Available at
1.They do not add any chemical preservatives to increase shelf life.
2.Snacks are hygienically packed in individual packets , one can open one at a time and enjoy it .
3.Most of the snacks are Baked and not Fried so healthy .
4.Quality of products are good and all the snacks i have tried are delicious .
5.Most of the products have high fiber and are rich in protein so healthy .

So one can get healthy and delicious snacks at at affordable price at .

To place the order one needs to register at the  site , fill in their details , choose their subscription plan , one can opt for various payments methods , They also provide Cash on Delivery option with no extra cost .

They deliver any where in India .

IBB Rating --4.8/5

One can check the site here

Monday 8 August 2016

Review of Neev Almond Rose Soap

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce a new brand to my readers its Neev Herbals.

Neev Herbals is a brand which produces herbal skin care products like soaps , face wash , body wash , Shampoo , face packs , body lotions etc .
Neev Herbals have received National Award for being the best Khadi and Village industry unit in East India . So its a Social Enterprise which produces the highest quality of handcrafted herbal products .

The first product from this brand which i have tried is Neev Almond Rose Soap .

This almond rose soap is an excellent product which keeps the skin fresh and delays appearnace of wrinkles , black heads and pimples .

Ingredients :
Olive Oil 
Palm Oil 
Organic Coconut oil 
Rosemary Oil 
Roasted ground almonds 

Rs 100 for 100 gms 

Shelf Life 
18 months from date of manufacture 

Pros :
1. All natural ingredients like various types of oils which are good for skin .
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals and preservatives .
3.Has a nice fragrance .
4.lathers well .
5.Pocket friendly price .
6.Suitable for all skin type .
7. Prevents acnes , blackheads and appearnace of wrinkles . 

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available on online stores . 

My Experience with this Product :
I have used this  product and i liked it , it lathers well and does not makes the skin dry like ordinary soaps .
Since i have not used it for a long period of time i cannot say anything about its claim of preventing appearance of wrinkles . 
Overall its quality is good and its worth trying . 

IBB Rating -- 4.7/5 

One can know more about this brand from their website 

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Sunday 7 August 2016

Fuschia Citron Orange Skin Soother Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from Fuschia , its Citron Orange Skin Soother.

Fuschia is a Famous brand from VkareBioscience which prepares natural skin care products .

About the product :
This Citron Orange Skin Soother is a type of Summer Soother  Gel .
It contains pure Aloe  pulp , Orange peel powder , Sweet Orange essential oil , Vitamin E .
So all natural ingredients and no chemicals .

Price : Rs 225 for 60 gms
Shelf Life : 24 months from date of manufacture

What the products claims :
The product claims to moisturize the skin , safe guard the skin from sun damage and sun burn , heals acnes , reduces fine lines , lightens spots , brightens dull skin .

My experience with this product :
I have used this product and i liked it .
Its good and very easy to use .
Its a light brown colored gel with a nice citrus fragrance .
One needs to apply this on clean face and leave it for 20 minutes then wash it off with plenty of water.
After drying it looks like Peel off mask but it is not a peel off mask , one just needs to wash it off with water ,  it makes the skin clean , hydrated and smooth .

Pros :
1.Does not contain any harsh chemicals .
2.Contains aloe pulp which moisturizes the skin .
3.Orange peel powder brightens the skin .
4.Good shelf life .
5. Paraben and SLS free.
6.Has a nice fragrance .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available only on online stores .

IBB Rating --4.6/5

One can know more about Fuschia  Products from their site 

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Saturday 6 August 2016

Review of Herbal Cleansing Milk from Prakriti Herbals

Hello Every one
Today I am going to review a product from a Herbal Brand Prakriti Herbals .

Prakriti Herbals is a brand which prepares  herbal skin care and hair care products .
It was founded in the year 1995 by Ms Neeta Addapa .

The first product from this brand  which i have tried is Herbal Cleansing Milk with Fresh Lime , Aloe Vera  and Cucumber .

Product Packaging :
The product comes in a good quality plastic tube from which it can be easily squeezed out and used , the pack is travel friendly , can be easily carried in a bag or purse , so its  packaging is excellent .

Ingredients :
Lemon oil 
Aloe Vera Juice 
Cucumber Extract 
Purified water 
Food Color 

Price :
Rs 200 for 120 ml 

Shelf Life :
18 months from date of manufacture 

Direction for use :
One needs to apply this cleansing milk on face and neck and massage it in a circular motion then one needs to wipe it off with a moist cotton swab .Then one needs to wash their face with water .

What the product claims :
The product claims to remove all traces of facial and eye make up , its suitable for all skin type , can also be used daily for removing dirt and oil from face .

My experience with this product :
Its a light green clean color thick cleansing milk with a nice fragrance .
I have used this product and i liked it , it removes dirt ,oil and  make up from face and makes the face clean and clear .

IBB Rating -- 4.6/5

Pros :
1.Herbal product .
2.Contains all natural ingredients , does not contains any harsh chemicals .
3.Suitable for all skin type .
4.Pocket friendly price .
5.Travel friendly pack .
6.Good shelf life .
7. A Vegan product , Not tested on animals .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available  only on online stores like , .

One can also know more about  this product from their site  Prakriti Herbals

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