Sunday 14 August 2016

Enjoy Healthy Snacks With

Hello Every one
Today i am going to do a website review for site called . is a site where one can order healthy snacks .
Its a type of Subscription service which provides healthy snacks in an affordable price at your door step .

They have various subscription plans , price range starts from as low as 299 for a box with five packets of snacks .

This weekly subscription box has five snacks and it costs  Rs 299 .
The monthly subscription box costs Rs 850 .

The weekly box that i got had the following snacks :

1.Roasted Soyabean Mix
2.Jalapeno Peanuts
3.Cream and Onion Whole Wheat Thins
4.Dark chocolate Power Bars .
5.French Vanilla and Almond Granola Crunchers

I have tried these snacks and i really liked them , all very delicious and good to eat .

Now what i liked about this site is they provide healthy snacks .
We all like munching  something in between meals and most of the time we munch some thing unhealthy like cookies , chocolates , sweets which are not good for health .
So if we get some healthy snacks , its good for our health .

Healthy snacking is very important as it helps to keep the blood sugar  level normal , increases the energy level for a long period of time and it can also be included in weight loss plan . As if one is feeling full with healthy snack , he/she will tend  to eat less during meal time .
Thus the concept of eating small portion of meals and maintaining weight and being healthy can be achieved with healthy snacking .

Now Whats Good About Snacks Available at
1.They do not add any chemical preservatives to increase shelf life.
2.Snacks are hygienically packed in individual packets , one can open one at a time and enjoy it .
3.Most of the snacks are Baked and not Fried so healthy .
4.Quality of products are good and all the snacks i have tried are delicious .
5.Most of the products have high fiber and are rich in protein so healthy .

So one can get healthy and delicious snacks at at affordable price at .

To place the order one needs to register at the  site , fill in their details , choose their subscription plan , one can opt for various payments methods , They also provide Cash on Delivery option with no extra cost .

They deliver any where in India .

IBB Rating --4.8/5

One can check the site here

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