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Review of Sebamed Baby products

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I am back with review of Sebamed Baby Products .

About the Brand :
Sebamed is a famous brand  from Germany ,which has wide range of baby products like baby lotion , shampoo , soaps ,  baby cream , diaper rash creams etc .
I have used its products for my kids and they are too good and gentle on skin .

Why Sebamed Products are special :
1.They use 100% botonical non allergic ingredients .
2.They do not contain any parabem , SLS , glycol , colorant or any harsh chemicals in any of their product .
3.Not tested on animals.
4.Their products have PH value 5.5 which is ideal for baby's skin.
5.They are hypoallergic so there is 6 times lower chances of allergic reactions with Sebamed products as compared to products from other brands .

Why PH 5.5 is good for skin :
Healthy skin has  intact protective barrier or acid mantle which is against envoirnmental irritants and guards against irritation ,This acid mantle is slightly acidic with PH 5.5 .
Break down of this skin mantle can lead to several skin related problems so maintaining skin PH 5.5 ensures healthy skin .

Specially for small kids or infants who have very delicate skin its very important to use products which are gentle for skin and would help  to maintain skin mantle .
And it has been clinically proven that use of skin care products with PH 5.5 from day 1 helps in faster development of protective mantle on skin .

Sebamed baby range is specially designed with products with gentle botonical extracts which would help to maintain PH 5.5 , so its the ideal choice of doctors and parents across globe .

The brand has gained trust of dermatologist across 85 countries worldwide.
To ensure high quality of standard all Sebamed products are manufactured in Germany .
And they contain high quality active ingredients which cleanses  moisturizes the skin and maintains its PH value .
So after knowing so much about the brand and product one really gets impressed and should try these products for their  kids , specially for  new born babies .
Their baby care range includes  some excellent products like Baby Lotion , Baby Wash , Diaper Rash Cream , shampoo , soap etc .

Sebamed Baby Wash 
Sebamed Baby Wash is 100 % soap free cleanser .
Its a tear free formula which does not makes your baby cry as it happens in case of other soaps and body wash . Its a mild body wash with Vitamin E which is good for skin .

                                                              Sebamed Baby Lotion 
Its a moisturizer with Camomile which soothes irritation , it also contains allontoin which makes the skin soft and smooth .
It has a nice  fragrance and its very mild .

                                                           Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream 

This cream contains Titanium dioxide which protects the skin and helps to keep it healthy .
Its highly protective lipid formula also  contains licithin , squalane .
It has soothing effect on skin and is very effective in healing rashes .

I have used all these products for my kids and i really liked them as they are good and gentle on skin .

One can know  more about the products on their site 

*PR Sample But Honest Review 

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