Thursday 29 September 2016

Review of Rose Clay & Yogurt Soap from PaNee Hand Made Soaps

Hello Every One
Today i am going to introduce a new brand --PaNee Hand Made Soaps .

About the Brand :
The brand is brain Child of Ms.Poonam Pincha .
The brand prepares hand made soaps which are chemical free .

About the Product :
Rose clay & yogurt soap is a hand made soap from PaNee soaps which contains Rose Clay and Yogurt .
Rose Clay is a type of clay which is very  mild and pink in color which has many medicinal benefits .
It helps to reduce inflammation , remove dead skin and harmful toxins , also it fades pigmentation .
It exfoliates the skin and tightens the pores , improves blood circulation , regenerates collagen and promotes new cell growth .

Yogurt is a great moisturizer that revives dull complexion .
Yogurt break down dried skin cells and particles that clog pores thus helps to cure acnes and pimples .

Ingredients :
1.Saponified oil of Olive 
2.Rice bran oil
3.Coconut oil 
4.Palm oil 
5,Castor oil 
6.Sesame oil 
7.Shea Butter 
8.Rose clay 
9.Fresh yogurt 

Shelf Life 
2 years from the date of manufacture .

Pros :
1.All natural ingredients , with various  oils in it .
2. No chemicals or preservatives added .
3.Shelf life is good .
4.Thoroughly cleanses the skin and remove all traces of oil and dirt , thus making skin clean and fresh .
5.Does not melts fast like many other soaps .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available only online , not available in general stores .

My experience with this Soap :

I have used this soap few times and its good .
i washed my face with it few times and it cleaned  the skin properly and removed all oil , dirt , dead cells and made  the skin  look clean and fresh .
Since my skin type is oily i need something which can remove all traces of oil from my face and this  soap was able to do that .
The only  thing which i did not liked is its fragrance , i was expecting it to have some floral fragrance as its a type of Rose Soap but its fragrance is not great , i did not liked it , its  something like an ordinary soap .
So would suggest the brand to do some thing about its fragrance , rest all is good .

IBB Rating : 4.3/5 

One can know more about the brand on their facebook page 

*PR Sample But Honest Review 

Golden Rules To Have a Healthy Heart

In this Post I will discuss few Golden Rules to have a Healthy Heart .

Heart is not just an organ to pump blood , it is much more than that , as its filled with emotions like love , likes , dislikes , passion etc .
So its our duty to take care of our heart both medically  and emotionally .
Now a days doctors and  health conscious people advise few simple but small steps to stay healthy and have a healthy heart like :

1. Eating Healthy
2. Staying Active
3.Being Happy

I will not call these steps as small steps rather i would call it as Golden Rules to follow to have a healthy heart .

The factor which effects our heart badly are :

1.Poor eating habit
Indian cooking involves lots of oil and spices , people prefer fried snacks like Samosas , Pakodas etc as we have been eating this since our childhood but we ignore the fact that they are not healthy unless and until its cooked in some good oil like Olive oil or low fat oil like Saffola .
Food prepared in Dalda or other oils can increase bad cholesterol in our body which is bad for our heart .
Earlier people used to have simple home made food  but now a days people love to have outside food like going to restaurants , hotels , KFC's , MC Donald's and many other food giants like this , as they like to enjoy eating outside, completely ignoring the fact that such food are not healthy as we are not sure of oil used , amount of salt and spices added and most important what quality of products , colors are used in it , thus playing with our health and heart .
So the people who are eating outside regularly suffer from many health problems like gastrointestinal troubles , High BP , Allergy ( Because of food color ) etc .

2.Sedentary Life Style
Earlier people used to walk a mile to reach a destination but now we use vehicles even for small distance like  we use a scooter or motor cycle or car .This has reduced the level of physical activity .
People spend most of their time either in front of their laptop or television or some other gadgets like smart phones , ipads etc .
Even  kids are addicted to it thus spending less time on outdoor games and activities .
This sedentary life style is a big cause for many health problems like obesity , heart and BP problems etc .

Stress is one of the main reason for any health problem , specially the one  related to heart and BP.
People who are hypertensive by nature tend to get stressed over small problems and issues thus effecting their health and heart .
So one needs to do proper  Stress management to have a healthy Heart .

(Image Source : facebook page of Saffolalife --Saffolalife  )

On the eve of  world Health Day Saffola Life inspired India to embrace a fresh , new perspective on health heart . It showed that how by taking small steps one can have healthy heart . And these small steps are :
1.Staying Active
2.Eating Better
3.Being  Happy

I saw its video on Youtube and just loved it .
One can watch here :

This video by Saffolalife shows how by taking small steps one can achieve the target of staying healthy and have a healthy heart .

Now I would like to share My Golden Rules to Stay Healthy and Happy :

1.Eating Healthy 

This is first step to be taken to stay healthy and active .
I have made my diet chart according  to my age and weight and i stick to it .
I eat lots of fruits and vegetables .
I avoid outside food as much as possible , eat fresh home made food .
(I am investing my efforts and energy on my health )
I  have started using olive oil in cooking as olive oil is good for heart , helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body .
Apart from olive oil the other oil which i use is Saffola Active which is rich in Vitamin E which also helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body .
I do not  use ordinary salt which has high sodium content which is bad for people having high BP problem , i have switched to Saffola salt plus which has low sodium content .
I have included Orange and Almonds in my diet as both are good for heart and helps to reduce cholesterol .
I have started drinking Green tea which is good for heart as it contains antioxidants .

2.Staying Active 

Being a home maker i spend most of my time at my home still i try to stay active .
I go for morning walk as its a healthy practice .
When ever i have  to buy some grocery or any other stuff i prefer going to super stores near my home by walking so that  i can walk some distance .
My daughters school is in our locality , so i myself go and drop them  there in the morning and again in the afternoon ,i go and pick them from there so that i can have some walk .
All these small steps help me to stay active .

3. Being Stress Free 

Being stress free is one of the most important factor to stay healthy .
I try my best to remain stress free in any situation .
The most important is Faith on Almighty  which keeps me strong .
I read my prayers regularly .
I spend quality time with my kids , playing with them , enjoying small activities with them which makes them happy and which also makes me happy .
I try to help others in all possible ways so that i can bring Smile on their face .
Their Smile and Thanks makes me Happy .
In my free time i do lots of things like i write , i read , i cook some interesting and delicious recipe , i chat with my friends etc .
All these thing makes me happy and stress free .

So i think we should take these Small Steps or follow these Golden Rules to stay healthy and happy .

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Monday 26 September 2016


Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from Skin18.Com,its  Luke Hyaluron Essence mask which is a type of sheet mask .

About the site :
Skin18.Com is a Hongkong based site which sells Korean skin care products like sheet masks , BB creams , ampules etc.
One can find wide range of products in affordable range at this site .
They ship internationally so any body from any part of world can place order and get their product at their door step .

About the Product :
This sheet mask is a type of thick tissue paper which contains glycerin, fruit extract, flower extract , aloe extract etc.
One needs to place this on face (after cleansing and toning ) and leave it for 20-30 minutes and then take it off , then massage the remaining moisturizer on the face and neck .
It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated .

Product packaging :
The sheet comes in an individual pack , one needs to open the pack and use it .
Its for single use .
Product packaging is quite good .

At the back side some images are there to show how to use the product .
Rest of the things written in Korean language so difficult to understand :-)

Price : 2.60 $ for 1 sheet .

After opening the pack it looks like this

What the product claims :
The product claims to provide intensive moisturizer to skin and balance the oil level .
To Revitalize the skin .

My experience with this product :
I have used several other sheet masks from Skin18.Com before and all were good , this one is also good .
One feels fresh after using this .
It does hydrates the skin and one does not needs to apply moisturizer after using this sheet .

Pros :
1.Easy to use .
2.Travel friendly pack , can be easily carried in  a bag or purse .
3.Good packaging .
4.Sticks to skin and does not falls off .
5.Completely moisturizes and hydrates the skin .
6.Good for all skin type .
7.Contains fruits and flowers extract .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available only on online store of Skin18.Com, not available in local market .
2.Many product information is written in Korean Language which is difficult to understand, it would have been better if it was in English.

IBB Rating --4.5/5 

*PR Sample 

Thursday 15 September 2016

Shopping Haul , Website Review and Discount Coupon of

Hello Every One
Today i am going to share my shopping Haul and experience with online store .

About the store : is an online store to shop skin care products , Bakery products or food items and accessories like artificial jewelry and bags .

This online store is quite different from usual ones as it sells handmade products  from some Indian brands Like Rustic Art , Do Bandar , Bindu etc .

List of products available at

1.Home baked products like cakes and cookies .
2.Pickles , Jams , Chocolates , Sauces etc .
3.Bags , Note Books .
4.Artificial and hand made Jewelry .
5.Skincare and hair care products .

So one can explore and shop some unique products from this site which is not easily available at other sites or stores .
When i browsed the site for the first time i was amazed to see some great products and a good collection of products from  various  brands .

The uniqueness of the site lies in the fact that it brings curated products from handpicked vendors and not just what every other site is selling .

Since this my first order with them  i decide to buy some Skin care and Hair care products .
I browsed the site and selected few products which i liked and wanted to try .

List of products that i have ordered :

1.Bio Degradable Aloe Shampoo from Rustic Art
One can check this product here Aloe Shampoo

2.Aloe Vera Gel from Rustic Art
One can check this product here Aloe Vera Gel

3.Bindu's Orange peel powder
One can check this product here Orange peel powder

4.Do Bandar's Happiness Hamper with 3 soaps and 1 foot care cream
One can check this hamper here Happiness Hamper

Total there were  seven products and my bill amount was Rs 1019.
They charge a small amount as shipping charge depending upon the city from where order is placed , for my order shipping charges was only Rs 40 , which was okay .

I got my product with in a week of placing order .
Product arrived in multiple shipments since vendors were different .
First i got parcel from Rustic Art with two products.
Then from Bindu and at last from Do Bandar .

Now they have Reward System too , so when one shops from them one  gets some reward points , then for some other activities like following them on social media etc one can earn some more  reward points which can be used to get some discount coupons from them on their  next purchase .

Pictures and Prices of products i got :

1.From Rustic Art
I had ordered one Aloe Vera gel and one Aloe Shampoo from this brand .
Price of Aloe Vera Gel is Rs 200 for 100 gms and Price of Aloe Shampoo is Rs 290 for 200 ml.

2.From Bindu 
I had ordered only one  product from this brand , its Orange Peel Powder which can be used as a Skin Polish , Price Rs 79 for 100 gms .

3.From Do Bandar
I had ordered a Happiness Hamper from this brand which contains four products , three hand made soaps and one foot care cream , Price of this hamper is Rs 450 .

So it was a good experience shopping from this site , Browsing and searching the site for products is quite easy , placing order is also easy , one can opt for various payment methods like via credit or debit card or one can opt for COD ( Cash on Delivery ).
Product packaging was good , i got all the products in good conditions with out any damage or any other problem .
In fact i was too impressed with the packaging from brand Do Bandar , They had packed their products in a cute cardboard pack with all four products .

One can browse the site and see some great products from various brands and shop what they want .
One can check the site Here

And there is a Surprise for my Readers .
We have a DISCOUNT COUPON  of 20 % on First Online paid orders with value more than 200 .
Use Coupon code BLOGIBB20  to get flat 20 % off on first order .
Browse the site to check some unique products , place your order with this discount coupon to get a good discount and enjoy your products .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .

Sunday 11 September 2016

Review of Tatha Night Cream Rose

Hello every one
Today i am going to review a product from brand Tatha  of  Vedic Collection.

About the Brand :
Vedic Collection is a brand  which prepares herbal skin care and hair care products .
They also have natural and aromatherapy products in their range .
They have categorized their products in three categories :
They also have herbal clothing which is called Vastarm .

About the Product :
Tatha's Nature's Blessing Night Cream Rose,  a Night cream made from rose extract and essential oils .

Ingredients :
Rose extract 
Almond Oil 
Avocado oil 

Price :
Rs 550 for 25 gms 

Shelf life :
18 months from date of manufacture 

Product Packaging :
The product has a tub packaging .
Its in a glass tub .

Its white colored thick cream with a nice floral fragrance and its bit oily in texture .

What the product claims :

It helps to balance and regenerate the skin , reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look young .
Its excellent for Dry and Wrinkled skin .

My Experience with the product :
My skin type is normal to oily and not at all dry , so i was in doubt whether or not try this product.
Buy finally thought of giving it a try .
I am using it past ten days  and i am happy with it .
First time when i applied this on my face it seemed too oily and i had to massage it quite well to get it absorbed in my skin . 
From the next time i took just  a little amount of it and that was sufficient to moisturize the entire face .
I feared  it might  cause acnes or pimples as it seemed bit oily , but in  morning my skin looked normal ,there was no trace of oil on my face , the cream was completely absorbed .
It did not caused any acne break out on my skin .
And after using it for ten days  i can say its good and makes skin soft and nourished .
It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
Good for dry skin and good for winters .

Pros :
1.A herbal product with all natural ingredients .
2.Free from harsh chemicals , parabens , preservatives , color etc.
3.Nice floral fragrance .
4..Good shelf life . 
5.Not tested on animals , a Cruelty Free Brand .
6.Product from an ISO certified Company . 
7.One needs just a little amount of it to moisturize the skin , so economical .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores like their website Vedic collection and 

IBB Rating --4.3/5 

One can know more about the brand and products at their site 

*PR Sample but honest review .

Monday 5 September 2016

Review of DeBelle Fairness Talc

Hello Every one
Today i am going to introduce a new brand DeBelle which is  an Indian brand by AGS Incorporation .
AGS is a cosmetic company which uses natural ingredients to prepare its products .

Currently they  have introduced only few products in skin care category .
The first product from this brand which i have tried is DeBelle  Fairness Talc.

Ingredients :
Pearl Dust 
Turmeric Oil 

Shelf Life 
3 years from date of manufactue 

Rs 69 for 100 gms 

Pros :
1. Contains turmeric oil which helps to improve complexion .
2.Contains menthol which has cooling effect .
3.Product packaging is good and travel friendly , can be easily carried in bag or a purse .
4. Economical price , much less then talc from other brands .
5. Its Shelf life is 3 years , which is too good .
6.Has a nice fragrance which stays for long .
7.Easily available on online stores like , .

Cons :

What the product claims :
The product claims to render long lasting freshness and improve complexion . 

My experience with this product :
I am using this talc past few days and i really liked it , its good .
It has a nice fragrance which stays for long .
It absorbs oil from face and gives a clean and matte look.

IBB Rating --4.8/5 

One can check their products on their facebook page 

*PR Sample But Honest Review 

Thursday 1 September 2016

Get a Box of Free Goodies from

Hello Every One
I am back with a wonderful post for my wonderful readers , its how to get a box of free goodies from site .

Last week while watching some videos on youtube , i came across this site , i thought its another Beauty Subscription service like many others but after watching the video i came to know that its a site which offers free samples of some beauty products , tea and coffee .

I thought of trying it and downloaded its app , it took some two days to get my request updated and then i could choose three samples and i placed my order and got my box delivered with in a week .
(No shipping charges or any other fee , its totally free of cost ).

Have a look on the box that i got from them

Being a beauty blogger i always look for new beauty products which i can try and review , so i chose 3 beauty product samples from brand Vichy and Ma Earth Botonicals .

When i opened the box it looked like this

The packaging and box looked similar to some beauty subscription box like My Envy Box .

I was delighted to receive this box of 3 awesome goodies free of cost .
And this wonderful journey does not ends here buts its a new beginning of exploring and trying new products .
First order is free for all once they download smytten app on their smartphones .
Then they can buy or shop from this app and write short reviews of products they have tried , this will help to earn some smytten points which makes one eligible for next set of free goodies , sounds interesting .
I just loved this concept ,trying , reviewing and shopping some good stuffs from this app .
So i thought of writing this post and sharing this with my readers and friends so that they can also try and enjoy some lovely products .

Now to get free stuffs from this site and app follow these steps :

1.Download the smytten app on your smartphone .
For Android devices 

For Apple Devices 

To get an invite 

One can check the site here 

2. After downloading the app one needs to wait for the invite ,this may take some 2 -3 days.
3.Once you get the invite , you can browse the site on app , the Home Page has two sections ,     Discover and Shop .
4.Browse the Discover section to check the trial products , they have some beauty products,tea and coffee trial packs .
5.Select 3 trial product and add them to your cart .
6. Fill in your address details and place your order .

They fulfill their order with in a week .
After trying those products one can write small reviews of it at smytten , that will help to earn some smytten points which will help to get some more free stuffs from them .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , if any doubt  can ask me in the comment section .
If have tried any other service like this , do share with others so that all can try and enjoy .

Ghazala Naseem