Thursday 29 September 2016

Golden Rules To Have a Healthy Heart

In this Post I will discuss few Golden Rules to have a Healthy Heart .

Heart is not just an organ to pump blood , it is much more than that , as its filled with emotions like love , likes , dislikes , passion etc .
So its our duty to take care of our heart both medically  and emotionally .
Now a days doctors and  health conscious people advise few simple but small steps to stay healthy and have a healthy heart like :

1. Eating Healthy
2. Staying Active
3.Being Happy

I will not call these steps as small steps rather i would call it as Golden Rules to follow to have a healthy heart .

The factor which effects our heart badly are :

1.Poor eating habit
Indian cooking involves lots of oil and spices , people prefer fried snacks like Samosas , Pakodas etc as we have been eating this since our childhood but we ignore the fact that they are not healthy unless and until its cooked in some good oil like Olive oil or low fat oil like Saffola .
Food prepared in Dalda or other oils can increase bad cholesterol in our body which is bad for our heart .
Earlier people used to have simple home made food  but now a days people love to have outside food like going to restaurants , hotels , KFC's , MC Donald's and many other food giants like this , as they like to enjoy eating outside, completely ignoring the fact that such food are not healthy as we are not sure of oil used , amount of salt and spices added and most important what quality of products , colors are used in it , thus playing with our health and heart .
So the people who are eating outside regularly suffer from many health problems like gastrointestinal troubles , High BP , Allergy ( Because of food color ) etc .

2.Sedentary Life Style
Earlier people used to walk a mile to reach a destination but now we use vehicles even for small distance like  we use a scooter or motor cycle or car .This has reduced the level of physical activity .
People spend most of their time either in front of their laptop or television or some other gadgets like smart phones , ipads etc .
Even  kids are addicted to it thus spending less time on outdoor games and activities .
This sedentary life style is a big cause for many health problems like obesity , heart and BP problems etc .

Stress is one of the main reason for any health problem , specially the one  related to heart and BP.
People who are hypertensive by nature tend to get stressed over small problems and issues thus effecting their health and heart .
So one needs to do proper  Stress management to have a healthy Heart .

(Image Source : facebook page of Saffolalife --Saffolalife  )

On the eve of  world Health Day Saffola Life inspired India to embrace a fresh , new perspective on health heart . It showed that how by taking small steps one can have healthy heart . And these small steps are :
1.Staying Active
2.Eating Better
3.Being  Happy

I saw its video on Youtube and just loved it .
One can watch here :

This video by Saffolalife shows how by taking small steps one can achieve the target of staying healthy and have a healthy heart .

Now I would like to share My Golden Rules to Stay Healthy and Happy :

1.Eating Healthy 

This is first step to be taken to stay healthy and active .
I have made my diet chart according  to my age and weight and i stick to it .
I eat lots of fruits and vegetables .
I avoid outside food as much as possible , eat fresh home made food .
(I am investing my efforts and energy on my health )
I  have started using olive oil in cooking as olive oil is good for heart , helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body .
Apart from olive oil the other oil which i use is Saffola Active which is rich in Vitamin E which also helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body .
I do not  use ordinary salt which has high sodium content which is bad for people having high BP problem , i have switched to Saffola salt plus which has low sodium content .
I have included Orange and Almonds in my diet as both are good for heart and helps to reduce cholesterol .
I have started drinking Green tea which is good for heart as it contains antioxidants .

2.Staying Active 

Being a home maker i spend most of my time at my home still i try to stay active .
I go for morning walk as its a healthy practice .
When ever i have  to buy some grocery or any other stuff i prefer going to super stores near my home by walking so that  i can walk some distance .
My daughters school is in our locality , so i myself go and drop them  there in the morning and again in the afternoon ,i go and pick them from there so that i can have some walk .
All these small steps help me to stay active .

3. Being Stress Free 

Being stress free is one of the most important factor to stay healthy .
I try my best to remain stress free in any situation .
The most important is Faith on Almighty  which keeps me strong .
I read my prayers regularly .
I spend quality time with my kids , playing with them , enjoying small activities with them which makes them happy and which also makes me happy .
I try to help others in all possible ways so that i can bring Smile on their face .
Their Smile and Thanks makes me Happy .
In my free time i do lots of things like i write , i read , i cook some interesting and delicious recipe , i chat with my friends etc .
All these thing makes me happy and stress free .

So i think we should take these Small Steps or follow these Golden Rules to stay healthy and happy .

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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