Sunday 11 September 2016

Review of Tatha Night Cream Rose

Hello every one
Today i am going to review a product from brand Tatha  of  Vedic Collection.

About the Brand :
Vedic Collection is a brand  which prepares herbal skin care and hair care products .
They also have natural and aromatherapy products in their range .
They have categorized their products in three categories :
They also have herbal clothing which is called Vastarm .

About the Product :
Tatha's Nature's Blessing Night Cream Rose,  a Night cream made from rose extract and essential oils .

Ingredients :
Rose extract 
Almond Oil 
Avocado oil 

Price :
Rs 550 for 25 gms 

Shelf life :
18 months from date of manufacture 

Product Packaging :
The product has a tub packaging .
Its in a glass tub .

Its white colored thick cream with a nice floral fragrance and its bit oily in texture .

What the product claims :

It helps to balance and regenerate the skin , reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look young .
Its excellent for Dry and Wrinkled skin .

My Experience with the product :
My skin type is normal to oily and not at all dry , so i was in doubt whether or not try this product.
Buy finally thought of giving it a try .
I am using it past ten days  and i am happy with it .
First time when i applied this on my face it seemed too oily and i had to massage it quite well to get it absorbed in my skin . 
From the next time i took just  a little amount of it and that was sufficient to moisturize the entire face .
I feared  it might  cause acnes or pimples as it seemed bit oily , but in  morning my skin looked normal ,there was no trace of oil on my face , the cream was completely absorbed .
It did not caused any acne break out on my skin .
And after using it for ten days  i can say its good and makes skin soft and nourished .
It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
Good for dry skin and good for winters .

Pros :
1.A herbal product with all natural ingredients .
2.Free from harsh chemicals , parabens , preservatives , color etc.
3.Nice floral fragrance .
4..Good shelf life . 
5.Not tested on animals , a Cruelty Free Brand .
6.Product from an ISO certified Company . 
7.One needs just a little amount of it to moisturize the skin , so economical .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores like their website Vedic collection and 

IBB Rating --4.3/5 

One can know more about the brand and products at their site 

*PR Sample but honest review .

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