Thursday 27 October 2016

Gift Some Exciting Gifts This Festive Season From TBC By Nature

With festive season round the corner we look for some brilliant gifting options so that we can give some special gifts to our near and dear ones .
Since now a days people like to use herbal products , its an excellent idea to gift a basket of herbal skin care products to our near and dear ones .
With so many options available in market we some times get confused to choose the right one , here i would like to mention one brand which sells herbal and natural skin care products , its TBC By Nature .
About the Brand :
Its a brand from Proveda Herbal( an ISO 9001-2008 certified company ) , it has wide range of products in skin care , hair care , skin treatment , baby care .They provide premium range of products with attractive packaging and affordable price .
Press Release By TBC By Nature :
TBC By Nature is a brand which prepares its products from natural and herbal ingredients.
For this festive season they have brought some excellent gift hampers which contains various skin care products . Like 24 carat Gold Honey& Almond smoothening and whitening face and body nourishing cream , Aloe Vera and coco butter Aloe Vera cream , Natural Vitamin E Super Hydrating and Deep Moisturizing Face and Body cream , Natural Aloe Vera All Purpose Cream ,TBC Cracked Heel Foot Cream etc.

All the products are made from natural ingredients like almond oil , cocoa butter , Aloe Vera gel and other herbal extracts and they do not use any harsh chemicals or Parabens in their products .
TBC By Nature believes in serving best to people .
Have a look at this Lovely gift hamper :

This Lovely Gift Hamper is worth Rs 1500 only .
It contains Winter Skin Care products .
So go ahead and gift this Lovely basket full of excellent skin care products to your near and dear ones and make them feel special :-)

Their winter skin care range 

Displaying Winter-Range-Final-Poster.jpg

Displaying Winter-Range-Final-Poster-Vitamin-E.jpg

One can Check the Facebook page of the Brand here 

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Eat Healthy Snacks With Snalthy.Com

Hello Every One
I am back with one more website review :-)
Today i am going to do a website review of a site that sells healthy and delicious snacks . Its Snalthy.Com .

About the Site : is an online store  which sells healthy snacks .
They have wide range of snacks  which are made from natural ingredients and does not contain any added chemicals , colors , preservatives etc  .
Their Product range includes Cookies ,Rusk , Baked chips , sweets , fruit stick , bread stick , dry fruits etc .
They have wide range of snacks for kids like for Toddlers , Pre- Schoolers , School Snacks  .
Which includes baked chips , brownies , cookies, rusk  etc .
They have Egg Free snacks also .

why snalthy?

What i ordered from this site :
After going through the site i was quite impressed with their range of products , so i ordered two products :
1.Crispy Browny Thins
2.Spicy Mexican Chips

One sweet and one salty snack .

After opening the packs it looked like this 

Both were too delicious , I loved its taste .

Crispy Browny Thins 
This is made from cane sugar , eggs , butter , whole wheat , cashew , cocoa , cinnamon
Price Rs 187 for 150 gms
Energy --215 KCal for 100gms
Shelf life -- 2 months from date of manufacture .

Spicy Mexican Chips
This product is made from potato , rice , butter , tomato , salt and red chilli.
Price -Rs 147 for 150 gms
Energy --337 KCal for 100 gms
Shelf Life --2 months from date of manufacture .

What I Liked about These Snacks :

1. They do not add any additional preservative , color , fat to their products .
2.All food items are hygienically packed .
3.They do not use oil for frying , they  bake their snacks .
4.They do not use white flour ( maida ) but use wheat flour .
5.They do not  use  Sugar but use natural Sweetners like cane sugar .
6. They do not use baking powder , baking soda or emulsifier .
7.They prepare their snacks by baking , roasting and toasting .
8.They have Spinach and Raagi cookies in their range , so a good way to make kids eat healthy food .

So i must say these snacks are not only delicious  but also healthy .
Healthy snacking is very important as it helps to maintain blood sugar level normal , increases the energy level for a long period of time . Also helps to maintain weight as if one is eating healthy snacks then one will eat less during meal times .

One can order snacks from their site 

They ship every where in India  with free home delivery .

*PR Samples But Honest Review

Monday 24 October 2016

Baby Seba Med Protective Facial Cream Review

Hello Every One
Today i am going to review one more product from brand Seba Med , its Baby Seba Med Protective facial Cream .

About the brand :
Seba Med is a  famous brand from Germany which has a wide range of skin care products for adults and babies .
Seba Med products are good because they use botonical non allergic ingredients , their products have PH value 5.5 which is ideal for baby's skin .

About the Product :
Seba med protective facial cream is a cream for young ones which protects the skin from dryness ,soothes the skin , safeguards against irritation around the mouth from saliva .

Product Features :
1.Contains Vitamin E which is good for skin .
2.Has PH value 5.5 which helps to maintain the skin mantle .
3.Free from harmful chemicals .
4.Contains panthenol which protects from irritation around mouth because of saliva secretion .
5.Dermatologically and clinically tested .

Product Packaging 
The cream comes in a good quality plastic bottle which has an excellent packaging .
There is a pump using which one can take little cream and apply it to baby's skin . The pack is travel friendly , can be easily carried in a bag or purse .

Price :  Rs 900   for 50 ml 
Shelf Life : 3 years from date of manufacture .

Pros :
1.Clinically tested so safe for baby's skin .
2.Does not contain any harmful chemicals .
3.Excellent packaging which is travel friendly .
4.Nice fragrance .
5.Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long period of time .
6.Easily available every where , on online stores as well as Medicine shops .
7.Has PH value 5.5 which is ideal for baby's skin .

Cons :
Bit expensive but it's Okay if we consider the good factors like its chemical free and helps to maintain PH value of skin .

So if you want your little ones to have smooth and problem free skin do try this  wonderful cream as our little ones deserve THE BEST .
For my Little  Princess 

I have used several Seba Med products for my kids , all are good .
My daughters are using this cream past few days and they liked it and when i asked them about their opinion they said " Great product with nice fragrance and now our skin feels more soft then before :-) "
So its an expert opinion from my little ones , do share your experience with Seba med products .

One can check the site here :

*PR Sample But Honest Review 

Thursday 20 October 2016

Just Herbs Marigold Mango Lip Contour Balm

Hello Every One
Today I am going review a Lip Balm from brand  Just Herbs .

About the Brand :
Just Herbs is a brand which produces natural Skin Care products which are Herbal , Organic  and Ayurvedic .
They offer natural and safe skin care products .

About the product :
This Marigold Mango Lip Contour Balm is a type of lip balm which contains organic ingredients and does not contains any harmful chemicals or parabens .

Ingredients :
Organic Beeswax
Avocado oil 
Almond oil 
Shea Butter 
Mango extract 
Marigold Extract 

Shelf life 
3 years from date of manufacture 

Rs 345  for 8 gms 

Upon opening the pack looks like this 

Its a white color lip balm with a nice mild fragrance .

Pros :
1.Does not contains Petroleum jelly  or Mineral oils .
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals , Parabens , SLS or synthetic ingredients .
3.Contains all natural ingredients like avocado oil , almond oil , shea butter etc.
4. Good shelf life .
5.Moisturizes the lips and prevents cracking and drying of lips .

Cons :
Tub Packaging is not very hygienic, it would have better if it was in a tube form .

What the product claims :
The product claims to moisturize the lips , brighten dull and darken lips .

My Experience with the Product :
I am using this lip balm past few days , its good , completely moisturizes the lips , prevent cracking and drying of lips as it happens in this season ( Onset of winter)  , So its an ideal product for winter .

Available on online stores like ,  and their website 

IBB Rating --4.5/5

One can check the product here 

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Review of Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip from Skin18.Com

Hello Every One
Today I am Going to review one more product from Skin18.Com , its Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip . is a Hongkong based site which sells Korean skin care products.

About the Product :
Luke charcoal cleansing strip  is a type of nose strip which adhere to dirt and sebum in pores , removes impurities and blackheads . This product is for single use only .

Ingredients :
Vitamin  E 
Aloe Vera 
Licorice root extract ( which helps to tightens the pores ) 

Price :
1.20 $ 

What the product claims :
The product claims to remove  impurities and black heads from nose .
It also tightens the pores .

How to use the product : 
1.Wash your face specially nose area as this strip would not stick to dry nose .
2.Remove the plastic sticker and apply this strip on nose .
3.Leave it for 10-15 minutes till it dries completely .
4.After 15 minutes remove this strip gently and then wash your nose area .
5.One can apply toner and moisturizer after that .

At the back of pack instructions to use is written in English , so one can read that to know how to use this product , its given in picture form also to explain that in a better way .

After opening the pack the product looks like this 

Pros :
1.Easy to use .
2. Affordable Price .
3.Good and travel friendly packaging .
4.Removes dirt and black heads from nose area .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available only on online store of and not on local stores .

My Experience with the product :
I have used a similar product from Skin18 earlier , that was also good .
This product is also good .
It helps to remove some black heads from nose area .
After using this some black residue is left which can be easily cleaned and washed .

IBB Rating --4.5/5

One can check this product here 

*PR Sample 

Monday 17 October 2016

Fushia Alkanet Healer Skin Soother Review

Hello Every One
Today i am going to review one more product from Fushia , its Alkanet Healer Skin Soother .

Fushia is a famous brand from Vkare  BioScience which prepares natural  skin care products .

About the Product :
This Alkanet Healer Skin Soother is a aloe vera based gel which moisturizes and heals the skin.
It contains all natural ingredients and no chemicals , ideal for sensitive skin .

Price : Rs 225 for 60 gms 
Shelf Life : 24 months from date of manufacture 

Ingredients :
Pure Aloe Pulp
Bergamot essential oil 

Pros :
1.All natural ingredients .
2.No harmful chemicals , preservatives , parabens , SLS added .
3. Pocket friendly price .
4. Good for sensitive skin.
5.Good Shelf Life .
6.Alkanet soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
7.Bergamot oil evens out skin tone .
Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores and not every where .

What the product claims :
The products claims to moisturize the skin , protect it from sun burns , safe guards the skin from sun damage .

My Experience with the Product :
I have used this product few times and i liked it .
One needs to clean and wash the  face first and then apply this on skin and leave it for some 20-30 minutes , when it dries then it is to be washed off with plenty of water .
One feels fresh after using it .
Skin looks clean and bright .

IBB Rating --4.6/5

One can check the site here 

*PR Sample 

Sunday 9 October 2016

Go Green With

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a website review of an online store which sells Eco Friendly products and  tries to create awareness about going green and promotes products and brands which are Eco Friendly .
I am taking of 

Importance of Eco Friendly products :
Eco friendly products are the ones which are made from natural ingredients and they do not harm the environment .
They are also called as Green Products .
Some of them are biodegradable and  recyclable .
They are not tested on animals , so they are cruelty free .
They do not use harmful chemicals .
They help to reduce pollution .
They make Earth a Better Place to Live in .

About is a venture of few young entrepreneurs who are environmentalist .
They want to create awareness about Going Green , Using Eco Friendly products .
This site sells variety of stylish , affordable eco-friendly products .
One can check the site here

They have categorized their products in three main categories :

1.Virgin Eco Friendly Products
2. Upcycled  Products
3.Recycled Products

Virgin Eco Friendly products are those that are made using natural products like Jute , Cotton , Bamboo etc.It includes Organic apparels and accessories .

Upcycled products are those which are made using post industrial raw materials like fabric waste etc.

Recycled products are those which are made after melting original products like by melting old plastic bottles and other products .

When i browsed their site i was amazed to see some beautiful Eco friendly products like  jute bags , some Jewellery , pen holders , chandelier etc .
One can check the products here
Shop Here

This is a upcycled  coconut shell plant holder
Price Rs 175


One can check the product here
Plant Holder

Trendy Shoulder Bag made from Jute and Cotton
Price Rs 699
One can check the product here
Jute Bag
Jute fiber is 100% biodegradable and recyclable so environmentally  friendly and jute does not produces toxic gases when burnt.


So one can browse the site and find some interesting products which are affordable and eco friendly .

Lets take a small step and Join the Revolution and Save our planet .

Saturday 8 October 2016


Hello Every one
I am back with review of one more product from Skin18.Com , its Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack Review .

About The product :
This cucumber face pack is a type of wash off face pack which has goodness of cucumber , olive oil , Vitamin E and Collagen .
It moisturizes the skin , brightens it and makes it healthy .

Price :1.50 USD 

Shelf life : 3 years from date of manufacture 

Ingredients :

It contains  water glycerine , fruit extract , cucumber extract , olive oil , collagen , vitamin E etc .

How to Use :
One needs to wash the face then apply this on face and neck and leave it for 10 minutes and when it dries , it has to be washed with warm water .

This face pack looks like aloe vera gel and has nice fragrance similar to cucumber .

I followed the instructions and did what was written on the pack .
After using the product , my skin looked fresh and clean .

Pros :
1.Affordable Price.
2.Product packaging is good , its for single use only .
3.Pack it travel friendly , one can easily carry this in their bag or purse.
4. Has a nice fragrance .
5.Easy to use .
6.Contains fruit extract ,  cucumber extract , olive oil , Vitamin E  , all good for skin .
7. Brightens the skin and makes it soft and supple .
8. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .

Availability might be an issue as available only on online store of and not on local stores or Indian websites.

IBB Rating --4.8/9 

One can check the product here :

*PR Sample 

Thursday 6 October 2016

Life is Better With Friends

Today's post is about celebrating friendship and how friendship makes life better .

Friends are like treasures , they make you feel happy , they boost your confidence , they stand by you in thick and thin .
We make friends with people we study , we work , we are familiar with and some become part of our lives .
I  have many friends from my school , college , work place etc but in this post i would like to mention one of my best friend with whom i share a strong emotional bond .
She was my classmate till Grade 8 , but still we remember each other , try to keep in touch with each other .
Her name is Arya Tanaya Pattnaik , her Nickname is Titli .

In school we were best friends and we used to share every thing , our lunch boxes , notes , dresses etc .We used to chat about every thing  ( what teenage girls do ) , likes and dislikes , movies and stories , fashion and make up , dreams and  passion .

We were living in different colonies and the distance was too much still during holidays we used to visit each other so that we do not miss each other .
She used to motivate me to be strong and bold ( since i was shy person and  used to get nervous over small things ) .
I remember once during our school's Annual Day , we were asked to participate in a group song , i was too nervous to sing on stage , but she told me that i have to , she was also in that group , so she told she will be with me and upon her insistence i participated .

I have a group photo of that with me :

That time we were in a small town Angul ( in Odisha ) .Then after i completed  grade 8 , my family moved to  Cuttack ( a different city ) .
So now since we were in different schools in different cities we could not meet each other often , we used to keep in touch by  writing letters .

She had some relatives in Cuttack , so when ever she used to visit Cuttack she always tried to meet me .
Then after completing her school she moved to Bhubaneswar ( Capital of Odisha ).
She had joined  a degree cum B.Ed college and was staying in the college hostel .
I had joined a college in Cuttack .
We used to talk over  phone ,  write letters to each other every week .
That point of time i was too busy with my studies and we could not meet each other often .
Still we were best buddies and used to love each other like Soul Sisters .
Then when she was in her final year of college , once her roommate called me told me that she was not well and she was  hiding lots of things from me .
I got disturbed and went to her hostel to meet her , asked her about her problems and she broke down into tears . She was going through a tough phase , loneliness and depression because of some family problems .
She was on medicines and i felt bad that she was in trouble but she did not told me so that i do not get disturbed and deviated from my studies ,  i scolded her and got angry and then explained her that friendship does not means just spending good times together , it all about love , support and emotional bonding .
Then i decided to spend some time with her every week so that she feels better .
It was bit difficult for me but i managed .
During my holidays and Sundays i used to visit her in her hostel and we used to spend the  entire day together , chatting , eating out , shopping etc .
I used to make her understand that she needs to come out of her depression and start life again , looking for some great things in life and not loosing hope for small problems and issues.

My hard work paid off , she was better than  before .
She completed her studied and  took up a job in a good school .
Finally agreed to get married to a guy of her mom's choice .

I was so happy that i could help her to get out of her depression .

So friendship not about spending good times together but it is  also about helping each other .

After my marriage i moved to Hyderabad , we still used to talk over phone .
Now we are not able to meet each other often but we still remember each other and remember the time we had spent together .

As i believe that " A strong friendship does not needs daily conversation as long as the relationship lives in the heart , true friends never part " .

Zee TV is bringing a new fun-filled chat show Yaaron Ki Baarat  co-powered by and Brooke Bond Red Label  that will put celebrity friendship to test through series of challenges and tasks .
The show is going to start at 8 PM on 8th October 2016 .
 I had seen its promos on Youtube , the hosts are Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh .
From the promos the show looks promising and interesting .
Looking forward to watch some great episodes there on #YaaronKiBaraat .
This show is quite unique , different from other shows on TV .
The show promises to celebrate Friendship Day every weekend through this fun-filled challenges which celebrities will take and prove their friendship .
This show is a 10 week long series which will see the best of Bollywood celebrities come together in their fun avatar .

Celebrities are also human , so they do have feelings and emotions , but  when we watch  them on movies or  serials  playing some role or other , it is  very difficult to judge their real personality , by this show we will get to know more about them , their personal lives , friends etc .

So stay tuned to Zee TV to watch this fun-filled show and enjoy it with your near and dear ones .

One can check the site here
Yaaron Ki Baraat

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Review of Tea Tree Modeling Cup Pack from Skin18.Com

Hello Every One
Today i am going to review one more product from Skin18.Com , its  Tea Tree Modeling Cup Pack

About the Product :
This product is a dry powder which when added with water makes a thick paste which is to be applied on skin as a face pack .
It contains calcium sulfate , Magnesium  Oxide , tea tree extracts which helps to reduce oil and sebum  from  skin and makes the skin clean and clear .

1. Diatoceous Earth 
3.Calcium Sulfate 
4.Magnesium Oxide 
5.Tea Tree Extract 

Price :
Rs 5.40$

Product Packaging :
This product comes in a small plastic tub , packaging is good .

After adding water a thick paste is formed 

One needs to apply this on face and neck and leave it for some 20 - 30 minutes .

When i read the product information on their site it is written that its a kind of Peel Off Mask , so after drying one needs to Peel it off , i tried that but peeling off was difficult so i simply washed my face and cleaned it .
I have used some peel off mask like one from brand Ever youth , i thought this one is also like that but its not , its more like a mud pack or face pack of Fuller's earth (Multanni Mitti ) and Sandal wood paste .
I tried this two times but both the times after drying it did not looked like a peel off mask but like a facepack .

Pros :
1. Contains tea tree extract which is good for oily skin .
2.Easy to use , one just needs to add little water and make a paste of it which is to be applied on skin .
3.Product packaging is good and attractive .
4.It absorbs all oil and sebum from skin , so skin looks oil free .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on  online store of Skin18.Com 

What the Product claims :
The product claims to soothe sensitive skin , Controls excessive secretion of oil and serum , exfoliates the skin and remove dead skin cells .

My Experience with this Product :

I  have used this two  times and i found it good .
It really helped to remove oil and dirt from skin and my skin felt fresh and clean after using it .

One can know more about this product here 

IBB Rating -- 4.5/5 

*PR Sample 

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Review of Yuana Hair Oil

Hello Every One Today I am going to do a review of  Silicone Free Hair Oil which has seven excellent ingredients .
I am talking of Yuana Hair Oil .

About the Brand :
Yuana Hair oil is brain child of two talented ladies Anita and Sushma .

About The Product 
It is a blend of seven essential oils which nourishes the hair and controls hair fall .
It is suitable for all hair type , it relaxes mind and senses and also heals chemically treated hair .

Ingredients :
1.Almond Oil 
2.Olive Oil 
3.Castor Oil 
4.Mustard Oil 
5.Sesame Oil 
6.Coconut Oil 
7.Sunflower Oil 

Price :
Rs 675 for 100 ml 

Shelf Life 
2 years from date of manufacture 

Product Packaging :
The oil comes in a cute plastic bottle which has an excellent packaging , the packaging is attractive as
well as good , It has a nozzle with a cap , oil can be easily squeezed out from the nozzle and then one can put the cap .

Direction of Use :

To Control hair fall and For hair Growth
Apply generous quantity of oil on scalp and massage it well , leave it for at least  two - three hours and wash your hair with a mild shampoo , for best results leave it over night and then shampoo in the morning , do this thrice a week .

For Longer Lasting Hair Color
Add 3-4 pumps of hair oil to your hair color to get longer lasting color .

For Relaxing the Mind
Massage this oil on your scalp and leave it for an hour then wash your hairs .
This oil will relax your mind .

1.Contains seven essential oil which are very useful for solving any sort of hair problems .
2.It is Silicone Free .
3.Product packaging is too good . It has a non messy design to ensure no wastage .
4.Shelf life is good .
5.Contains Vitamin E , minerals , Proteins , Omega 6 and Omega 9 which supports keratin in making hair stronger and frizz free.
6.It nourishes the hair and makes it frizz free .
7.It controls hair fall and promotes hair growth .
8.It relaxes mind and helps to get good sleep .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores like on and their website

2.Price may seems bit higher as compared with other hair oils but considering the fact that it has goodness of seven essential oils its Okay .

My Experience with the Product :

I am using this oil past 15 days and its good .
It nourishes the hair and reduces frizz .
I have applied it some 2-3 hours before shampoo and i found some change in my hairs after using it .
My hair fall has reduced to some extent and my hairs look better than before .
Since i have not used this  for a long period of time i can not say about other claims , that i can update after some more time .

The oil is golden in color with a strong smell as its a blend of seven oils , its light weight in texture .

IBB Rating --4.5/5

One  can know more about the oil on their website

*PR Sample But Honest Review

Monday 3 October 2016

Website Review and Haul from Skin18.Com

Hello Every One
Today i am going to do a Website Review of one my favorite  Store Skin18.Com.

About the Site :
Skin18.Com is a HongKong based website which sells Korean Skin care products .
It has some unique skin care products like sheet masks , ampules , nose strip , eye patch etc .
They also sell facewash , toners , BB creams , face packs etc .
They ship their product internationally , so any one from any part of world can place order at the site and get the products at their home .

For US Shipping , Free standard shipping is on order above 40$ and for other countries its above 60$.
They have some Reward Programe using which one can get some reward or cash coupon from the site , They also give some free samples and products on some orders depending upon the promotions going on .

Right Now they have some freebies for the month of October 2016
One can Check here
Skin18 Freebie

My Haul from Skin18.Com
In last one year i had received  five parcels from their site .
The fifth one  arrived last month .

The products in this package are :

1.Fresh Fruit Cucumber crosel sheet
2.Luke charcoal Nose cleansing strip
3.Luke Hydrogel Eye patch
4.Cracare Aloe Soothing Mask
5.Moisturizing Cucumber Pack
6.Tea Tree Modelling Cup Pack

I have already used various sheet masks from Skin18 , all are good and very easy to use .
One feels fresh after using them and they are very hydrating and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time .
I have used Nose cleansing strip , its very effective in removing black heads .

Now i will show the products one by one :

Cracare Anti Aging Aloe Soothing Mask 

I have not used this product before , too excited to try this , once i try will do a detailed review .

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch 
This product is to remove eye Puffiness .

Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack 
It contains collagen , vitamin E , olive  oil and cucumber extract .

Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip 
I have used this product before , this Nose strip is very effective to remove blackheads and white heads from nose area .

Mirum  Fresh Fruit  Cucumber  Sheet 
This is a type of sheet mask with cucumber extract.

Tea Tree Modelling Cup Pack 
This is Peel Off Mask .
Its in form of a dry powder , one needs to add water to it to make a thick paste and then that is to be applied on face and neck and when it dries one needs to peel it off from skin and then wash your face with water . It helps to remove all dirt , oil , dead skin from face .

So this was my Haul this time from Skin18.Com .

Apart from this i got some more products of this site in a Blog's Giveaway :-)
Looking forward to try and review those as well soon .
It has some sheet masks Like Anti Wrinkle Time Reset New Born Mask , Snail Repairing Wrinkle care mask  etc .

Now will try these products and will review them soon :-)
Share what products from this site you have tried and how it was .

One can check the site here