Monday 24 October 2016

Baby Seba Med Protective Facial Cream Review

Hello Every One
Today i am going to review one more product from brand Seba Med , its Baby Seba Med Protective facial Cream .

About the brand :
Seba Med is a  famous brand from Germany which has a wide range of skin care products for adults and babies .
Seba Med products are good because they use botonical non allergic ingredients , their products have PH value 5.5 which is ideal for baby's skin .

About the Product :
Seba med protective facial cream is a cream for young ones which protects the skin from dryness ,soothes the skin , safeguards against irritation around the mouth from saliva .

Product Features :
1.Contains Vitamin E which is good for skin .
2.Has PH value 5.5 which helps to maintain the skin mantle .
3.Free from harmful chemicals .
4.Contains panthenol which protects from irritation around mouth because of saliva secretion .
5.Dermatologically and clinically tested .

Product Packaging 
The cream comes in a good quality plastic bottle which has an excellent packaging .
There is a pump using which one can take little cream and apply it to baby's skin . The pack is travel friendly , can be easily carried in a bag or purse .

Price :  Rs 900   for 50 ml 
Shelf Life : 3 years from date of manufacture .

Pros :
1.Clinically tested so safe for baby's skin .
2.Does not contain any harmful chemicals .
3.Excellent packaging which is travel friendly .
4.Nice fragrance .
5.Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long period of time .
6.Easily available every where , on online stores as well as Medicine shops .
7.Has PH value 5.5 which is ideal for baby's skin .

Cons :
Bit expensive but it's Okay if we consider the good factors like its chemical free and helps to maintain PH value of skin .

So if you want your little ones to have smooth and problem free skin do try this  wonderful cream as our little ones deserve THE BEST .
For my Little  Princess 

I have used several Seba Med products for my kids , all are good .
My daughters are using this cream past few days and they liked it and when i asked them about their opinion they said " Great product with nice fragrance and now our skin feels more soft then before :-) "
So its an expert opinion from my little ones , do share your experience with Seba med products .

One can check the site here :

*PR Sample But Honest Review 

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