Wednesday 26 October 2016

Eat Healthy Snacks With Snalthy.Com

Hello Every One
I am back with one more website review :-)
Today i am going to do a website review of a site that sells healthy and delicious snacks . Its Snalthy.Com .

About the Site : is an online store  which sells healthy snacks .
They have wide range of snacks  which are made from natural ingredients and does not contain any added chemicals , colors , preservatives etc  .
Their Product range includes Cookies ,Rusk , Baked chips , sweets , fruit stick , bread stick , dry fruits etc .
They have wide range of snacks for kids like for Toddlers , Pre- Schoolers , School Snacks  .
Which includes baked chips , brownies , cookies, rusk  etc .
They have Egg Free snacks also .

why snalthy?

What i ordered from this site :
After going through the site i was quite impressed with their range of products , so i ordered two products :
1.Crispy Browny Thins
2.Spicy Mexican Chips

One sweet and one salty snack .

After opening the packs it looked like this 

Both were too delicious , I loved its taste .

Crispy Browny Thins 
This is made from cane sugar , eggs , butter , whole wheat , cashew , cocoa , cinnamon
Price Rs 187 for 150 gms
Energy --215 KCal for 100gms
Shelf life -- 2 months from date of manufacture .

Spicy Mexican Chips
This product is made from potato , rice , butter , tomato , salt and red chilli.
Price -Rs 147 for 150 gms
Energy --337 KCal for 100 gms
Shelf Life --2 months from date of manufacture .

What I Liked about These Snacks :

1. They do not add any additional preservative , color , fat to their products .
2.All food items are hygienically packed .
3.They do not use oil for frying , they  bake their snacks .
4.They do not use white flour ( maida ) but use wheat flour .
5.They do not  use  Sugar but use natural Sweetners like cane sugar .
6. They do not use baking powder , baking soda or emulsifier .
7.They prepare their snacks by baking , roasting and toasting .
8.They have Spinach and Raagi cookies in their range , so a good way to make kids eat healthy food .

So i must say these snacks are not only delicious  but also healthy .
Healthy snacking is very important as it helps to maintain blood sugar level normal , increases the energy level for a long period of time . Also helps to maintain weight as if one is eating healthy snacks then one will eat less during meal times .

One can order snacks from their site 

They ship every where in India  with free home delivery .

*PR Samples But Honest Review

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