Monday 17 October 2016

Fushia Alkanet Healer Skin Soother Review

Hello Every One
Today i am going to review one more product from Fushia , its Alkanet Healer Skin Soother .

Fushia is a famous brand from Vkare  BioScience which prepares natural  skin care products .

About the Product :
This Alkanet Healer Skin Soother is a aloe vera based gel which moisturizes and heals the skin.
It contains all natural ingredients and no chemicals , ideal for sensitive skin .

Price : Rs 225 for 60 gms 
Shelf Life : 24 months from date of manufacture 

Ingredients :
Pure Aloe Pulp
Bergamot essential oil 

Pros :
1.All natural ingredients .
2.No harmful chemicals , preservatives , parabens , SLS added .
3. Pocket friendly price .
4. Good for sensitive skin.
5.Good Shelf Life .
6.Alkanet soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
7.Bergamot oil evens out skin tone .
Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores and not every where .

What the product claims :
The products claims to moisturize the skin , protect it from sun burns , safe guards the skin from sun damage .

My Experience with the Product :
I have used this product few times and i liked it .
One needs to clean and wash the  face first and then apply this on skin and leave it for some 20-30 minutes , when it dries then it is to be washed off with plenty of water .
One feels fresh after using it .
Skin looks clean and bright .

IBB Rating --4.6/5

One can check the site here 

*PR Sample 

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