Sunday 9 October 2016

Go Green With

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a website review of an online store which sells Eco Friendly products and  tries to create awareness about going green and promotes products and brands which are Eco Friendly .
I am taking of 

Importance of Eco Friendly products :
Eco friendly products are the ones which are made from natural ingredients and they do not harm the environment .
They are also called as Green Products .
Some of them are biodegradable and  recyclable .
They are not tested on animals , so they are cruelty free .
They do not use harmful chemicals .
They help to reduce pollution .
They make Earth a Better Place to Live in .

About is a venture of few young entrepreneurs who are environmentalist .
They want to create awareness about Going Green , Using Eco Friendly products .
This site sells variety of stylish , affordable eco-friendly products .
One can check the site here

They have categorized their products in three main categories :

1.Virgin Eco Friendly Products
2. Upcycled  Products
3.Recycled Products

Virgin Eco Friendly products are those that are made using natural products like Jute , Cotton , Bamboo etc.It includes Organic apparels and accessories .

Upcycled products are those which are made using post industrial raw materials like fabric waste etc.

Recycled products are those which are made after melting original products like by melting old plastic bottles and other products .

When i browsed their site i was amazed to see some beautiful Eco friendly products like  jute bags , some Jewellery , pen holders , chandelier etc .
One can check the products here
Shop Here

This is a upcycled  coconut shell plant holder
Price Rs 175


One can check the product here
Plant Holder

Trendy Shoulder Bag made from Jute and Cotton
Price Rs 699
One can check the product here
Jute Bag
Jute fiber is 100% biodegradable and recyclable so environmentally  friendly and jute does not produces toxic gases when burnt.


So one can browse the site and find some interesting products which are affordable and eco friendly .

Lets take a small step and Join the Revolution and Save our planet .

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