Thursday 6 October 2016

Life is Better With Friends

Today's post is about celebrating friendship and how friendship makes life better .

Friends are like treasures , they make you feel happy , they boost your confidence , they stand by you in thick and thin .
We make friends with people we study , we work , we are familiar with and some become part of our lives .
I  have many friends from my school , college , work place etc but in this post i would like to mention one of my best friend with whom i share a strong emotional bond .
She was my classmate till Grade 8 , but still we remember each other , try to keep in touch with each other .
Her name is Arya Tanaya Pattnaik , her Nickname is Titli .

In school we were best friends and we used to share every thing , our lunch boxes , notes , dresses etc .We used to chat about every thing  ( what teenage girls do ) , likes and dislikes , movies and stories , fashion and make up , dreams and  passion .

We were living in different colonies and the distance was too much still during holidays we used to visit each other so that we do not miss each other .
She used to motivate me to be strong and bold ( since i was shy person and  used to get nervous over small things ) .
I remember once during our school's Annual Day , we were asked to participate in a group song , i was too nervous to sing on stage , but she told me that i have to , she was also in that group , so she told she will be with me and upon her insistence i participated .

I have a group photo of that with me :

That time we were in a small town Angul ( in Odisha ) .Then after i completed  grade 8 , my family moved to  Cuttack ( a different city ) .
So now since we were in different schools in different cities we could not meet each other often , we used to keep in touch by  writing letters .

She had some relatives in Cuttack , so when ever she used to visit Cuttack she always tried to meet me .
Then after completing her school she moved to Bhubaneswar ( Capital of Odisha ).
She had joined  a degree cum B.Ed college and was staying in the college hostel .
I had joined a college in Cuttack .
We used to talk over  phone ,  write letters to each other every week .
That point of time i was too busy with my studies and we could not meet each other often .
Still we were best buddies and used to love each other like Soul Sisters .
Then when she was in her final year of college , once her roommate called me told me that she was not well and she was  hiding lots of things from me .
I got disturbed and went to her hostel to meet her , asked her about her problems and she broke down into tears . She was going through a tough phase , loneliness and depression because of some family problems .
She was on medicines and i felt bad that she was in trouble but she did not told me so that i do not get disturbed and deviated from my studies ,  i scolded her and got angry and then explained her that friendship does not means just spending good times together , it all about love , support and emotional bonding .
Then i decided to spend some time with her every week so that she feels better .
It was bit difficult for me but i managed .
During my holidays and Sundays i used to visit her in her hostel and we used to spend the  entire day together , chatting , eating out , shopping etc .
I used to make her understand that she needs to come out of her depression and start life again , looking for some great things in life and not loosing hope for small problems and issues.

My hard work paid off , she was better than  before .
She completed her studied and  took up a job in a good school .
Finally agreed to get married to a guy of her mom's choice .

I was so happy that i could help her to get out of her depression .

So friendship not about spending good times together but it is  also about helping each other .

After my marriage i moved to Hyderabad , we still used to talk over phone .
Now we are not able to meet each other often but we still remember each other and remember the time we had spent together .

As i believe that " A strong friendship does not needs daily conversation as long as the relationship lives in the heart , true friends never part " .

Zee TV is bringing a new fun-filled chat show Yaaron Ki Baarat  co-powered by and Brooke Bond Red Label  that will put celebrity friendship to test through series of challenges and tasks .
The show is going to start at 8 PM on 8th October 2016 .
 I had seen its promos on Youtube , the hosts are Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh .
From the promos the show looks promising and interesting .
Looking forward to watch some great episodes there on #YaaronKiBaraat .
This show is quite unique , different from other shows on TV .
The show promises to celebrate Friendship Day every weekend through this fun-filled challenges which celebrities will take and prove their friendship .
This show is a 10 week long series which will see the best of Bollywood celebrities come together in their fun avatar .

Celebrities are also human , so they do have feelings and emotions , but  when we watch  them on movies or  serials  playing some role or other , it is  very difficult to judge their real personality , by this show we will get to know more about them , their personal lives , friends etc .

So stay tuned to Zee TV to watch this fun-filled show and enjoy it with your near and dear ones .

One can check the site here
Yaaron Ki Baraat

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