Wednesday 19 October 2016

Review of Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip from Skin18.Com

Hello Every One
Today I am Going to review one more product from Skin18.Com , its Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip . is a Hongkong based site which sells Korean skin care products.

About the Product :
Luke charcoal cleansing strip  is a type of nose strip which adhere to dirt and sebum in pores , removes impurities and blackheads . This product is for single use only .

Ingredients :
Vitamin  E 
Aloe Vera 
Licorice root extract ( which helps to tightens the pores ) 

Price :
1.20 $ 

What the product claims :
The product claims to remove  impurities and black heads from nose .
It also tightens the pores .

How to use the product : 
1.Wash your face specially nose area as this strip would not stick to dry nose .
2.Remove the plastic sticker and apply this strip on nose .
3.Leave it for 10-15 minutes till it dries completely .
4.After 15 minutes remove this strip gently and then wash your nose area .
5.One can apply toner and moisturizer after that .

At the back of pack instructions to use is written in English , so one can read that to know how to use this product , its given in picture form also to explain that in a better way .

After opening the pack the product looks like this 

Pros :
1.Easy to use .
2. Affordable Price .
3.Good and travel friendly packaging .
4.Removes dirt and black heads from nose area .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available only on online store of and not on local stores .

My Experience with the product :
I have used a similar product from Skin18 earlier , that was also good .
This product is also good .
It helps to remove some black heads from nose area .
After using this some black residue is left which can be easily cleaned and washed .

IBB Rating --4.5/5

One can check this product here 

*PR Sample 

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