Tuesday 4 October 2016

Review of Yuana Hair Oil

Hello Every One Today I am going to do a review of  Silicone Free Hair Oil which has seven excellent ingredients .
I am talking of Yuana Hair Oil .

About the Brand :
Yuana Hair oil is brain child of two talented ladies Anita and Sushma .

About The Product 
It is a blend of seven essential oils which nourishes the hair and controls hair fall .
It is suitable for all hair type , it relaxes mind and senses and also heals chemically treated hair .

Ingredients :
1.Almond Oil 
2.Olive Oil 
3.Castor Oil 
4.Mustard Oil 
5.Sesame Oil 
6.Coconut Oil 
7.Sunflower Oil 

Price :
Rs 675 for 100 ml 

Shelf Life 
2 years from date of manufacture 

Product Packaging :
The oil comes in a cute plastic bottle which has an excellent packaging , the packaging is attractive as
well as good , It has a nozzle with a cap , oil can be easily squeezed out from the nozzle and then one can put the cap .

Direction of Use :

To Control hair fall and For hair Growth
Apply generous quantity of oil on scalp and massage it well , leave it for at least  two - three hours and wash your hair with a mild shampoo , for best results leave it over night and then shampoo in the morning , do this thrice a week .

For Longer Lasting Hair Color
Add 3-4 pumps of hair oil to your hair color to get longer lasting color .

For Relaxing the Mind
Massage this oil on your scalp and leave it for an hour then wash your hairs .
This oil will relax your mind .

1.Contains seven essential oil which are very useful for solving any sort of hair problems .
2.It is Silicone Free .
3.Product packaging is too good . It has a non messy design to ensure no wastage .
4.Shelf life is good .
5.Contains Vitamin E , minerals , Proteins , Omega 6 and Omega 9 which supports keratin in making hair stronger and frizz free.
6.It nourishes the hair and makes it frizz free .
7.It controls hair fall and promotes hair growth .
8.It relaxes mind and helps to get good sleep .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores like on Amazon.in and their website Yuana.in

2.Price may seems bit higher as compared with other hair oils but considering the fact that it has goodness of seven essential oils its Okay .

My Experience with the Product :

I am using this oil past 15 days and its good .
It nourishes the hair and reduces frizz .
I have applied it some 2-3 hours before shampoo and i found some change in my hairs after using it .
My hair fall has reduced to some extent and my hairs look better than before .
Since i have not used this  for a long period of time i can not say about other claims , that i can update after some more time .

The oil is golden in color with a strong smell as its a blend of seven oils , its light weight in texture .

IBB Rating --4.5/5

One  can know more about the oil on their website

*PR Sample But Honest Review

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