Monday 3 October 2016

Website Review and Haul from Skin18.Com

Hello Every One
Today i am going to do a Website Review of one my favorite  Store Skin18.Com.

About the Site :
Skin18.Com is a HongKong based website which sells Korean Skin care products .
It has some unique skin care products like sheet masks , ampules , nose strip , eye patch etc .
They also sell facewash , toners , BB creams , face packs etc .
They ship their product internationally , so any one from any part of world can place order at the site and get the products at their home .

For US Shipping , Free standard shipping is on order above 40$ and for other countries its above 60$.
They have some Reward Programe using which one can get some reward or cash coupon from the site , They also give some free samples and products on some orders depending upon the promotions going on .

Right Now they have some freebies for the month of October 2016
One can Check here
Skin18 Freebie

My Haul from Skin18.Com
In last one year i had received  five parcels from their site .
The fifth one  arrived last month .

The products in this package are :

1.Fresh Fruit Cucumber crosel sheet
2.Luke charcoal Nose cleansing strip
3.Luke Hydrogel Eye patch
4.Cracare Aloe Soothing Mask
5.Moisturizing Cucumber Pack
6.Tea Tree Modelling Cup Pack

I have already used various sheet masks from Skin18 , all are good and very easy to use .
One feels fresh after using them and they are very hydrating and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time .
I have used Nose cleansing strip , its very effective in removing black heads .

Now i will show the products one by one :

Cracare Anti Aging Aloe Soothing Mask 

I have not used this product before , too excited to try this , once i try will do a detailed review .

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch 
This product is to remove eye Puffiness .

Purederm Moisturizing Cucumber Pack 
It contains collagen , vitamin E , olive  oil and cucumber extract .

Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip 
I have used this product before , this Nose strip is very effective to remove blackheads and white heads from nose area .

Mirum  Fresh Fruit  Cucumber  Sheet 
This is a type of sheet mask with cucumber extract.

Tea Tree Modelling Cup Pack 
This is Peel Off Mask .
Its in form of a dry powder , one needs to add water to it to make a thick paste and then that is to be applied on face and neck and when it dries one needs to peel it off from skin and then wash your face with water . It helps to remove all dirt , oil , dead skin from face .

So this was my Haul this time from Skin18.Com .

Apart from this i got some more products of this site in a Blog's Giveaway :-)
Looking forward to try and review those as well soon .
It has some sheet masks Like Anti Wrinkle Time Reset New Born Mask , Snail Repairing Wrinkle care mask  etc .

Now will try these products and will review them soon :-)
Share what products from this site you have tried and how it was .

One can check the site here 


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