Monday 28 November 2016

Inatur Herbals Olive Body Butter Review

Hello Every One
I am back with one more product review , today  I am going to review a body butter from a famous herbal brand , Inatur Herbals .

About the brand
Inatur Herbals is a brand which prepares skin care and hair care products ,
They use  natural ingredients to prepare their products .
Their products are cruelty free , not tested on animals , are Vegan , do not contain any harmful chemicals and preservatives.

About the product
Inatur Olive body butter is a thick body butter with goodness of olive  oil , aloe Vera and vitamin E .
It hydrates and nourishes the skin and is ideal for winter .

Price :   Rs  400  for 200 ml
Shelf Life :  3 years from date of manufacture

1.Olive Oil
2. Vitamin E
3.Aloe Vera

Product packaging 

The product comes in a tub packaging , which i do not like as its bit unhygienic , Plus the problem with this packaging is the lid sometimes get stuck up while opening and so one needs to put effort to open it :-) , so its not a travel friendly pack .

What the product claims 

1. The product claims to hydrate and nourish skin .
2. T o maintain PH level of skin .
3.To remove blemishes .
4.To rejuvenate and revitalize the skin

My experience with the product

I am using this body butter past few days , its good .
Its a light green color thick body butter .
It does what it claims , nourishes and hydrates the skin .
It has a nice fragrance which is mild and good .
Its thick in consistency and one does needs to take too much , just a little of it is sufficient to moisturize the skin . Initially skin looks bit oily after applying but gradually it gets absorbed in the skin . It protects the skin from getting dry  and rough .

1. A vegan product  .
2. Not tested on animals so cruelty free .
3.Contains  natural ingredients like olive oil , aloe vera extract etc .
4. Nice fragrance .
5. Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time .
6.Has anti ageing properties .
7.Has sunscreen in it .
8. Also suitable for sensitive skin and babies , so can be used by all :-)

Cons :
1. Bit expensive as it a product from herbal brand and such products have higher price than product from other brands .
2.Poor Packaging
Honestly I did not like its packaging .
Tub packaging is bit unhygienic and I like the ones which have tube or pump so that one can easily  take out little amount of product and use it .
Secondly , its lid is not good , one needs to put effort to open it , at times it becomes so tight that it's difficult t open the pack .

Suggestion to Brand
Product packaging needs some improvement , specially the lid .

IBB Rating --4/5

I got this product from online store
One can check the product here

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Advantages & Disadvantages of Being a Beauty Blogger

Hello Every One
I am back with an interesting post , its about advantages & disadvantages of being a beauty blogger .

I started blogging some one and a half year back , when I left my school job as it was getting too hectic . At that point of time I was looking for some Work from Home option which I can do at the comfort of my home and keep myself engaged .
Since I was very active on social media and I  used to read others blog , I thought of doing it.
And after some research and ground work I  started my blog .
Initially I  found it bit difficult as I was not knowing many things and there was no one to help me out.
I used to do Google Search for every thing , starting from adding widgets to increasing blog traffic etc .Then slowly and gradually I  learned many new things about blogging  .
In this post I would like to mention some advantages & disadvantages of being a beauty blogger and some Do's and Do not's .

Image result for images of blogging
(Image source :Source )

Advantages of being a beauty blogger
1. Being a blogger itself is a satisfying job as its very creative and the field of beauty blogging is very interesting and creative .
2.One gets connected with many fellow bloggers and Youtubers and yes it helps to increase your friend circle & acquaintance.
3.One gets opportunity to try one of the best skin care , hair care products and cosmetics .
4. Once established as a successful blogger ,one gets the chance to try newly launched beauty and skin care products .
5. If you are in a Metro city , you can even attend various blogging activities and be a part of it .
6. Once you are established and have good number of followers on social media , You are Famous :-)
7.One can work from home with out going out to any office or work place .
8.One can work according to their timings , it's not a 9-5 job .

1. Initial stage of blogging is bit difficult as when one is new its difficult to get collaborations from brands , even difficult to have followers on social media , it all takes some time and hard work to establish yourself as a blogger .
2. Some times I feel beauty bloggers are a kind of  Testers , we need to test and try new products so to write its review , its not necessary that all products sent for review purpose are good .
3. Some times when a brand send a products they expect to get the review ASAP , which is practically not possible as one needs to test and  try the product for a good period time like for some 20-30 days then only one can come up with a good and honest review .
4. Most of the brand only want to hear good about their product , since they are giving products as free samples to bloggers they expect to read only good aspect of it and not the bad ones .
5. Some brand and sites also expect us to do a Free Work , Work without Pay , or at most what they can offer is some Discount Coupon of their site , I  got many such offer like this which I refused as it really takes lot of time and effort to come up with a good post with some good pictures and writing .
6. Biggest Draw back of blogging is We are not getting a Fat Pay Package like other professions .
What we get is some products or vouchers . So those who are thinking of making good money with blogging then it's not their cup of tea .
One needs to reach the level of some famous bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal then one can earn some good money from blogging .

Now after these  advantages & disadvantages  I  would like to share some interesting facts about my journey of blogging :-)

When I started blogging I had to struggle to learn many things as there was no one to help me .
I am the first Blogger from my family and now others are getting inspiration from me :-)
After six months of  blogging I  got my first collaboration from a brand Sheer Skinz , a herbal brand , they had sent me a hamper of skin care & hair care products for review purpose and I was so happy .
Then they also Sponsored my giveaway , for me that was a great achievement at  that  point of  time that a brand has  shown trust on me .
Then i made many new friends , some  bloggers  , some my blog readers etc .
And gradually my blogging picked up , I  got many collaborations both from Indian and International brands , got many Sponsored giveaways from various brands . I have also participated in various blogging activities and won few blogging contests too :-)
That really boosted my moral that i can write well .
And now I feel happy that I have established myself as an Indian beauty blogger .
In this post I  would like to mention names of all those friends and readers who have helped me .

First of all  I would like to mention name of two special persons who are now my friends , they trusted me when I was a newbie , their help and support means a lot to me and they are my blog readers : SUMITA KAPOOR  & NISHAT ANJUM 
Without their help and support it was difficult to get good number of followers which today I have on social media .

Next group of blogger friends who had helped me with blogging , helped me to get collaborations and gave me many blogging tips .
They are :

There are many other blogger buddies who have helped me and guided me , a big Thank You to all :-)

Next I would like to mention names of some Brand Owners and PR's who are really great person's as working with  them was fun and it shows that there are really some good people in this world .

They are :

1. Meher Farhana of Amara Oraganix 
2. Shabbar Syed of Grassspider 

They are one of the Best People i have worked with :-)
Collaborating with their brands was one of the best experience I had .
They  themselves offered to sponsored my giveaways and did everything very smoothly and perfectly (Usually a blogger requests a brand for a sponsored giveaway but in these cases they came forward and Sponsored my giveaways )

There are many other brands with which I  have collaborated , my experience with them is a mixed kind of thing , some good , some Okay and some not too good .
Here would mention some good ones :
SheerSkinz , Auravedic , Aroma Essentials , , Seba Med India  , , Lovelylifestyle.Com , Sareez.Com , Skin18.Com etc.

Skin18.Com is again a very good brand , based out of Hongkong they send samples and products to bloggers across the world , every time I update them  with a product review they are happy and send a Thank You mail or message and once they even mentioned my name in a list where they had written
"Best Beauty Bloggers "
That really motivated me to do my work more sincerely .

Now Do's and Do Not's of  blogging :

Do Not's
1. Do not expect to earn a  great pay package from blogging .
2. Do not expect to get name and fame overnight .
3. Do not accept cheap offers from brands like work for free or work for some discount coupons , our time and efforts are precious.
4. Do not get disheartened soon , it takes time and needs lots of hard  work and effort to establish yourself as a  famous blogger .
5.Do not lose hope if things are not going in a right direction , take others help  , make friends with  some blogger , the ones who can help and guide .

1. Start blogging if you are  having  a passion to write , do not do just to get some free stuffs or just for fashion as many are doing . Like other professions it also needs lots of hard work and passion .
2. Learn some basics of blogging like how to write a good article , how to click some good snaps , how to increase number of followers on social media , how to approach and contact brands for collaborations etc .
3.Try to be creative , while writing post try to write some thing new and fresh with some good snaps as it adds life to a post .
4.Enjoy your work , one can only succeed when one enjoy's his/her work .

Image result for i love blogging images

(Image Source : Source )

After this long post and after sharing all my blogging experience's I would say I AM HAPPY TO BE A BEAUTY BLOGGER . This is one of the best thing that happened with me as I really enjoy my work and even if  I am not earning big , I am satisfied and I am happy ( Happiness is a Million Dollar thing that does not comes easily ) . And when my blogging job is making me happy then its Worth it :-)
Since the post is getting too long now I am closing it  , hope you all enjoyed reading it .
Waiting to  read some lovely comments of my friends and readers :-)

Ghazala Naseem

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Enjoy the Exciting Flavors of BeanStalknLeaves Coffee

Hello Everyone
Today I am going to do a different kind of review , its not about skin care products or cosmetics but its about a new brand of coffee :-)
Coffee is the hot favorite of many including mine , i have tried coffee from various brands , recently got some new flavors from a brand beanstalknleaves , so would like to share some facts about it .

About the brand 
Beanstalknleaves is a brand that offers three exciting flavors of  coffee which is quite different from the regular ones .
1.Smooth Operator 
3.Velvet Dew 

Sounds interesting :-)
My kids were too excited to try these  so i tried them one by one .

And my love  for coffee increased after enjoying these flavors :-) 

The first flavor  we tried is Velvet Dew Coffee Powder .

This is a premium blended coffee powder with coffee and chicory in it .
Its very mild . Its not an instant coffee , one needs to brew  it for  3-4 minutes to get the perfect taste .
My kids just loved its taste :-) 
Price --Rs 355 for 250 gms .

The second one which i tried is Smooth Operator 
Its a pure coffee powder which also needs to be brewed for 3-4 minutes .
Price Rs 295 for 250 gms .
This  has a stronger taste then Velvet Dew .

The third one which i got is Shotgun 

Its also a pure coffee powder with no chicory in it and brewing time is again 3-4 minutes .
I have not tried this yet but seems taste is similar with Smooth Operator .

These are not Instant Coffee and one should not use Boiling water to prepare it but they should be added in warm water and brewed for 3-4 minutes .

So after  enjoying these exciting flavors would surely recommend  others to try it .
One can buy these from . 

Whats so good about these coffee :
1. The flavor Velvet Dew has chicory in it , chicory has many medicinal benefits like it improves appetite , good for stomach , liver etc .
2.One can easily buy  these coffee  flavors from .
3.Affordable price .
4. Product packaging is good , they come in a zip lock packaging which is excellent as it helps to preserve aroma and freshness of the product.
5. One can enjoy three different flavors according to their taste .
6.Relieves headaches & tiredness and one feels fresh after drinking these coffee.

One can check the site here 

(*PR Sample ) 

Sunday 20 November 2016

Shopping Haul from Clickoncare.Com

Hello Every One , today  i am going to share one more shopping haul from online store .
Few days back i had done a post on website review & shopping experience with , one can read the review here to know more about this store
website review of is an online store from where one can buy personal care products , medicines & pet care products .
They have products from around 700 brands including Ayurvedic , Organic , Herbal and natural brands ,One can also get Drugstore skin care products from this store like from brand Ceatphil .

This is my second haul from there and i am quite happy with it .
This time i had ordered only two products , one for myself and one for my kids .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is quite good and impressive , both the products were wrapped in a bubble wrap and i got the products in good condition without any damage or leakage .

Himalaya Baby Lotion 

In my previous order also i had chosen  Himalaya Baby Lotion , since my kids liked it too much specially because of its nice fragrance , i ordered it again :-) 
It has goodness of almond oil & olive oil and moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time . 
Price Rs 85 for 100 ml , so not very  expensive but its  easily affordable and the best part is its  clinically tested so good for kids skin .
One can check the product here 

SebaMed  Deep Cleansing facial Toner 

This is the second product i ordered from there .
I have many Sebamed products but all for kids & babies , which i have reviewed before also in my previous posts . Since Sebamed is a trusted brand and its products are too good , as they help to maintain PH 5.5 for skin and are good for sensitive skin , i wanted to try a Sebamed product myself , so ordered this toner.
Will come up with a detailed review of this product after using it for some time :-) 
Price :  Rs 400 for  150 ml.
One can check the product here 

So this was my mini haul from .
Would surely recommend other to visit the store and have a look on wide range of products available there .

One can check the site here 

(Sponsored post but my opinion are true & honest ) 

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Mirum Fresh Fruit Cucumber Real Natural Mask Pack Review

Today i am going to review one more product from Skin18.Com , its Mirum Fresh Fruit Cucumber Real Natural Mask Pack .

We all know that Skin18.Com is Hongkong based site which sells Korean skin care products .
Its products are good and affordable , very easy to use and very effective in maintaining our skin care regime .
I have used and reviewed several products from Skin18 before .
And i really liked  them all .

About the product :
This sheet mask is a fresh fruit sheet mask which nourishes and hydrates the skin .
Its made from natural cotton and is safe to use . This natural cotton allows essence ingredients to get absorbed in skin easily and completely .

Price : 1.80 USD 

How to use this Product :
One needs to wash and clean their face , then tone it with a toner and then apply this sheet mask on face and leave it for some 20-25 minutes.
After that the sheet needs to be taken out and one needs to massage the remaining essence on face so that it gets absorbed in the skin .

Pros :
1. The products does what it claims  , it nourishes & hydrates the skin.
2. Affordable Price .
3.Good packaging .
4.Made from good quality cotton so safe for skin .
5.Travel friendly pack , can be easily carried in bag or purse .
6.Excellent for winter as it keeps the skin hydrated for a long time .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available only on online store of Skin18.Com .
2.Contains parabens , so not good for people who look for completely natural & vegan products .

This is the back side of pack , every thing written in Korean Language so difficult to understand , wish instructions and details were given in English too , so would have been easier to understand :-) 

Upon opening the pack the sheet mask looks like this :

My Experience with the product :

I have used several sheet masks from Skin18.Com before , and i liked them all .
This one is also good . Has a  nice fragrance ( of cucumber ) .
The quality of sheet mask is better than other ones which i have used earlier as its made from 100% cotton sheets . After using this product my skin felt soft and supple and its hydration power is good , the essence is good enough to hydrate  the skin completely and keep it nourished for a good period of time , so one does not needs to use a moisturizer or cream after using this product .

IBB Rating --4.5/5 

One can check the product here :

*PR Sample 

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Website Review and Shopping Experience With LovelyLifeStyle.Com

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do website review of an online store LovelyLifestyle.Com and share my shopping experience with it.

About The Store : is an online store  to shop all natural  and organic skin care and hair care products .
Its a part of Lovely group of Punjab , the Parent Company of ventures like Lovely Professional University , Lovely Sweets , Lovely Autos etc .

Why to Buy from Lovelylifestyle.Com :
* It curates the aesthetic and unmatched collection of natural and organic products .
* They sell 100% genuine products directly from authorized vendors .
* Their products are hand picked and  are of high quality .
* Their products have clean and clear labelling .
* They have wide price range .
* Product packaging is very good and  attractive .

Now coming to the website , it has a great user friendly layout , one can easily browse the site and search what they want .
Navigation is easy with various menus and filter options . 

They have products from famous brands like :
* The Natures Co 
* Inatur Herbals 
* Soultree 
* Vana Vidhi 
* Votre 
* Gulnare 
* Shahnaaz Hussain 
* Seba Med 
* Tatha 
* Natio 

Unique features of  Lovelylifestyle.Com 
I am doing online shopping past many years and i have shopped from various stores but here i would like to mention that there are some unique features on this site which is amazing like :

1. Skincare  Regime Finder 
They have section called Skin care  Regime Finder  where one can find the products suitable for their skin type by selecting their skin type , age, time of skin care like morning or night etc .
So it becomes easy to search the products suitable for our skin type , then we can choose from  a wide products available their .

Skin Regime

2.Shop by Ingredients feature :

This is another section which is very useful .
One can shop products according to the ingredients .
This is for skin care , hair care , bath & body and Health and Wellness .

3.Essentials Oils 

Then they have a section called essential Oils where one can buy essential oils according to their need like for hair fall ,anti ageing , acnes , scars etc .

One can use  Essential Oils  to get a positive emotional state , to refine your skin , to enhance your physical wellness etc.

4.Top 35 Products 
They have a section called Top 35 where one can find top 35 Best Selling products  curated by  beauty experts  .

5. Under 499 products 
In this section one can find product under Rs 499 .
One can choose from skin care , hair care and Bath & Body .

Products Under Rs.499

6. Skin Type Quiz 
There is a section where as one can take a small quiz to find their skin type .
This helps to understand our skin better and get personalized skin care products and tips .
One can check here 

Then they have separate collections like 
Festive Collection 
Wedding Gifts for Bride & Groom 
Body care Collection 
Skin care Collection 
Hair Care Collection 
Men's Collection 
Bath & Body Collection 

My Shopping Experience With LovelyLifeStyle.Com 

After browsing the site for quite long i chose products from two brand Inatur and The Natures Co as both of these were in my wishlist .
I prefer using products which are natural , herbal and organic and contain either no or minimum chemicals . 
I got my products with in a week of placing order .
My products came in two different packages as they were from two different brands .
Product packaging was good . 
Done in  bubble wrap and i got all products in good condition .
They offer free shipping on orders above Rs 750 or else they charge Rs 60.
One can pay by various payment methods like Net banking , Paytm , Mobiwik , Cash on Delivery etc.

My order consist of two products :

1. The Natures Co Sandalwood Face Wash 
2. Inatur Body Butter Olive 
Along with this i got one free sample of Inatur Sandal face pack .

The Natures Co Sandal Face wash :
I chose this product as my skin type is oily and i always look for products which are meant for oily skin and i have already used some product from this brand The Natures Co , and i had good experience with those products .
So when i saw this sandal wood face wash on Lovelylifestyle , i thought of trying it .

The product contains sandalwood extract , aloe Vera and Glycerine .
Price Rs 595 for 125 ml .

One can check this product here TNC Face Wash

Inatur Body Butter Olive 
The second product i chose is  a body butter from brand Inatur .
This is for my winter skin care routine .
Since winter has started and we need a good body lotion or a body butter to moisturize our skin , i thought of  ordering this body butter which has goodness of olive , Vitamin E and Aloe Vera .

Price Rs 400 for  200 ml 
One can check the product here Inatur Body Butter

Along with this i got a sample of Inatur sandal face pack ( 10  gm product )
It contains sandal , saffron and turmeric .

Inatur is a herbal brand which is cruelty free and its products are not tested on animals .

I will try all these products and will come up with a detailed review of all in my next posts:-) 
So excited to use and try these natural  products from renowned brands .

My overall shopping experience with this site is good and would surely recommend others  to try it .
Its a Perfect Destination for people who look for natural , herbal &  organic products .
One can get wide range of products from all famous brands in affordable price as they have various offers and discounts .
One can get upto 70% discount on products from various brands .
One can check the offer page here 

Discount Offers

One can check the site here 

(Sponsored post but my opinion are true and honest ) 

Sunday 6 November 2016

Shopping Experience and Website Review of ClickOnCare.Com

Hello Every One
Today I am going to share my shopping experience with an online store ClickOnCare.Com .

About the store :  is an online store from where one can buy personal  care products , health & wellness devices , pet supplies , Ayurvedic skin care and hair care products .
They have products from around 700 brands , so one can find almost products from all famous brands.

Right now they have an offer where one can get 6 % cash back on their orders if one pays through MOBIWIK .

Shopping Experience :
Their shipping system is good and reliable .
I got my parcel with in a week of placing order and the little delay was due to Festive season holidays.
I even got tracking number  to track my shipment details .
I was getting regular mails and messages about its updates .
Shipping charges is free on order above Rs 1499  or one has to pay Rs 80 .
For COD orders shipping is free on order value above Rs 1999.

My Haul from ClickOnCare.Com

I ordered some six products from this  site from brands like Himalaya Herbals , Cetaphil , lacto Calamine .

List of Products :

1.Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser .
Price Rs 215 for  125ml.

2.Lacto Calamine Oil Control Lotion .
Price Rs 60 for 30 ml .

3.Himalaya Baby Powder .
Price Rs 60 for 100 gms .

4.Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Soap .
Price Rs 40 for 75 gms .

5.Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Lotion .
Price Rs 85 for 100 ml.

Product Packaging and Quality :
My order came in a ClickOnCare labelled carton .
All product were wrapped in bubble wrap .
So no damage at all , I got all products in good condition .

I checked the expiry date of all products they are all from fresh batches as they have still lot of time to expire , all products manufactured this year only .

So I am quite satisfied with their products .

I chose Himalaya Herbal Products as Himalya is a well known brand and i use its products .
I chose products from Baby Care Range for my kids Like soap , talc and Moisturizing body lotion for their winter skin care .

Then i chose lacto Calamine lotion with Aloe Vera for oily skin as my skin type is oily and i have already used this products , its good and suits my skin .

Then I chose Cetaphil Cleanser .
Its a Drugstore skin care product , dermatologically tested for sensitive skin .
I haven't used this product before but have read a lot about this brand so wanted to give a try .
After using it for some time , I will come up with its detailed review .

So this was my mini haul from ClickOnCare.Com .
Hope You all liked it .

The site  has many good Skin care and Hair Care products from famous Organic and Ayurvedic brands like Bio Bloom , Rustic Art , Khadi Herbals , Ozone Ayurvedic , Woods & Petals etc.
Do visit the site and have a look on their wide range of products .

One can check the site here 

(Sponsored post but my opinion are true and honest ) 

Friday 4 November 2016

Spawake Moisturizing Deep Purity Mask Review

Hello Every One
Today i am going review a face mask from a Japanese Brand Spawake .

About the Brand :
Spawake is a Japanese brand which prepares skin care products from sea minerals .
The name Spawake denotes the awakening of natural skin beauty with Sea Spa .

About The Product :
Spawake  moisturizing deep purity mask is a type of face mask with goodness of sea minerals .

Product details :
This mask is a type of cream mask with sea weed extracts and vitamin E which is remove dead cells from skin , regenerates  and nourishes the skin  .

Price : Rs 249 for 60 gms .
Shelf Life : 36 months from date of manufacture .

Ingredients :

Product packaging :
The product comes in a tube .
It has a cute packaging , one can easily squeeze out little amount of mask and apply on face .
The pack is travel friendly .

How to use the product :
The product is a white cream base mask , it looks like a cream or moisturizer .
One needs to wash and clean their face and then apply a layer of this face mask on face and neck and leave it for around 5 minutes , after that one needs to massage this on face in circular motion for about 3-5 minutes and then wash it off with plenty of water .

My Experience with the Product :
I have used this mask few times and i really liked it .
It very easy to use , it has a nice fragrance which is mild and one just needs to keep it on face only for 5 minutes  and not more , where as when we  use  other face masks like that of fuller earth or sandal wood paste we need to keep it for 20 -30 minutes .
My skin felt clean , clear and fresh after using it .
It really helped to remove dullness from skin and my skin looked Bright
My skin type is oily and it  suited my skin , (the product is meant for all skin type ) .

Pros :
1. The product does what it claims , it really brightens the skin removing dead cells and impurities .
2. Affordable price .
3.Cute and good packaging .
4..Easily available online on their website as well as on  online stores like .
5. Nice fragrance .
6.Travel friendly pack .
7.Very easy to use and takes less times than other face masks to do its work .
8. It is dermatologically tested .
9.Suitable for all skin type .
10.Good shelf life around 3 years .

Cons :
The only thing i disliked about the product is it contains Parabens , so its not all natural ingredients , so not good for people who look for vegan and natural products .

IBB Rating --4.6/7

One can check the site here