Tuesday 15 November 2016

Mirum Fresh Fruit Cucumber Real Natural Mask Pack Review

Today i am going to review one more product from Skin18.Com , its Mirum Fresh Fruit Cucumber Real Natural Mask Pack .

We all know that Skin18.Com is Hongkong based site which sells Korean skin care products .
Its products are good and affordable , very easy to use and very effective in maintaining our skin care regime .
I have used and reviewed several products from Skin18 before .
And i really liked  them all .

About the product :
This sheet mask is a fresh fruit sheet mask which nourishes and hydrates the skin .
Its made from natural cotton and is safe to use . This natural cotton allows essence ingredients to get absorbed in skin easily and completely .

Price : 1.80 USD 

How to use this Product :
One needs to wash and clean their face , then tone it with a toner and then apply this sheet mask on face and leave it for some 20-25 minutes.
After that the sheet needs to be taken out and one needs to massage the remaining essence on face so that it gets absorbed in the skin .

Pros :
1. The products does what it claims  , it nourishes & hydrates the skin.
2. Affordable Price .
3.Good packaging .
4.Made from good quality cotton so safe for skin .
5.Travel friendly pack , can be easily carried in bag or purse .
6.Excellent for winter as it keeps the skin hydrated for a long time .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available only on online store of Skin18.Com .
2.Contains parabens , so not good for people who look for completely natural & vegan products .

This is the back side of pack , every thing written in Korean Language so difficult to understand , wish instructions and details were given in English too , so would have been easier to understand :-) 

Upon opening the pack the sheet mask looks like this :

My Experience with the product :

I have used several sheet masks from Skin18.Com before , and i liked them all .
This one is also good . Has a  nice fragrance ( of cucumber ) .
The quality of sheet mask is better than other ones which i have used earlier as its made from 100% cotton sheets . After using this product my skin felt soft and supple and its hydration power is good , the essence is good enough to hydrate  the skin completely and keep it nourished for a good period of time , so one does not needs to use a moisturizer or cream after using this product .

IBB Rating --4.5/5 

One can check the product here :

*PR Sample 

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