Thursday 29 December 2016

Monetize Your Blog with Niume.Com

Hello Every One
I am back with one more interesting post for my blogger friends and readers .
Today's Post is about monetizing a blog with a collaborative blogging platform called . is a website or a platform where bloggers can register and  share their posts and Get Paid for getting their posts viewed and  also one can increase their reader base via . It pays 1$ for 1000 views and also there is one referral program  through which members can earn money .

Why Niume is Better than other platforms 
1.One does not need to wait for six months or 50 posts as in case of Adsense to apply for it,one can start earning the moment one start posting contents .
2. One needs to have a minimum threshold of 10$ to apply for a bank transfer , which is very less as compared to Adsense where one needs to have minimum 100$ to request for a bank transfer .
3.They have wide range of categories , so blogger from any niche can try .
4.If one is active there , means  one is able to post good number of contents there one can easily earn good money from there .
5. One can also increase their blog traffic with this .

I created my account at Niume one month back but since this month I was too busy with too many things I could not post many articles/posts there , Just a few but it was good to see that I got a good reader base there with some of my post getting Hypes (Likes ) as much as 34 :-)

Creating an account there is very simple .
once account is created one can start posting their contents , their own blog posts , Video's etc , If one is posting content from other 's blog or website , Credit should be given to original source .
One can check their Dashboard to check their Views & Hypes , check their Niume Wallet etc.

My Profile  Page  at 

Image may contain: 1 person

One can add links to their social media sites and blog in their profile , so  that one can easily connect with bloggers of same niche .

How to get Payment via 
Since it's not an Indian website the first question that  came to my mind is how will I get my money .
That's very simple.
Once our earning reaches 10$ we can request for a bank transfer , for that we need a Paypal account (an account to get foreign payments ).
I had read a lot about this Paypal account but since I never needed one , I was not having one .
After creating my account on Niume , I also searched How to make a Paypal account and got my answer from Google :-)
It's very easy , one just needs to have an email account , Pan Card and a bank account number .
One needs to create a paypal account , submit their Pan Card number and bank account number and with in a week all formalities are done and one's Paypal account is ready to use :-)

One can check the Paypal site here 

So I found this platform a very good way to increase my blog traffic and earn some money.
Every thing is so simple and transparent .
One can easily reach that 1000 clicks if one is active there .
One can also ask their friends and followers to register via their link and for each successful referral one gets some points .

So those who are interested to join and explore can register their via my link 

Any one registering at via this link , will get 1$ in his/her account after creating their first post :-)
Then one can increase their earning by  posting good contents which gets more hits and likes and also by referring their friends on social media .

One more thing I would like to mention is this is not only for bloggers but  Youtubers or any one can register and start posting some good and meaningful content there which others would like to read , so if one is not a blogger and still want to join this site  , can go ahead and register there .

One can check my profile and posts here 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , if any doubt can ask me in comment sections below .

Ghazala Naseem 

Monday 26 December 2016

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel Review

Hello Every One Today I am going to review a Product from Brand Rustic Art , it's Organic Aloe Vera Gel .

About The Brand
Rustic Art is a brand which offers natural & Organic products .
It's products are free from chemicals , toxins , artificial  preservatives etc .
They have wide range of products for skin care and hair care .

About the product
This  Aloe Vera Gel is the first product from this brand which I have tried .
It's a pure  aloe  vera gel with lemon extract and can be used for various purpose .

Price Rs 200 for 100 gms
Shelf life 12 months


Product Packaging 
The product comes in a good quality plastic tub .

The product is a light weight gel with a mild fragrance .

Pros :
1.Does not contains harmful chemicals and artificial preservatives .
2.Contains Pure Aloe Vera Gel and Lemon extract , both good for skin .
3.Has Multipurpose usage .
4.Good Products Packaging .
5.Affordable Price .
6.Has a nice mild fragrance .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available on Online Stores only .

What the Product claims 
The product claims that it can be used as a natural moisturizer , astringent , antiseptic , after shave , for healing acnes & infections etc .

My Experience with this product 
I am using this gel past one month as a Night Cream and it's good .
Since my skin type is oily I need something which could help to reduce oils from my face and Aloe Vera Gel is a good option , Earlier I had used Aloe Vera based Night cream from brand Aroma Essentials , that was also very good , this one is also good .
It has helped to reduce oiliness of skin to  a great extent .
It Moisturizes the skin and my skin feel fresh and oil free in the morning .

One can buy this product from online stores like , or directly from their website 

IBB Rating --4.5/5

I brought this product from my Qtrove.Com Haul .

One can check the product here 

One can check the Rustic Art website here 

Thursday 22 December 2016

Introduction to Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce one more brand to my readers & friends , it's Odiva .

About the brand
Odiva is a brand which offers some great products like Gel Finish Nail Polish , Nail polish remover wipes , After shave wipes etc .
They make their products from safe ingredients which are free from chemicals and are of good quality .

Few days back I got a chance to try and review some of their products and so I am sharing my experience with Odiva products in this post .

The products I received 

1.  Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish in shade PASSION  PINK  008
2.Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish in shade SAINT D'OR  027
3.Odiva Nail Enamel Remover Wipes 
4.Odiva After Shave Wipes 

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish PASSION PINK
This is a lovely pink shade , too Gorgeous  and perfect to create a party look or do some Nail Art :-) 
Price Rs 300 for 11 ml .
Shelf Life 3 years .

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish SAINT D'OR 
This is an Ash color nail paint , this is good for daily wear , looks Sober & Sophisticated .
Price Rs 300 for 11 ml
Shelf Life  3 years .

Odiva Nail Enamel Remover Wipes 
This is a type of wipe to remove nail paint .
This is an Excellent Product from this brand .
For me it's a new product as earlier I used to remove Nail Paints with cotton balls & nail polish removers from some brand .
This is the first time I am using such product and its very good and useful .
One can easily remove nail paints using these wipes without any fuss .
Each wipe is individually packed in a sachet and its travel friendly .
The best part is it's Acetone Free (that means no harsh chemicals in it ) .

Price : Rs 65 for 5 sachets
Shelf life - 18 months .

Pros of products from Odiva 
1. Odiva Products are free from chemicals like Parabens , Acetone , Camphor etc .
2. No strong smell .
3.  Nail Polish gives a Smooth Gel finish look.
4.  Nail Polish dries quickly , I have used  nail polish from other brands but I found this one better than others as it dries quickly with in few minutes .
5.Nail Polish has good quality brush .
6. The nail polish does not chips unevenly .
7.The Wipe is an excellent product using which one can remove nail paints easily .

1.Availability might be an issue as it's available only on online stores .
2.Price may seem bit more than Nail Polish from other brands but it's Okay if we consider the fact that they are chemical free and are of Excellent Quality . 

My Experience with Odiva Products 
I loved it's products both the Nail Paints & Nail Paint Remover Wipes .
The nail paint gives a smooth glossy look which seems too gorgeous , no strong smell , no chapping makes it a Must Try One .
And the nail paint wipes is a useful product which has a travel friendly pack .

One can buy these products from online store like , ,  or check their facebook page .

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Monday 19 December 2016

How to Get Free Stuffs Online in India

Hello Every One
I am back with one more interesting post , How to Get Free Stuffs Online in India .
In this post I will share Tips & Tricks to get free stuffs online .

Displaying IMG_20161220_115201.jpg  is a site where one can register and get some free samples from famous brands like Olay , Pantene , Ariel , Whisper , Pampers etc .
To get those free samples one needs to register at that site , fill in their address details , Confirm the OTP (one time password ) sent at their mobile and then one can choose any three product sample .
They send the parcel with in 10-15 days :-)
I got that sample box from them last  year .
One can check the site here :

Get Free P&G Product Samples - Reward Me

Symtten is a site which offers  free samples of some beauty products , tea & coffee.
I had written a detailed post on " How to get free goodies from Smytten app " some two months back , one can check the post here
Smytten Post

This is the box and products I received from them :

Home Tester Club is a site where one can test and share reviews of Grocery and skin care products .
I am a member of this site past three years and I got some good products to review .
One needs to register there first and then when one is selected for New Product Trials , one gets products for  free at  their home , after trying the products one needs to share a short review of it at that site and share their review on some social media sites like facebook or twitter , very simple :-)

Those who want to join and register at that site can do through this link

Link for Registration at Home Tester Club

Picture of products I got last month from there :
Grocery products as well as Skin care product from Himalaya Herbals :-)

4. Checking Some Freebie Sites 
There are many Indian sites which list  freebies available online ,
I check those sites frequently and when free samples are available , I do register for that .
One of such site is MaalFreeKa
They have a facebook page too where they share all latest Contests , Giveaways and freebies .
One can check the site here :

One can check their Freebie Page here :

5. Contests and Giveaways 
Online contests on social media like that on facebook , twitter , Instagram and blog's Giveaways , Youtube Giveaways are also a good way to win some free stuffs online .
Now a days we can find various types of contest and giveaways on all social media sites .
Winning is not very easy but it's neither too hard .
There are many giveaways where winners are chosen Randomly so any body can win .
One can always try and win some goodies for themselves .
I have won many contests & giveaways past three years as I am very active on social media and I enjoy participating and love winning :-)
I do not have pictures of all my prizes , just a few :-)

Displaying af0979d6-978a-4e54-8ab9-d13bc4d60246.jpg

Related image

So these are the Tips & Tricks to get free stuffs online in India.
Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful :-)

Ghazala Naseem

Friday 16 December 2016


Hello Every One
Today I am going to review an Ayurvedic Hair oil from Brand Iraya , it's Iraya Japakusum Taila .

About the brand
Iraya is an Ayurvedic brand which has Skin care & Hair Care products .
They make their products from purest natural ingredients .
They use natural preservatives and surfactants .
Their products are free from harmful chemicals , Parabens , SLS , artificial perfumes & fragrance etc.

About the product
Iraya's Ayurvedic oils are made from cold pressed oils .
This Japakusum Taila has some great ingredients like Hibiscus , Bhirgraj , Fenugreek etc all of which are good for hair .

Hibiscus -Its rich in Vitamin C and amino acids .
Fenugreek or Methi treats follicular problems and helps in strengthening the roots .
Bhirgraj has high level of Omega 9 and makes  hair thick .

Price : Rs 200 for 100 ml
Shelf Life : 3 years from date of manufacture 

Pros :
1. All natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals , colors or preservatives .
2.Does not contains Parabens , SLS .
3.Does not contain Petroleum , Mineral oil or paraffin .
4.Does not contain any synthetic dye .
5.Contains goodness of Hibiscus , Bhirgaraj & Fenugreek , all of which helps to control hair fall .
6.Good product packaging .
7.Affordable price.
8.Controls hair fall and promotes hair growth .
7.Not tested on animals. 

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .

What the product claims 
This oil is basically meant to control hair fall problem .
The product claim to revitalizes and nourish  dull and frizzy hair .

My Experience with the Product 
I am using this oil past 20 days , it's good .
It has a strong fragrance which is Okay for me but  many might not like it .
The oil is red in color .
I have used this oil thrice a week , massaging & oiling in the night an then shampoo next day .
It has helped to reduce my hair fall problem to some extent ( as I am having  hair fall problem  since a long time ).
After using it for some more time I can tell more about it's benefits , but from my experience this is a good hair oil in affordable range .

One check the site here 

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Wednesday 14 December 2016

Website Review of TheHerbBoutique.Com

Hello Every One
I am back with one more website review :-)
Today I am going to do website review of an online store The Herb Boutique .

About the Brand
Its a brand that offers herbal and organic products . Their products are hand crafted and they use all natural ingredients like natural honey , flower petals , essential oils , herbs , seeds to prepare their products .

Products they offer 

Skin Care products 
1.Lip Balms
2.Body Scrubs
4.Body Polish
5.Bath Soak

Food products 
1. Exotic Tea
2.Organic Honey
3. Aromatic Cooking Oil

When I got an opportunity to try and review their products I instantly said YES  as  I love natural and herbal products .
Last week I got a Box from them :

I was too excited to see what's inside so immediately opened it :-)

I really loved its packaging and products , all so good . 

The products I got are : 
1. Coffee and Coconut soap bar 
2. Coffee Body Polish 
3.Milk Bath Soak 

Coffee Coconut Soap Bar 
The morning Ritual Coffee Coconut soap bar is made from Coconut oil and Coffee and its priced Rs 325.

Coffee Body Polish
The Coffee  Brilliance body polish is a blend of organic coffee, Vitamin E  and coconut oil .
Its made from 100% organic ingredients and gives the skin flawless radiance .
Price  Rs 1350 .

Milk Bath Soak 
This is a Limited Edition pack .
Price Rs 180 .

I have not tried these products yet , too excited to try them :-)
Will come up with a detailed review of each products after using them .

What I  Liked about this Brand 

1.They use natural and organic ingredients .
2. They offer Vegan products, their products are not tested on animals .
3.Their products  are  Hand Crafted , every product is a unique piece of art , crafted with love and care .
4. They offer high quality products .
5.They have some Luxury Skin Care products like Rejuvenating Bath Soaks , Luxury Body Polishers , Exotic Honey etc .
5.Excellent product packaging .

So its a Perfect Destination to buy some Luxurious Skin care Products to Pamper yourself :-)

One can check the site here 

IBB Rating --  4.8 /5 

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Monday 12 December 2016

The Nature's Co Sandalwood Face Wash Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from  the brand  The Nature's Co , its their Sandalwood Face wash .
I brought this product from online store
One can check the product here : LovelyLifeStyle

About the Brand
The Nature's Co is a brand that offers natural and vegan products .
They use natural ingredients and essential oils to prepare their products .
They have wide range of skin care and hair care products .

About the Product
This sandalwood face wash is a product for oily skin, it helps to remove excess oil and treat acne.

1.Sandal wood extract 
2.Aloe Vera extract 
3.Vegetable Glycerin

Shelf life 
Two years from date of manufacture 

Rs 595 for 500 gms 

Product Packaging 
The product comes in a good quality plastic tube from which it can be easily  squeezed out and used , but since it has runny consistency one needs to be careful while taking it out .

Pros :
1. All natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals or preservatives added to it .
2.Contains sandal wood extract and Aloe Vera extract which help to treat acne and pimples.
3. A Vegan product , not tested on animals.
4.Purifies the skin , removes excess oil and dirt and makes the skin  feel and look clean and fresh .

Cons :
1. Bit expensive as compared to face wash from other brands .
2.Not suitable for people with dry skin type .

One can buy this product from online stores like or directly from their website 

My experience with this  product 
I am using this face wash past one month and it's good .
It's a golden colored liquid face wash .
Has a nice fragrance and helps to remove and control excessive oil from face .
It has a runny consistency so one needs to be careful while  opening the  pack or else one might end up in taking out more than required quantity of  the product .
It has helped to control excess oil secretion from my face so now my face does not looks too  oily as it used to look earlier .

So would recommend this for people with oily skin .

IBB Rating -- 4.5/5

Thursday 8 December 2016

Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Snacks with Nutty Gritties

Hello Every one  today I am going to do one more website review of an online store which  sells healthy and delicious snacks.

About the brand :
Nutty Gritties is an online store where one can find variety of healthy and delicious snacks.
The main ingredient they use in their snacks are various types of nuts .

My order from this site :

My Snack box from this site  had six healthy snacks including  roasted almonds , cashews , apple cinnamon mix etc .

The products were packed nicely in a box and I got products in good condition .

There were three packs of dry fruits , roasted and salted almonds and cashews .
Price of each pack of 40 gms is Rs 60 only .

Then there were 3 packs of some Gourmet mix 
1.Cinnamon Apple Mix 
2.Spicy Bombay Mix 
3.Thai Chilli Mix 

I loved the taste of Cinnamon apple mix , its a mix of raisins , pumpkin seeds  , dry apples with cinnamon flavor , an Exotic & Delicious Snack .

My favorite from all these snacks is  Roasted Salted Almonds .
I love almonds because of its taste and health benefits and when one gets that in a delicious form like roasted and salted then it's like a Heavenly Dish :-) 

What I liked about these products :
1. Contains natural and healthy ingredients like various  dry fruits like almonds , raisins , cashews , hazelnut , pumpkin seeds , sunflower seeds etc.
2.All its products are certified by FSSAI .
3. No artificial color , fragrance or preservatives added .
4. These snacks are suitable for people of all age group including small kids .
5.Almonds and pistachoes help to maintain blood sugar level .
6.These nuts are rich in antioxidants , Vitamins and minerals so very good for health .
7. Product packaging is good .
8. Price is affordable not too high .

I always prefer healthy snacks as they are good for health , help to maintain blood sugar level  normal , help to maintain weight , gives  instant energy and since Nuts are rich in antioxidants they boost our immune system,help to be stronger from inside,help to de-stress our body and mind .
So when one is getting an excellent and healthy snack at an affordable price one should go for it .

Kids would surely  love these snacks  :-)

One can check these products at their site 

They ship all over India.
One can choose from variety of healthy snacks and can make their own Snack Box as per their choice and requirement .

(*PR Sample )