Thursday 8 December 2016

Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Snacks with Nutty Gritties

Hello Every one  today I am going to do one more website review of an online store which  sells healthy and delicious snacks.

About the brand :
Nutty Gritties is an online store where one can find variety of healthy and delicious snacks.
The main ingredient they use in their snacks are various types of nuts .

My order from this site :

My Snack box from this site  had six healthy snacks including  roasted almonds , cashews , apple cinnamon mix etc .

The products were packed nicely in a box and I got products in good condition .

There were three packs of dry fruits , roasted and salted almonds and cashews .
Price of each pack of 40 gms is Rs 60 only .

Then there were 3 packs of some Gourmet mix 
1.Cinnamon Apple Mix 
2.Spicy Bombay Mix 
3.Thai Chilli Mix 

I loved the taste of Cinnamon apple mix , its a mix of raisins , pumpkin seeds  , dry apples with cinnamon flavor , an Exotic & Delicious Snack .

My favorite from all these snacks is  Roasted Salted Almonds .
I love almonds because of its taste and health benefits and when one gets that in a delicious form like roasted and salted then it's like a Heavenly Dish :-) 

What I liked about these products :
1. Contains natural and healthy ingredients like various  dry fruits like almonds , raisins , cashews , hazelnut , pumpkin seeds , sunflower seeds etc.
2.All its products are certified by FSSAI .
3. No artificial color , fragrance or preservatives added .
4. These snacks are suitable for people of all age group including small kids .
5.Almonds and pistachoes help to maintain blood sugar level .
6.These nuts are rich in antioxidants , Vitamins and minerals so very good for health .
7. Product packaging is good .
8. Price is affordable not too high .

I always prefer healthy snacks as they are good for health , help to maintain blood sugar level  normal , help to maintain weight , gives  instant energy and since Nuts are rich in antioxidants they boost our immune system,help to be stronger from inside,help to de-stress our body and mind .
So when one is getting an excellent and healthy snack at an affordable price one should go for it .

Kids would surely  love these snacks  :-)

One can check these products at their site 

They ship all over India.
One can choose from variety of healthy snacks and can make their own Snack Box as per their choice and requirement .

(*PR Sample ) 

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