Monday 19 December 2016

How to Get Free Stuffs Online in India

Hello Every One
I am back with one more interesting post , How to Get Free Stuffs Online in India .
In this post I will share Tips & Tricks to get free stuffs online .

Displaying IMG_20161220_115201.jpg  is a site where one can register and get some free samples from famous brands like Olay , Pantene , Ariel , Whisper , Pampers etc .
To get those free samples one needs to register at that site , fill in their address details , Confirm the OTP (one time password ) sent at their mobile and then one can choose any three product sample .
They send the parcel with in 10-15 days :-)
I got that sample box from them last  year .
One can check the site here :

Get Free P&G Product Samples - Reward Me

Symtten is a site which offers  free samples of some beauty products , tea & coffee.
I had written a detailed post on " How to get free goodies from Smytten app " some two months back , one can check the post here
Smytten Post

This is the box and products I received from them :

Home Tester Club is a site where one can test and share reviews of Grocery and skin care products .
I am a member of this site past three years and I got some good products to review .
One needs to register there first and then when one is selected for New Product Trials , one gets products for  free at  their home , after trying the products one needs to share a short review of it at that site and share their review on some social media sites like facebook or twitter , very simple :-)

Those who want to join and register at that site can do through this link

Link for Registration at Home Tester Club

Picture of products I got last month from there :
Grocery products as well as Skin care product from Himalaya Herbals :-)

4. Checking Some Freebie Sites 
There are many Indian sites which list  freebies available online ,
I check those sites frequently and when free samples are available , I do register for that .
One of such site is MaalFreeKa
They have a facebook page too where they share all latest Contests , Giveaways and freebies .
One can check the site here :

One can check their Freebie Page here :

5. Contests and Giveaways 
Online contests on social media like that on facebook , twitter , Instagram and blog's Giveaways , Youtube Giveaways are also a good way to win some free stuffs online .
Now a days we can find various types of contest and giveaways on all social media sites .
Winning is not very easy but it's neither too hard .
There are many giveaways where winners are chosen Randomly so any body can win .
One can always try and win some goodies for themselves .
I have won many contests & giveaways past three years as I am very active on social media and I enjoy participating and love winning :-)
I do not have pictures of all my prizes , just a few :-)

Displaying af0979d6-978a-4e54-8ab9-d13bc4d60246.jpg

Related image

So these are the Tips & Tricks to get free stuffs online in India.
Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful :-)

Ghazala Naseem

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