Thursday 22 December 2016

Introduction to Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce one more brand to my readers & friends , it's Odiva .

About the brand
Odiva is a brand which offers some great products like Gel Finish Nail Polish , Nail polish remover wipes , After shave wipes etc .
They make their products from safe ingredients which are free from chemicals and are of good quality .

Few days back I got a chance to try and review some of their products and so I am sharing my experience with Odiva products in this post .

The products I received 

1.  Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish in shade PASSION  PINK  008
2.Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish in shade SAINT D'OR  027
3.Odiva Nail Enamel Remover Wipes 
4.Odiva After Shave Wipes 

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish PASSION PINK
This is a lovely pink shade , too Gorgeous  and perfect to create a party look or do some Nail Art :-) 
Price Rs 300 for 11 ml .
Shelf Life 3 years .

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish SAINT D'OR 
This is an Ash color nail paint , this is good for daily wear , looks Sober & Sophisticated .
Price Rs 300 for 11 ml
Shelf Life  3 years .

Odiva Nail Enamel Remover Wipes 
This is a type of wipe to remove nail paint .
This is an Excellent Product from this brand .
For me it's a new product as earlier I used to remove Nail Paints with cotton balls & nail polish removers from some brand .
This is the first time I am using such product and its very good and useful .
One can easily remove nail paints using these wipes without any fuss .
Each wipe is individually packed in a sachet and its travel friendly .
The best part is it's Acetone Free (that means no harsh chemicals in it ) .

Price : Rs 65 for 5 sachets
Shelf life - 18 months .

Pros of products from Odiva 
1. Odiva Products are free from chemicals like Parabens , Acetone , Camphor etc .
2. No strong smell .
3.  Nail Polish gives a Smooth Gel finish look.
4.  Nail Polish dries quickly , I have used  nail polish from other brands but I found this one better than others as it dries quickly with in few minutes .
5.Nail Polish has good quality brush .
6. The nail polish does not chips unevenly .
7.The Wipe is an excellent product using which one can remove nail paints easily .

1.Availability might be an issue as it's available only on online stores .
2.Price may seem bit more than Nail Polish from other brands but it's Okay if we consider the fact that they are chemical free and are of Excellent Quality . 

My Experience with Odiva Products 
I loved it's products both the Nail Paints & Nail Paint Remover Wipes .
The nail paint gives a smooth glossy look which seems too gorgeous , no strong smell , no chapping makes it a Must Try One .
And the nail paint wipes is a useful product which has a travel friendly pack .

One can buy these products from online store like , ,  or check their facebook page .

(*PR Sample ) 

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