Monday 27 February 2017

Lip Care Revolution With Matra Lip Balms

Hello My friends
Today I am going to Introduce a Newly launched Lip Balm in Indian market , a Revolution in Lip Care with Matra Lip Balms .

About the brand
Matra is a Luxuriously Natural skin care brand which offers pure , non toxic skin care products like Lip Balms.
Their products are prepared in enviornmentally friendly manner . Their products are Cruelty free , Not tested on animals .
Their Lip Balms are 100 % natural and contains Vitamin A, C , E .

About the products 
I got a chance to try all the three variants of Matra Lip Balm .
I am quite happy  to try these lip balms  as I prefer Natural products.
And these are natural ones , free from harsh chemicals and preservatives .
And Lip Balm is an essential product in our skin care routine . 

1. Matra Lip balm Vanilla Ice 
This vanilla Ice variant is infused with Morrocan Gold and has SPF .
It moisturizes and soothes the Lips and protects from harsh sun rays .
It's a Statement Lip Balm with a mix of Hot vanilla and Cool Mint :-) 
It's light blue in color .

2.Matra Lip Balm Strawberry Salve 
This Lip balms is filled with essence of fresh Starwberries .
It soothes the lips and provides Complete Lip Care . 
It looks pretty with a light pink color .

3. Matra Lip Balm Kiwi 
This Lip Balm has Flavor of Kiwi Fruit  and Looks Great with a Green color .

Price : Rs 199 for one .

The Key ingredients in these Lip Balms are 
Castor Oil 
Bees Wax
Shea Butter 
Almond Oil 
Argan Oil 
Carrot Seed Oil
Lavender Oil 
Jojoba Oil 
Vitamin A, C , E 

Product packaging is good . These Lip Balms come in a black Sleek packaging with the font color as the shade indicator . It's a Travel Friendly pack . 

Pros :
1. Made from natural ingredients .
2. Free of harsh chemicals and preservatives .
3. Free of Paraben .
4. Long Staying power .
5. Available in 3 Exotic variants .
6. Contains Vitamin A , C , E .
7. Cute Packaging & Travel Friendly pack .
8. Has SPF so protect the lips from harsh sun rays .
9. Moisturizes the lips .
10 . Heals cracked and chapped lips .
11. Suitable for all skin type  .
12. Affordable Price .

Cons :
1. These Lip Balms are not Tinted , so we do not get any color as it happens in case of few lip balms  from other brands .
2. Availability might be an issue as it's a new product in market , so available only on online stores right now .

My Experience with the products 
I am using these lip balms past one week and I liked it .
The product does it's work well of moisturizing the lips .
Staying Power is 2-3 hours in Day time & around 10-12 hours at Night :-) 
During the day time when we eat & drink , the lip balm stays only for 2-3 hours , one needs to reapply again .
It's ideal for a Night Skin care Routine as it stays for a long period of time , around 10-12 hours or we can say Overnight .
Over all I liked these lip balms as they do their work well and with an affordable price , cute packaging and all natural ingredients  , they are worth trying .
The only thing I wish that these were tinted so that it looks  good on Lips :-) 

IBB Rating : 4.5 /5 

one can check these products at their site 

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Thursday 23 February 2017

My First Blog sale -- Buy products at good Discounts

Hello Every One
Today I am going to start my first Blog sale .

This blog sale is open for residents of India and Mode of Payment will be either Paytm or Amazon Gift card .

All the product are New , Never Used or tested .
I am selling at some discount ( Price less than MRP ) .
Shipping is Free ( One needs to pay only the discounted price ) .
The reason why I am selling these products is , I have too many products and I am not going to use them all , so thought of doing a blog sale .
All products have sufficient shelf life .

The products are :
1. Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub - 100 gms 
DOM --04/16
MRP-- Rs 845 
Offer Price -- Rs 500 

2.BBlunt High Defination Curl Leave in Cream -- 150 gms 
MRP --Rs 550 
Offer Price --Rs 400 

3 . Palmer's Cocoa Butter Bust Cream 
MRP -- Rs 570 
Offer Price -- Rs 400

4. Seba Med Feminine Intimate Wash 200 ML 
DOM -- 01/16 
DOE --01 /19 
MRP -- Rs 650 
Offer Price -- Rs 450 

5.Sugar Cosmetics Stroke of Genius Kohl ( 01 Black to Black) [ SOLD ]
DOM-- 03/16
DOE-- 03/19
MRP -- Rs 499
Comes with a Sharpner worth Rs 100 

Offer price (for both ) -- Rs 400 

 6.Oriflame The One Gel Eye Liner Pencil  [SOLD ]

MRP --Rs 400 
Offer Price --Rs 300 

7. L.A Girl Pro Conceal 
High Defination Concealer 

MRP -- Rs 590 
Offer Price -- Rs 400 

8. The Green Meadows Lip Butter 15 ML 
( I got this in My Envy Box ) 
MRP -- Rs 400 
Offer Price -- Rs 300 

So these are the products for sale .
 Since this is my first Blog sale , I am too excited :-) 
I am keeping shipping charges free , I will bear the shipping cost .
If any one want to know more about any product then can ask me in the comment section , or if any one want's some more pics of these products that also I will do .
Payment will be either by Paytm or Gift card which ever is easier for buyer .

* Products once sold will not be returned or exchanged .
*People placing order and then cancelling or creating troubles will be  BANNED  from all future Blog Sales & Giveaways .
* I will ship the product once payment is confirmed .
( It might take a week or 10 days for the product to reach the destination) 

For placing order :
1. Send me a mail at 
2. Send a message at facebook page of my blog 

Hope You all Like this post and found it useful :-) 

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Review of Fclin Shampoo from Ethicare Remedies

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review a shampoo from  brand Ethicare Remedies .
Review of Fclin Shampoo - a  SLS & Paraben  free product.

About the product
Fclin shampoo is a  mild shampoo which is SLS , Paraben , Pthalates free product .
It is specially designed for clogged follicles of hairs , as it unclogs the follicles and hydrates the dry , damaged hairs . It reduces the formation of split ends , Nourishes and Conditions the hairs .

Ingredients : D - Panthanol 
Price : Rs 190 for 100 ml 
Shelf Life  : 2 years 

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is good , the shampoo comes in a tube from which small amount of it can be easily squeezed out and used .

The shampoo is in form of  colorless liquid , its bit runny in consistency , so one needs to be careful while taking out or else more amount of it will come out .

Pros :
1. Does not contains harmful chemicals like Parabens , Pthalates  , SLS etc .
2. Dermatologically tested product  , suitable for all hair type .
3. It Unclogs the clogged pores .
4. Thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair .
5. Make the hair soft and Silky .
6 . Product Packaging is good .
7. Affordable Price .
8. Clean and conditions the dry and damaged hairs .
9. It can be used in any season .
10 . Helps to control Frizz . 
11. It reduces the formation of split ends . 

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores  .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this shampoo and I really liked it too much .
Because of winter , I was having lots of  hair problems like dandruff , dry & rough hairs etc .
After using this shampoo , my hairs are looking better than before .
After the first wash itself I felt the difference , dandruff  was reduced a lot and my scalp looked more clean as compared to when I was using shampoo from other brand .
The texture of hair also seemed better than before .
So it really worked and suited my hair and could reduce some of my hair problems :-) 

It's main ingredient is D-Panthanol , which is a form of  Pro Vitamin B5 , which has the property of easily penetrating hair and skin and has good moisturizing and softening properties , improves the irritated skin and rejuvinates the hair and skin :-) 

So one can Imagine that a product with D pantahnol will be so good for hairs :-) 

 Would definitely Recommend this Shampoo to others specially for those who are facing dandruff problems .

IBB Rating --4.8/5 

One can check this product at their website 

(* Won this product in their facebook contest  ) 

Monday 20 February 2017

Ecotique Saffron Body Oil Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from brand Ecotique .
Review of Ecotique saffron Body Oil .

About the product
Ecotique saffron Body Oil is an oil infused with saffrons which acts as antioxidants .
This oil helps to reduce signs of ageing , acne , blemishes etc .
Is a blend of various oils and saffron .


Price :  Rs 649 for 50 ml 
Shelf Life : 2 years 

Product packaging is Excellent .
The oil comes in a good quality plastic bottle with a nozzle at the top from which small quantity of oil can be easily taken out and applied on body .
The pack is travel friendly too .

Pros :
1. Contains natural ingredients like saffron .
2. Free of parabens , Sulfates , Glycol .
3. Free of artificial fragrance .
4. Not tested on animals .
5. Excellent & Classy packaging .
6. Travel friendly pack .
7. Moisturizing power is good .
8. Gets completely absorbed in the skin without making the skin look oily .
9. Has natural fragrance which stays for a good period of time . 
10. Saffron helps to brighten the complexion and also protects from Sun damage so this oil also acts as Sunscreen .

Cons :
Bit Expensive 

What the product claims 
The product claims to reduce signs of ageing , blemishes , acne .
To lighten the skin tone as saffron brightens the complexion .
Protects the skin from sun damage .
Makes the skin soft & supple .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this oil past  few days .
It's a good product .
One needs to apply small quantity of oil on face and body after a shower or bath .
It moisturizes the skin and staying power is around 4-5 hours .
It gets completely absorbed in the skin and the good part is skin does not looks or feel Oily :-)
Has a wonderful fragrance ( similar to smell of saffron ) and the fragrance stays for a good period of time . The fragrance is good enough to uplift one's mood and one feels better :-)
It also  makes skin soft & supple . 

I would brand this Oil as an Exotic  Skin Care Product , for one who wish to pamper themselves with some great products :-)

IBB Rating -- 4.6 /5

One can check this product and other Ecotique products at their  website 

(* Won this product in a Giveaway ) 

Friday 17 February 2017

Ecotique Saffron Glow Soap Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from brand Ecotique .
Review of Ecotique Saffron Glow soap .

About The Brand
Ecotique is a brand that offers natural skin care products like soaps , moisturizers , Body Oils , Scrubs , face packs etc . They use natural ingredients to prepare their products and their products are free from Parabens , Sulfates , Silicones  .

About the product
Ecotique saffron Glow Soap is a Hand made soap with goodness of saffron & glycerin.
It's enriched with some natural oils which is good for skin .


Price & Shelf Life 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is Okay , It comes in Plastic sheet , with a paper on it , on which all product details are given .

How the soap Look like 
After opening the pack , the soap looks like this :-) 
It's a Bright Yellow color soap , similar to glycerin soaps , with lots of saffron in it .

Pros :
1. Goodness of Saffron & Glycerin , both of which are good for skin .
2.Free of Sulfates , Parabens , Glycol etc .
3. Free of artificial fragrance . 
4. Has a nice fragrance which stays for a long period of time .
5.Does not makes the skin dry like ordinary soaps as it contains glycerin & some oils.

Cons :
Bit Expensive 

What the Brand Claims 
The brand claims that this soap helps to brighten & lighten the complexion  while cleansing away pore deep impurities. It also fades away pigmentation marks , blemishes , sun spots etc . It heals & rejuvenates the skin giving fairer and flawless complexion . 

My experience with the product 
I am using this soap past few days , it's good .
It has a nice fragrance and it lathers well .
It does it work of cleansing the skin thoroughly , removing all dirt & impurities from skin.
It does not makes the skin dry like ordinary soaps .
One feels fresh after using this soap . 

IBB Rating -- 4.5 /5 

One can check Ecotique products from their site 

(* Won this Product in a Giveaway ) 

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Review of Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies

Hello Every One
I am Back with One more review of  Mama Earth Baby Care Product.
Today I am going to review a Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies from this brand .

As I have written in my previous reviews , Mama Earth is Asia's 1st Made Safe Certified brand .
They have various products in Baby care range , some of which I have already reviewed .
This product is  a Sunscreen for babies , which is Mineral based and  it's a good product.
In fact a Unique Product as before this I never heard of Sunscreen for babies .

About the product 
Mama Earth sunscreen for babies is a  sunscreen cream with SPF20 .
It is a non greasy , non allergenic dermatologically tested product which is safe for sensitive skin .


Shelf Life & Price 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent .
The products comes in a good quality bottle with a nozzle at the top from which small quantity of product can be easily taken out , so no wastage .
Product packaging is Cute , Ideal for a baby product .

1. Does not contains any harsh chemicals.
2. Free of parabens , Sulfates .
3. Dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin .
4. Non Greasy .
5. Has SPF 20+
6. Product Packaging is good and is Travel Friendly .
7. Free of synthetic fragrance .
8. Free of Petroleum derivatives & dyes .
9. Contains goodness of almond oil , olive oil , Shea butter and Calendula extract .
10. Protects the skin form getting tanned or dry .


My Experience with the product 
My kids are using this sunscreen cream past one week and they liked it .
It has a nice fragrance .
It's a white cream with thick texture and it easily gets blended in the skin , completely moisturizing the skin and leaving a nice fragrance .
So it acts a moisturizer too :-)

One needs to apply this  before going out in sun and it's effect lasts for around 2 hours .

Would surely recommend this to others as Babies skin are sensitive and they also need protection from harsh sun rays , so a sunscreen for babies is a Must in Indian climate .

IBB Rating :  4.7 /5 

One can the product at their site 

One can buy this product from online stores like , , etc .

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Sunday 12 February 2017

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit With Pearls Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from brand Olivia .

About the product
Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit with Pearls is a facial kit with five products using which one can do facial at home .

Price of this entire kit is  Rs 1500 
Shelf Life  2 years 
Product packaging is good .
There is big cardboard box inside which all the five products are packed nicely , no leakage or any other issues .
Upon opening it looks like this :

On the flip all the product information is given along with step by step method to follow to do the facial .
The products it contains are :

Olivia Pearl Cleanser 

It's a White Gel with nice fragrance .
This contains Pure pearl Bhasma (powder) with vitamin B3.
It opens and cleanses the clogged pores and removes dirt from skin .

Olivia Pearl Face Scrub 

This is a scrub which contains Pearl Bhasma and Vitamin B and it helps to remove blackheads and dead cells from skin . Its white in color and has scrub particles in it .

Olivia Pearl Massage cream 

This is a massage cream with Vitamin E , Vitamin B3 , B5 and Peral Bhasma .
It nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated .
Its a white cream with thick texture .

Olivia Pearl face pack 

This is face pack with pearl Bhasma and Vitamin B3 and it helps to moisturize and tighten the skin .
This is light yellow in color and seems similar to mud packs .

Olivia Pearl Whitening Serum 

This serum is enriched with lightening agents and helps in skin whitening and conditioning .
It acts an antioxidant .
This is a white serum with thick consistency .

Steps for Facial 
1. After washing and cleaning face one needs to use the Pearl Cleanser first .
One needs to apply a little of it on face and neck and massage it in a circular motion for about 5 minutes , then one needs to wipe it off with a moist cotton .
2. Then one needs to use the face  scrub.
One needs to apply a little of face scrub on face and move it in a circular motion for about 10 minutes specially the nose area to remove blackheads . Then wipe it off with a moist cotton .It exfoliates the skin and makes it softer .
3. After this one needs to apply the massage cream on face and massage it in a circular motion for about 10-15 minutes . This cream nourishes and vitalizes the skin .
4. After the third step one needs to apply the face pack and leave it for 15-20 minutes on face and neck . Ones it dries  one needs to wash it off or wipe it off with a moist cotton .
5. In the last step one needs to apply a drop of serum and blend it well on face .

So this way Home facial can be done using this Olivia Pearl facial Kit :-) 

My experience with the kit 
I have used this Kit once and its good .
One can easily follow the steps and do facial at home .
Price of this kit may seem bit high but considering the fact that  one needs small amounts of each product to do a single facial , so using this kit one can do facials many times , around 8-10 times , so its  economical as compared to facial done at Beauty parlors where a single sitting costs around  Rs 500 -800 .

Pros :
1. Product Packaging is good .
2.Its Economical .
3. One can easily follow the steps and do facial at home .
4. All products are good  and do what they claim .
5.Quantity of products are sufficient for doing many facials . 

Cons : 
This is not a herbal or organic product , it does contains some chemicals including Parabens , so not for those who look for Paraben free products .

One can buy  Olivia products from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart etc . 

One can check their website here 

One can buy this product from 

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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Introducing Mama Earth Baby Essential Kit

Hello Every One
In today's post I am going to introduce Mama Earth Baby Essential Kit .
I have already reviewed mama earth products , one can check here :

1.Mama Earth Soothing Massage Oil Review
Massage Oil Review

2. Mama Earth Gentle Cleansing Baby Shampoo
Baby Shampoo Review

About the Brand
Mama Earth is Asia's 1st Made Safe Certified brand .
Started by Couple  Varun Alagh  & Ghazal Alagh , it's a brand by parents and for parents who want  to use toxin & chemical free products for their kids .
Their products go through all safety tests to ensure that  toxin free product reach kids .
They use natural ingredients to prepare their products , most of which are plant based like Coconut oil , Aloe Vera gel , Jojoba Oil , Shea Butter etc.

About the Baby Essential Kit
Mama Earth Baby Essential Kit is a Cute Little Kit with four Mama earth products .
It contains travel size packs of Baby Shampoo , Body wash , Massage Oil  , Baby Lotion .
It's a small pouch which can be easily carried in Hand bag or purse and contains all necessary Bath & Body  essentials  for small kids.
Product packaging of these products are great and attractive and  has some cute animal images on it .

Mama Earth  Gentle Cleansing Baby Shampoo 
It's a Tear free shampoo which has a coconut based  cleanser .
It also Lavender Essential  oil and is free of Sulfates , Parabens and all harmful chemicals .
It's a mild shampoo which thoroughly cleanses  scalp and hair .
The best part is it does not irritates eyes .
Price Rs 299 for 200 ml.

Mama Earth Soothing Massage Oil 
It's a Natural blend of Pure Olive Oil , Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil . Also Contains Cold Pressed Sesame Oil . Does not contains any lipids , Parabens , Sulfates , Mineral Oil , Synthetic fragrance .
Gets easily absorbed in skin and nourishes the skin .
A good massage is essential for small kids as it helps them to get good sleep .
And doing massage with an excellent oil like Mama earth massage oil is great & relaxing :-) 
Price Rs 299 for 100 ml.

Mama Earth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash 
It's a Coconut based cleanser with Aloe Vera , Orange essential oils .
It cleanses the skin and keeps it soft and nourished .
Does not contains any Mineral oil , Sulfates or synthetic fragrance .
Price Rs 299 for 200 ml.

Mama Earth Moisturizing Daily Lotion 
Its an Excellent product which contains Shea Butter , Jojoba Oil , Almond Oil , Aloe Vera Extract , Calendula Extract .
It's a light weight moisturizer which protects the skin from dryness and gives a Velvety touch .
Price Rs 299 for 200 ml.

So these were the products I got in Travel Kit , all excellent products with good packaging and great ingredients . 
I am using these products for my kids and I like them all  , would recommend these to others so that they can also try Toxin free Natural Products for their kids . 
One can buy this kit at a price of  Rs 399. 
One can buy these products from online stores like , , etc .

One can check their website here to know more about the brand and it's products 

(*PR Sample But Honest Review ) 

Sunday 5 February 2017

Website Review and Shopping Experience With Myiconichome.Com

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do website review of an online store  and will share my shopping experience with this site .

About the store is an online store for all home and decor products .
One can find wide range of products like Furniture , Bed & Bath , Lamp & Lighting , Home & Kitchen etc .
They deliver their products all over India covering around 10,000 pin codes .
One can do payment via various options like Credit card , Debit card , Net banking and even Cash on Delivery facility is available .
They even provide EMI options to their customers .

One can check the site here for  Amazing Home Decor Collections Online

My Shopping Experience & Haul from myiconichome 
I do lots of online shopping including home & decor products , brought bed sheets and wall papers from various online stores earlier .
When I saw this site , I liked its wide range of products , all in affordable range .
I wanted to buy some bed sheets & towels  and it's collection was amazing .
So after browsing for some time , I placed my order with three products , two double bed sheets  and one towel .
I got my parcel with in 3-4 days of placing order which was great as usually most of the online stores take around 7-10 days to deliver the products .
Products were nicely packed and there was no damage or any other problem .
I am satisfied with the products I got , all in good condition and the most important thing is all are of good quality ( which is one of the most important aspect in online shopping as many a times quality of products are not good ).

My order consist of three products 
1.Digital Printed floral cotton double bed sheet Pink color .
2. Digital printed floral  cotton  double bed sheet blue color.
3.Welhouse India Bath Towel.

These bed sheets were priced at Rs 999 but because of the sale I got it at  Rs 599 and it's a good deal .
Quality of cloth is also good .

The towel was priced  Rs 649 but I got it at Rs 349 because of the ongoing sale :-) 

What I liked about this site 
1. Good quality products at affordable range .
2. Wide range of products to choose from .
3. Quick Delivery .
4. Good packaging .
5.Various Payments options available including COD .
6.Easy returns .
7. Good discounts and deals .

Right now some great discounts and promotions are going on at so one can buy products at upto 50 % off :-) 

They have amazing collection of Mattress like 
Spring Mattress 
Coir Mattress 
Foam Mattress 
Therapeutic mattress 

So is one of the Best Place to buy mattress online India

There were many more products which I wanted to buy but were Out of Stock { because of the ongoing sale :-) }
Do check the sale here 

So do visit the site and write your opinion about the site and it's products in the comment section below . 

(* Sponsored post but honest review as always )