Monday 20 February 2017

Ecotique Saffron Body Oil Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review one more product from brand Ecotique .
Review of Ecotique saffron Body Oil .

About the product
Ecotique saffron Body Oil is an oil infused with saffrons which acts as antioxidants .
This oil helps to reduce signs of ageing , acne , blemishes etc .
Is a blend of various oils and saffron .


Price :  Rs 649 for 50 ml 
Shelf Life : 2 years 

Product packaging is Excellent .
The oil comes in a good quality plastic bottle with a nozzle at the top from which small quantity of oil can be easily taken out and applied on body .
The pack is travel friendly too .

Pros :
1. Contains natural ingredients like saffron .
2. Free of parabens , Sulfates , Glycol .
3. Free of artificial fragrance .
4. Not tested on animals .
5. Excellent & Classy packaging .
6. Travel friendly pack .
7. Moisturizing power is good .
8. Gets completely absorbed in the skin without making the skin look oily .
9. Has natural fragrance which stays for a good period of time . 
10. Saffron helps to brighten the complexion and also protects from Sun damage so this oil also acts as Sunscreen .

Cons :
Bit Expensive 

What the product claims 
The product claims to reduce signs of ageing , blemishes , acne .
To lighten the skin tone as saffron brightens the complexion .
Protects the skin from sun damage .
Makes the skin soft & supple .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this oil past  few days .
It's a good product .
One needs to apply small quantity of oil on face and body after a shower or bath .
It moisturizes the skin and staying power is around 4-5 hours .
It gets completely absorbed in the skin and the good part is skin does not looks or feel Oily :-)
Has a wonderful fragrance ( similar to smell of saffron ) and the fragrance stays for a good period of time . The fragrance is good enough to uplift one's mood and one feels better :-)
It also  makes skin soft & supple . 

I would brand this Oil as an Exotic  Skin Care Product , for one who wish to pamper themselves with some great products :-)

IBB Rating -- 4.6 /5

One can check this product and other Ecotique products at their  website 

(* Won this product in a Giveaway ) 

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