Monday 27 February 2017

Lip Care Revolution With Matra Lip Balms

Hello My friends
Today I am going to Introduce a Newly launched Lip Balm in Indian market , a Revolution in Lip Care with Matra Lip Balms .

About the brand
Matra is a Luxuriously Natural skin care brand which offers pure , non toxic skin care products like Lip Balms.
Their products are prepared in enviornmentally friendly manner . Their products are Cruelty free , Not tested on animals .
Their Lip Balms are 100 % natural and contains Vitamin A, C , E .

About the products 
I got a chance to try all the three variants of Matra Lip Balm .
I am quite happy  to try these lip balms  as I prefer Natural products.
And these are natural ones , free from harsh chemicals and preservatives .
And Lip Balm is an essential product in our skin care routine . 

1. Matra Lip balm Vanilla Ice 
This vanilla Ice variant is infused with Morrocan Gold and has SPF .
It moisturizes and soothes the Lips and protects from harsh sun rays .
It's a Statement Lip Balm with a mix of Hot vanilla and Cool Mint :-) 
It's light blue in color .

2.Matra Lip Balm Strawberry Salve 
This Lip balms is filled with essence of fresh Starwberries .
It soothes the lips and provides Complete Lip Care . 
It looks pretty with a light pink color .

3. Matra Lip Balm Kiwi 
This Lip Balm has Flavor of Kiwi Fruit  and Looks Great with a Green color .

Price : Rs 199 for one .

The Key ingredients in these Lip Balms are 
Castor Oil 
Bees Wax
Shea Butter 
Almond Oil 
Argan Oil 
Carrot Seed Oil
Lavender Oil 
Jojoba Oil 
Vitamin A, C , E 

Product packaging is good . These Lip Balms come in a black Sleek packaging with the font color as the shade indicator . It's a Travel Friendly pack . 

Pros :
1. Made from natural ingredients .
2. Free of harsh chemicals and preservatives .
3. Free of Paraben .
4. Long Staying power .
5. Available in 3 Exotic variants .
6. Contains Vitamin A , C , E .
7. Cute Packaging & Travel Friendly pack .
8. Has SPF so protect the lips from harsh sun rays .
9. Moisturizes the lips .
10 . Heals cracked and chapped lips .
11. Suitable for all skin type  .
12. Affordable Price .

Cons :
1. These Lip Balms are not Tinted , so we do not get any color as it happens in case of few lip balms  from other brands .
2. Availability might be an issue as it's a new product in market , so available only on online stores right now .

My Experience with the products 
I am using these lip balms past one week and I liked it .
The product does it's work well of moisturizing the lips .
Staying Power is 2-3 hours in Day time & around 10-12 hours at Night :-) 
During the day time when we eat & drink , the lip balm stays only for 2-3 hours , one needs to reapply again .
It's ideal for a Night Skin care Routine as it stays for a long period of time , around 10-12 hours or we can say Overnight .
Over all I liked these lip balms as they do their work well and with an affordable price , cute packaging and all natural ingredients  , they are worth trying .
The only thing I wish that these were tinted so that it looks  good on Lips :-) 

IBB Rating : 4.5 /5 

one can check these products at their site 

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