Wednesday 22 February 2017

Review of Fclin Shampoo from Ethicare Remedies

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review a shampoo from  brand Ethicare Remedies .
Review of Fclin Shampoo - a  SLS & Paraben  free product.

About the product
Fclin shampoo is a  mild shampoo which is SLS , Paraben , Pthalates free product .
It is specially designed for clogged follicles of hairs , as it unclogs the follicles and hydrates the dry , damaged hairs . It reduces the formation of split ends , Nourishes and Conditions the hairs .

Ingredients : D - Panthanol 
Price : Rs 190 for 100 ml 
Shelf Life  : 2 years 

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is good , the shampoo comes in a tube from which small amount of it can be easily squeezed out and used .

The shampoo is in form of  colorless liquid , its bit runny in consistency , so one needs to be careful while taking out or else more amount of it will come out .

Pros :
1. Does not contains harmful chemicals like Parabens , Pthalates  , SLS etc .
2. Dermatologically tested product  , suitable for all hair type .
3. It Unclogs the clogged pores .
4. Thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair .
5. Make the hair soft and Silky .
6 . Product Packaging is good .
7. Affordable Price .
8. Clean and conditions the dry and damaged hairs .
9. It can be used in any season .
10 . Helps to control Frizz . 
11. It reduces the formation of split ends . 

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores  .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this shampoo and I really liked it too much .
Because of winter , I was having lots of  hair problems like dandruff , dry & rough hairs etc .
After using this shampoo , my hairs are looking better than before .
After the first wash itself I felt the difference , dandruff  was reduced a lot and my scalp looked more clean as compared to when I was using shampoo from other brand .
The texture of hair also seemed better than before .
So it really worked and suited my hair and could reduce some of my hair problems :-) 

It's main ingredient is D-Panthanol , which is a form of  Pro Vitamin B5 , which has the property of easily penetrating hair and skin and has good moisturizing and softening properties , improves the irritated skin and rejuvinates the hair and skin :-) 

So one can Imagine that a product with D pantahnol will be so good for hairs :-) 

 Would definitely Recommend this Shampoo to others specially for those who are facing dandruff problems .

IBB Rating --4.8/5 

One can check this product at their website 

(* Won this product in their facebook contest  ) 

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