Friday 24 March 2017

Mama Earth Natural Insect Repellent Review

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Back with one more interesting review of a Mama Earth product .
It's Natural Insect Repellent Review .

Mama Earth is Asia's 1st Made safe brand .
All its products are toxin free and chemical free , made from natural ingredients .
I have used several products from this brand , all are good .
This one is also good .

About the product
This Natural Insect Repellent is a 100% Natural product which is Deet Free and is a blend of essential repellent oils like Peppermint , Castor , Eucalyptus etc .
It's safe to use even for small kids and infants .

Earlier the Mosquito repellent were not Deet Free.
Deet is a synthetic chemical and a powerful solvent which gets absorbed through skin , so was not advisable to use for small Kids under the age of 12 . And products with Deet has an unpleasant smell.

But this Mama Earth Mosquito Repellent is Deet free , so safe for kids and also it has a nice lemony fragrance which Kids would love to have :-)

Cold pressed Soyabean Oil 
Cold pressed Castor Oil 
Cedar Oil 
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil 
Peppermint Oil 
Purified Water 

Price and Shelf Life 
Price is Rs 299 for 100 ml 
Shelf Life is 2 years 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent .
It is similar to other mama earth products like Gentle Massage oil & Sunscreen Lotion .
The product comes in a good quality bottle with a nozzle at the top from which product can be easily taken out , so no wastage of product .
It's Travel friendly too , can be easily carried in bag or purse .

Pros :
1. A toxin free & Chemical free product .
2. Does not contains parabens or sulfates .
3. Product packaging is good and travel friendly .
4.Deet Free product .
5.Safe to apply on babies skin .
6.Is an effective product , helps to keep away mosquito's .
7. Has a Nice Lemony Fragrance .

Cons :
Non availability in Local market ( as available only on online stores )

My Experience With the Product 
I tried this product myself before giving it to my kids .
It a liquid with a nice lemony fragrance ( which is excellent as Insect Repellent from other brands which I had used had a very bad smell ) 
It's quite easy to apply this on skin , one needs to apply this on exposed area's like hands and feet , I avoided face and neck area .
It's an effective one as it was able to keep mosquito's away :-)
So after trying myself  I  asked my Kids to use it in the evening when they go out to play .

Would surely Recommend this to others as its a good product in affordable range , the best part is it does what it claims and it's a toxin free and safe product .

The only thing one needs to be careful about this product is this should not be applied on cut's , wounds or irritated skin or else it can cause problem .

Though Meant for Kids & Infants but is effective on elders too as I am using it :-) 

One can check this product at Online stores like , & .

One can check Mama Earth Website to know more about their products 

IBB Rating --4.8/5

(* PR Sample ) 

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