Sunday 19 March 2017

Smart Snacking Plans with SnackExpert

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do website review of a site which provides Healthy Snacks .
It's Snackexperts.Com .

About the site
Snackexperts   is a site where one can find various healthy snacking options .
Their snacks are of good quality , free of chemicals and harmful preservatives and are delicious :-)
They deliver their products all over India and they have various plans like :

1.Trial Box
It costs only Rs 150 and contains 3 Pouches of 50 gms each , so one gets 3 delicious snack packet at an affordable price .

2.Standard Box
It costs Rs 699 and it has 5 standard snack pouches of 150gms each . One can choose and select the snacks they want according to their taste and like.

3.Smart Snacker
It costs Rs 1799 for 3 boxes .
Snacks can be chosen from 50 + options .
With this box one also gets free #ichoosehealth goodies worth Rs 300.

So one can choose their plan and discover some great snacks at an affordable price at this site .

I got my Snack Box last week .
This is how it looks :

Packaging is good . All the snacks are in a good card board box , which can also be used to store some other stuffs .

Upon opening the box :

All the snacks were packed in Zip Lock pouch which is very good and easy to use .

It had 5 delicious snacks .

1.Old fashioned Nut Mix 
It's a mix of roasted peanuts , cashews and  nuts .
I loved it's taste .
2.Red Rice Crispies 
Its a type of healthy Murukku 
3.Chocolate Flapjack 
It's made from Jaggery , oats etc , it also tastes good .
4.Honey Roasted cashews 
Roasted cashew with honey tastes heavenly .
5. Chocolate Brownies 
It's like chocolate cake but the good part is it's made from Wheat flour and not white flour so its healthy .

What I liked about this site and these snacks
1.They have various healthy snacking options . One can choose according to their taste and budget .
2. All the snacks are healthy made from healthy options like wheat flour , Jaggery , nuts etc
3.They do  not use artificial colors or preservatives in their snacks .
4.Their snacks are free from artificial sugars , hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers , chemicals & transfats .
5. All snacks are fresh and well packed in Zip Lock pouches so after eating a little one can store them easily in the same pouch .
6.Placing order at the site is quite easy and they have various payment option including COD( Cash on Delivery ).

We all know that healthy snacking is very important as it helps to maintain weight , also helps to maintain blood sugar level  normal , increases energy for a long period of time .
The snacks available at super stores and grocery stores are not healthy as these products have lots of artificial colors , flavors and preservatives added to it which is very bad in long run as they can cause health problems , also increases weight .So one should always look for healthy snacking options which are good for health .

So would recommend all to visit the site once and have a look on variety of healthy snacks available there .
One can check the site here

IBB Rating -- 4.8/5

(* PR Samples )

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