Tuesday 7 March 2017

Spinz Eau De Parfum Bloom Review

Hello Every One
Today I will Review a Perfume from an Old and Famous brand Spinz .

Spinz is a famous brand in Indian market from the house of  Cavin kare .
It has several products to offer like Spinz Perfumes , Spinz Talc , Spinz Deodorant etc.
Again Spinz Perfumes  are available in various Fragrance .
The one I got is Spinz Eau De Parfum Bloom , It  has mild floral fragrance .
A Perfect Gift for a Girl or Woman to make her feel like a Princess :-)

The Product Packaging is good .
It's a  glass bottle with a good look .
The packaging looks Classy .

Price and shelf Life 

Pros :
1. Nice Mild Floral  Fragrance .
2. Cute packaging .
3. Affordable price .
4. Good shelf life .
5. Easily available every where , on online stores and at retail shops .

Cons :
Could not find any :-) 

My Experience with  the product 
I have used some Spinz Pocket Perfume during my college days and was a Fan of it because of it's Lovely Fragrance and Pocket Friendly Price :-)
So when got this  Perfume in my mail last week was Over joyed and happy as it reminded me of some good old memories :-) 
I am using this perfume and I really liked it .
It has a nice mild fragrance similar to smell of citrus, flower  and soft wood,which stays for around 3-4 hours .
I  like perfumes like this which has nice mild fragrance , do not like the ones which have very strong fragrance as it can cause headache and also one feels like being with an artificial Smell .
Where as mild floral fragrance seems natural .

Would recommend others to give it a try as it's a good product in affordable range .

IBB Rating -- 4.8 / 5

One can check this product and other Spinz products at online stores like Amazon or Flipkart .

( * PR Sample ) 

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