Thursday 6 April 2017

Green Bliss Aloe Vera Soap Review

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Back with one more review from Brand Green Bliss .
It's Aloe Vera Soap Review .

Green Bliss is an Indian brand  which offers Natural and Organic products in Skin care , Hair Care & Bath and Body Range .

Few days back I have done the  review of its Aloe Vera Face wash which is an excellent product .
One can read the review here   Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

About the product
This Aloe Vera Soap from Green Bliss is an excellent product with goodness of Aloe vera which is so good for skin . It rejuvenates the skin and makes it bright and beautiful .

Aloe Vera 
Vegetable Oil 

Price : Rs 160 for 75 gms 

Shelf Life : Not Mentioned 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is quite simple , the soap comes wrapped in a transparent plastic cover .
Could have been better , I like the ones which are wrapped in Eco - Friendly Papers .

Pros :
1. A Natural product without any harmful chemicals .
2. Has goodness of aloe vera which is so good for skin .
3.Suitable for all skin type .
4. Does not makes the skin dry like ordinary soaps .
5. Does not melts fast .
6. Has a nice refreshing fragrance .
7. Lathers well and cleanses well .
8. Economically priced as Natural and organic soaps from other brands are quite expensive .
9. Not tested on animals so cruelty free .
10. It's free of parabens , sulfates , artificial colors and preservatives .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores , yet to reach local market .
2. Ingredient List & Shelf  life not mentioned on the pack or website .

What the product Claims :
The product claims  to rejuvenate the skin , combat signs of ageing , make the skin bright and beautiful .

My Experience with the product :
I am using this soap past one month and I really Liked it .
I like products  with Aloe Vera as they are really good for skin .
Can be used through out the year .
The soap has nice refreshing fragrance and it lathers well . 
Completely cleanses the skin and the best part is does not makes skin dry .

So with goodness of aloe vera and an affordable price it's a Must Try one :-) 

IBB Rating --4.5 /5 

One can check this product at their website 

One can also buy this soap from site 

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