Sunday 30 April 2017

How to Approach Brands for Collaboration & My Collaboration List

Hello Every one
Today I am going to Share a Secret :-)
As I am being asked so many times from fellow bloggers specially newbies that " How to Get Collaboration from Brands " , So thought of writing this post ,which will help others :-)

My blog is around  2 years old , when I started blogging  I had no idea about Collaborations.
I used to review products that I had brought from my own money and some which I had won in Giveaways and I used to participate in various blogging activities & contests to keep my work going on .
After six months of blogging , I slowly learned how other bloggers are collaborating with brands and how are they getting works , It was a Self  Learn one as at that point of time , I was not having any blogger friend or Guide to help me , Simply by following others blog , reading their reviews I got to know that Collaboration happens :-)
The First Brand I approached was  Sheer Skinz .
I approached them on their Facebook Page and wrote that I am interested in trying & reviewing their product . I was not even sure that they would respond to my message but they did :-)
They checked my blog and then asked me My Postal Address :-)
That was my first Win :-)
After 3-4 days I got their Parcel , a Huge Hamper of some 8 products .
I was delighted and was so happy that I shared it's Pic with every one :-)
All the product were too good and I reviewed them all on my blog .
That gave me confidence & courage that Yes I can write well and then I started approaching some more brands on facebook and got many more Collaborations .

To get Collaboration from brands follow few things :

1. Write your post/ reviews well .
Either it's a Collaboration or review of your own  , write your post well so that it creates a good impression on brands , with some good images we can make it more readable .
2.Write Honest Reviews
Always try to write honest reviews and give a true feedback , this also creates a good impression among readers & brands .
3. Increase your Social Media Followers .
When brands are sending products for reviews to bloggers it's a Kind of Barter , Products for posts .
And brand always look for maximum exposure or promotion of their products and  brand name , so more followers you have , better it is for your blogging carrier .
4. Approach brands on their social media handles like facebook , Instagram , this is the easiest way to approach brands , If  they are satisfied with your blog & writing skills they would definitely revert back .
5. On Facebook  there are many blogger groups where we can find blogging assignments from brands & their PR's , so join such groups to keep updated about latest collaborations .
6. Keep an eye on other's  blog :-)   I mean Follow fellow bloggers blog to know what they are doing :-) This way we can know with which brands they have collaborated and we can also try there .

Now I would Share my Collaboration list :

I have collaborated with many Indian & few International Brands , here I am listing all :-)

Collaboration for Product Reviews :
1.Sheer Skinz                                       2. Auravedic
3.Aroma Essentials                           4. Amara Organix
5.The Natures Co                               6. Fushia VKare
7.Neev Herbals                                  8. Prakriti Herbals
9.De Belle                                           10.Tatha
11.Panee Soaps                                 12.Yuana hair Oil
13.Iraya                                              14.Herb Boutique
15.Odiva                                            16. TBC by Nature
17.Natures Emporium                  18. Olivia Cosmetics
19.Matra Lip Balms                      20.Green Bliss
21. Cavin Kare                               22. DaYogis
23.GreenViv                                  24.Aadvik

Website Reviews :
1. Iralzo.Com
3. Sareez.Com
4. Qtrove.Com
6. Clickoncare.Com
7. Lovelylifestyle.Com
8. Myiconichome.Com
9. IGP.Com

Collaboration With Baby Care Brands :
1. Sebamed India
2. Mama Earth

Collaboration with Snacks & Beverages Brands :
1. Paper Boat
2. Snackible.Com
3. Snalthy.Com
4. SnackExpert.Com
5. NuttyGritties.Com
6. Bean Stalk Coffee

International Collaboration :
1. Skin18.Com
2. Dresslink.Com
3. WSDear.Com

In case of International Collaborations , the only problem is one has to wait too long to get the products , it might take up to a month's time to get product from these sites .
Many such sites have Blogger programs where in one can get products for posts .

So this is what I have done in past two years :-)

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post & found it useful , if you have any suggestion do let me know.


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