Thursday 20 April 2017

Introducing Box of Smile from My Gift Box Subscription Plan

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce one more subscription service to my readers .
It's Box of Smile  from  My Gift Box Subscription Plan .

About My Gift Box Subscription Plans
In India now we have many beauty subscription services  like Fab Bag , My Envy Box , MSM box etc .These subscription box have some beauty products in  it . There are few others like Lady Raga Bag , Bling Bag which provide some Jewelry along with beauty products.
Some subscription services are there for kids too where in one can get Toys , Books , Art & Craft stuffs .

But on this site My Gift Box one can choose variety of subscription plans .
They have some thing  for every one .
For Men ,Women ,Kids ,Elderly people  they have gifts & surprises for all :-)

Some of their subscription plans :

For Women they have
Saree Box , Jewelry Box , Day of the Month box , Eve Box , Femme Box

For Men they have
Adam Box , Hemme Box

For Kids they have
Box of Smile ,  Comic box

In Food they have
Sweet box , Chef box , Chocolate box , Dry Fruit Box etc

They also have some special box like
India Box , Perfume Box , Grand  Care  Box etc .

They have 30 + Subscription Box in their list :-)

When I browsed their site for the first time , it really took a long time to have a look on all subscription plan and to decide which one I want :-)

Since it's Summer Vacation now , I wanted something for my Kids which will keep them engaged and can make them Happy :-)
So I chose Box of Smile for my kids .

The box looks like this :

This is April Month's Box of Smile .

This months box had two main things :
1.A box which has 4 products
2. Set of 10 Story Books .

Upon opening the box it looked like this :

The 4 products in this Box are :

The 4 products are :
1. A cotton T shirt 
2. A lunch box 
3. A Geometry Box 
4. Set of 6 water colors .

The Book Set Looks Like this :

It has 10 books which are story books based on life of most inspiring people in world .

This box comes at a Price of Rs 800 per month .

Cost of products I got :
The 4 products I got in the box are worth  RS 500 ( Approximately )
The book set costs RS 2000 .
So at a cost of Rs 800 one gets products worth 2500 , which is too good :-) 
So this box is worth trying as we are getting products of cost much more than what we spend .

I did not ordered any beauty subscription box from this site as for that we have many other options , I wanted to try some other subscription box , specially for my kids .
So ordered this My Smile Box .

One can check the site here 

There  are various subscription plans , so can try any one they want as per their need or requirement and  yes one would get products more than the cost of box :-) 

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .

( * Collaborative   Post ) 

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