Saturday 20 May 2017

Indulge in Creativity with Matrika Woman's Journals

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a different kind of review , Review of a Woman's  Journal  from Matrika .

Recently I got a Woman's  Journal from  Matrika's  as a part of their Blogger's  Outreach  Program .
Too happy to receive it as it took me back to golden period of my childhood , where in I used to do lots of activities like Drawing , Coloring , Painting , Collecting stickers etc.

About the brand :
Matrika is a brand which has good collection of products like Diaries , Journals , Notebooks .
Their products are of high quality and are colorful and one feels proud owning them .

The brand is owned by SFA Prints Pvt Ltd , an Indian Company based out of Sivakasi .
The name Matrika  derives from the Sanskrit word for Mother , denoting the powerful energies .

Matrika's  Paper Products have won the 2016 Book Printer of the year Academic & Trade Award.

This is the Journal I received from them :

Matrika Woman's Journal Comes in 4 beautiful designs & Colors  :

1. Butterfly - Pink " To Dream " 
2.Dragonfly -Dark Brown  " To Fly "
3.Feather - Red  " To Write " 
4.Fish -Blue  " To Glide " 

One can check their collection here :

I got the Red one , Feather .

Features of this Journal :
* Special cover material 
* Hard bound 
* Natural shade paper 
* 8 Coloring pages 
* Stickers for creative writing 
* Pouch on back cover 
* Elastic for safe locking 
* Pen Holder 
* Space for entering personal data 
* Name & Address directory 

How the journal looks like :
 The journal is a like Piece of Art with some lovely features and pages :-) 
Upon opening one can see a page like this ( with a beautiful note written on it )

Then one can find some coloring pages  

 Some pages have lovely stickers which one can use while writing stories / daily routines or updates .

At the end of this Journal one can find some plain pages with " Scribble Your Heart Away " written on it , so one can really scribble their heart in these lovely pages :-) 

My Experience with this Journal :
Basically I am a Creative person . During my school and college days I used to participate in lots of activities like Drawing & Painting competitions .
I had a huge collection of diaries and coloring books which was filled with drawing  & paintings which I used to do a lot as per my mood .
We all know that art like drawing & paintings are a good way to express your feelings , happy or sad , excited or feeling low . 
In the course of time , after getting married and after becoming Mom I was quite away from  one of the favorite hobbies of mine .
So when I received this Journal , I was overwhelmed as it took me to my childhood days where I used to spent hours in front of my dairies & coloring books .
The Lovely drawing sheets & pretty stickers took me to another world of Imagination :-) 
Doing these is a good way to De-stress yourself  and  helps to bring your inner child out :-) 

I am loving this journal and would suggest all to go for it .
As we really need something which would help to De-stress .
It can be like a Best Friend with whom we can spend plenty of time  sharing our secrets & doing some fun activities .

Advantages of Using Such Journals :
1. Brings our Inner child Out .
2. Reduces anxiety and helps to De-Stress .
3. Can be used as a Planner  where as we can write lists of works to do .
4. We can save our contact list in it like mobile numbers & Postal address etc.
5. One can show their creative side with this . 

One can Buy this Journal at Amazon .

Price : Rs 450 

One can check the Facebook page of Matrika Journal to know more about their campaign 

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .


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