Tuesday 16 May 2017

Wonderful Experience of Being a Part of J&J Blogger's Meet in Association with Mycity4kids

Hello Every one
In Today's Post I am going to share my wonderful experience of  being a  part of  J&J  Blogger's Meet in association with Mycity4kids.Com .

Last week I got a call from the team of  Mycity4kids  that they are going to organize a Blogger's Meet at  Hitech City in Hyderabad on 16th May . When I got their invitation I was super excited and immediately said Yes to be a part of  the meet . Rest of the details were sent by mail .

Mycity4kids is an Indian parenting site where one can read some useful articles on parenting topics from Mommy blogger's and Pediatricians & experts .
I am a member of this site past 2 years , so know some people from their team .

Once can check the site here : www.mycity4kids.com

Since this was my first Blogger's Meet I was Super Excited .
The meet was scheduled at 10 AM - 1 PM at Hotel Avasa at Hitech City,Hyderabad. 
I reached there on time , did my registration at the counter and upon entering the Hall , saw all new faces :-)
The fact is that We are all connected on Social Media  like Facebook , Instagram & WhatsApp , we rarely meet :-)
Then Met Shavet Jain & Ankita Chuodary , Editorial members of mycity4kid team , whom I know  but haven't met before .
After the initial  introduction , we were called for Photo Shoots , there were  Lots Photo Shoots & Video shoots going on and for some time I  felt like a Celebrity :-) Enjoyed Getting all Lime Light :-)

There were around 27 Mommy bloggers and some members of Mycity4kids team , Some from Johnson & Johnson Team ( Since this event was organized & sponsored by J&J ).
There  were experts from J&J team , and we were asked to ask questions and queries about J&J products .  We all asked our doubts that since it's in news that  J&J  products have lots of chemicals in it , so is it safe to use for small kids .
They gave all answers and to a large extent our doubts were cleared .

This is Deepali from J & J , answering our queries .

There was some Fun Activities and Contests .
Teams were made and each team had either 4 or 5 blogger's and we were asked to name our team .
My team had 4 members and we named our team as Nizami Moms ( Since we all belong to city of Nizam's we thought giving our team's name as Nizami Moms )

We were given some tasks and the team to finish the task in least time would get more points .
One of the task was to clean stains from cloth using the newly launched Liquid detergent from J&J.
We were the first ones to clean all stains from a piece of cloth in a Bowl Wash :-)
This product is yet to reach the market , but it's effective , could remove all stains from clothes and was not harsh on hands . So an excellent baby laundry detergent .

At the end our team Nizami Moms won the contest :-)
And we were given prizes for that .

Winning Team with Deepali ( extreme left ) and Shavet Jain ( extreme right ) 

Our prize was a lovely basket with some skin care products .

There were gift hampers for each blogger and individual photo shoot along with group ones .
The gifts we got :

This is all I got there along with some Lovely Memories :-) 

One can check the Instagram page of Mycity4kids & J&J to see more such pictures of  Blogger's Meet at various Indian cities .
Instagram Page of J&J  : J&J
Instagram page of Mycity4kids : Mycity4kids

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment spent there .
Made some new friends .
So it was a wonderful experience to be a part of such event & meet , Hope to have many more in future .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post :-)

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