Sunday 11 June 2017

Chik Egg White Protein Hair Fall Prevent Shampoo Review

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Back with one more product review after a short break :-)
Today I am going to review an anti hair fall shampoo from brand Cavin Kare .
It's Chik Egg White Protein Hair Fall Prevent Shampoo .

Cavin Kare is an old and renowned Indian brand with many products in its category like Nyle Shampoo , Spinz Perfume and many more . I have already reviewed some products from this brand .

About the Product :
This Chik Egg White shampoo is a type of anti hair fall shampoo and it was launched some two years back .
It Contains egg protein that naturally repairs damaged hairs and make them healthy & shiny .

Ingredients :

Price : Rs 105  for 180 ml 
Shelf  Life : 2 years 

Product Packaging :
Product Packaging is Cute .
The bottle is Oval shaped and looks like an egg .

Pros :
1. Contains egg proteins which prevents hair fall .
2. Has a lovely fragrance .
3. Cute product packaging .
4.Affordable Price .
5. Good Shelf  Life .
6. Controls hair fall to some extent .

Cons :
Not a natural product , contains some chemicals .

What the Product Claims :
The product claims to prevent & reduce hair fall and make hairs strong & silky .

My experience with the product :
I am using this shampoo past few days .
Its a good product .
I loved its fragrance , Initially I thought  since its an egg based shampoo fragrance might not be that good but actually its too good :-) 
Its a white color shampoo and it lathers well and cleanses well .
It was able to clean the scalp well and remove all dirt & dandruff's from hairs .
After using it for some time I could say that it could control hair fall to some extent .
Since I have not used it for long , need some more time to know its complete effect .
In the first usage  I did not used a conditioner after washing my hairs with this shampoo as I thought since it's an egg based shampoo it will work as a conditioner too but it made my hairs bit dry , so from next time onward I am using a conditioner after using this shampoo.

Over all it's a good product in affordable price :-) 

IBB Rating : 4.5 / 5 

One can check their site here 

Hope You all liked my review and found it useful , share your views if you  have used it .

(* PR Sample But Honest Review ) 


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What conditioner can b used with this shampoo