Monday 17 July 2017

Enjoy Healthy Tea With Tea Treasure

Hello Every One
Today I am going to Introduce a Tea Brand to my Readers & Friends ,
It's Tea Treasure :  A Heaven For Tea Lovers .

Tea is not just a drink , it's more than that , helps to come out of morning sickness & laziness , refreshes mind & body , Healthy tea like Green Tea , Tulsi Tea , Lemon Tea are good for health as they have anti oxidants , are anti inflammatory and helps to strengthen immune system.

So it's very important to chose right kind of tea which can helps us to stay healthy & happy .
Recently I came across this brand Tea Treasure , which is an online store to buy variety of tea .
I was amazed to see vast collection of premium teas .
Starting from Green Tea to Kashmiri Kahwa they have every thing .
I also enjoyed reading unique & classy names of tea like
Chai equals to ghupshup
Princess Green
English Breakfast :-) and many more .

I have tried some variety of teas from this brand and in this post I am going to share my experience of having those teas .

Lemon Tulsi Green Tea 
This is a type of green tea with Lemon & Tulsi both .
It's written " Don't hate Meditate " on the pack which really make some sense :-) 

Tulsi has anti bacterial , anti septic , anti viral , anti inflammatory properties .
This tea is also known as Thai Lemon Basil and has a soothing taste .
I liked its taste , Something similar to normal green tea we take but with a nice flavor and aroma .
Price : Rs 200 for 50 gms 

Premium Indian Tea 
It's from the highland of Assam infused with some other herbs .
It's a Luxurious Beverage with a unique taste .
Is rich in antioxidants .
Can be taken with milk to make a perfect tea .

Price : Rs 110 for 250 gms 

Premium  Chai  Masala 
It's a Chai Masala with Cinnamon , Cardamom , Ginger , Black pepper , Clove and Nutmeg .
It's rich in antioxidants and helps in digestion .
It's one of the Best Tea I ever had , I simply loved it's taste , so unique & refreshing , good enough to upload one's mood :-) 
Price : Rs 170 for 50 gms .

Princess of  Green 
This is a type of Green Tea , gently steamed and rolled for a fresh delicate taste .
It improves inner alertness and concentration .
Price Rs 260 for 50 gms .

Tulsi Green Tea 
This tea contains Tulsi , Lemon peel , Lemon Grass , Pure Green tea .
It guards against cough and cold .
Eliminates toxins from the body and improves immunity .

Price : Rs 220 for 50 gms .

English Breakfast Tea 
It's a rich fusion of Darjeeling Tea and Assam Black Tea .
It's rich in antioxidants .
Has strong flavors which soothes ones nerves .
Price : Rs 220 for 50 gms .

I am drinking all these wonderful teas these days and my favorite one is premium chai masala .
All these are too good , have nice taste and flavor , the best part is they have health benefits so are Must Try Ones :-) 

One can buy these teas directly from their website or from online stores like 

One can check their website here :

                                                              IBB Rating For Tea Treasure :  4.9 /5

I have also made a video for this post :-)

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , Please feel free to leave your feedback :-)

(* PR Samples with Honest Review ) 


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