Monday 3 July 2017

Introducing Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Care Products

Hello Every One
Today I am going to Introduce a new  Baby Care brand to my readers and friends .
It's an Ayurvedic Brand , Mother Sparsh .

About the brand :
Mother Sparsh is an Indian Brand and it  has some  good collection of baby care products like  Talc , Body lotion ,Soap ,Wet Wipes , Baby wash , Lal Tail ( Massage Oil ) ,Gripe Water etc.
It's an Ayurvedic Brand and it's products are free of Parabens , Alcohol , Artificial colors etc .
It's products are safe and can be used for new born babies .

Sparsh is a Sanskrit word with meaning Touch and Mother's Sparsh is a pleasant touch by Mom , so the name of this brand is too good and one could easily connect with it as a mom always wants The Best for her kids :-)

One can check their website here  :

It's Product Range :

1. Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash 
This is a body wash with Olive & Turmeric .
It's Paraben free & Silicone Free.
It Cleanses & Moisturizes the skin .
Price : Rs 85 for 100 ml .

2.Mother Sparsh Baby Powder :
It Contains Tulsi  & Aloe Vera .
Paraben Free product .
Keeps the skin cool & Comfortable and prevents Rashes .
Price : Rs 62 for 100 gms 

3. Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion :
It Contains Olive Oil & Aloe Vera .
Free of Paraben & Silicone .
Helps to keep baby skin  soft & Supple .
Prevents dryness and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time .
Price :  Rs 34 for 40 ml .

4. Mother Sparsh Lal Tail 
Its a type of massage oil for babies .
It's main ingredient is Sesame oil along with few other herbs .
It improves blood circulation and  gives strength to body .
We all  know that a good massage is so important for small kids to makes them strong and this Oil is a perfect one for that .
Price : Rs 96 for 100 ml 

5. Mother Sparsh Gripe Water 
It's an alcohol free , Paraben Free tonic with Saunf & Pudina .
It's a 100% ayurvedic medicine .
It helps to relieve stomach discomfort & gas from colic & hiccup .
Small kids do have lots of Colic problem and gripe water is an easy solution for that .
Price : Rs 55 for 130 ml. 

6. Mother Sparsh Baby Soap 
It's a paraben & Pthalate free soap with goodness of Almond Oil & Olive Oil .
It's a mild soap with aloe vera extract and it cleanses and moisturizes the skin .
Price Rs 48 for  75 gms.

7. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes 
Baby wipes is a must product in baby skin care routine .
This baby wipes from Mother Sparsh a Paraben & Alcohol free product with goodness of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E . It is made from Non Woven Spunlace Fabric and is PH balanced , so safe for babies skin .
It's 98% water wipes with Glycerin & Jojoba Oil .
Price Rs 150 for 80 wipes .

Before giving any new product to my kids , I try it myself to check if it is good or not .
So this time also I tried one product on myself  before giving it my kids .
I started using it's baby lotion as a body lotion :-) 
It's an amazing product with nice fragrance and its good on skin .
Moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time .
When I was satisfied then I asked my kids to use it , They have also  tried some other products from this brand and said Yes they are all good :-) 

Pros :
1. Ayurvedic products so free of harsh chemicals , preservatives & colors .
2. All the products are paraben free , Sulfate free , Alcohol free.
3. Price of these products are much less than products from other baby care brands , so it's affordable and any one can buy and try .
4. Product Packaging of all products are good .
5. All products have sufficient shelf  life for longer usage like 2-3 years .
6. Key ingredients in all these products are oils like Almond Oil , Jojoba Oil , Olive Oil , Aloe Vera etc , so safe for babies skin .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as it's available mainly on Online Stores .

One can buy these products from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart , Snapdeal etc.

One can check these products at Amazon 

IBB  Rating : 4.7/5 

( *Products sent by brand for review , My Opinion are Honest with my Personal Experience with these products ) 

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