Sunday 27 August 2017

Delicious Pancake Recipe With FunFoods Dessert Toppings

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Back with one more recipe post .
Today I am going to share recipe of  Pancake along with  review of  Funfoods  Dessert Toppings .

About the brand :
Dr Oetkar India is a famous Indian brand and Funfoods is one of it's subs brands .
It's product range includes various products including cake mix , dessert toppings etc .

One can check their official Website here :

I had done a post of Funfoods Veg Mayonnaise , one can check the post here :
Russian Salad recipe with Funfoods Mayonnaise

In today's post I will share recipe of  Pancake with Funfoods Dessert Toppings .
For this recipe I have used  two dessert toppings :
Funfoods Chocolate Dessert Topping
Funfoods Butterscotch Dessert Topping

Funfoods Chocolate Topping :
This is a topping made with cocoa and coffee .
It has smooth texture and offers a unique taste .
Can be used as a topping on variety of desserts and sweet dishes like cakes , pancakes , cookies , brownie , Ice creams etc .
Price : Rs 79 for 300 gms 

Funfoods Butter Scotch Toppings :
It has a rich caramel taste .
Perfect for topping on pancakes , cakes and Ice creams .
Price : Rs 79 for 300 gms 

Recipe of  Pancake :

Ingredients :
1 1/2 cup of refined flour ( sieved ) 
1 cup Milk 
5 table spoon of butter/oil for shallow frying 
A pinch of salt 
1 table spoon sugar 
2 tea spoon baking powder 
2 eggs 

Method :
1. In a mixing bowl add flour , sugar , salt , baking powder .
2.Add milk and mix well so as there is no lump in the batter .
3. Add  eggs and again mix well ,  the batter should be smooth without any lumps .
4. Heat Oil/ Butter in a Frying Pan , take a  ladle full of  batter and pour on the pan , let it cook one side and then turn it gently and cook the other side on medium flame so that it gets cooked from inside , once done take it out and prepare the next one .

After preparing all pancakes one can stack them on a plate and add toppings as per their choice .
I  added Butter scotch topping on individual  pan cakes and at last did the topping with Chocolate one.

The Pan cakes turned out too good and delicious , Perfect for a Sunday Breakfast or Brunch .
And with delicious chocolate & Butterscotch topping  it's a Must Try One :-) 

What I liked about these Products :
1. Good quality products .
2. Good taste .
3. Affordable price ( Only 79 for 300 gms ).
4. Easily available every where .
5. Can transform a Simple dish into Delicious one .
6. Free of Preservative & Synthetic color .
7. Free of Gluten & Trans fat .
8. 100% vegetarian Products .

I added these topping to milk and gave to my kids , they were more happy to drink milk with these then without .
I also used these toppings on other dishes like Cakes , Cookies and it enhanced the taste of dishes .

So would recommend other's to give it a try , 
Delicious and Affordable ones . 

One can buy these products from Amazon 

Hope You all liked my post and found it useful .

(* PR Samples with my own opinion about products ) 

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