Tuesday 8 August 2017

Protect from Germs with Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers

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Back with one more Interesting review from a famous Indian brand Himalaya Wellness .
Today I am going to review it's Pure Hands Hand Sanitizers .

About the product :
Himalaya Wellness  have come up with some new variant of hand sanitizers which have fruity fragrance and are excellent products to protect ourselves from germs & infections , specially during rainy season . These sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs and ensure complete hand protection .
They have anti bacterial & anti microbial properties , they are perfect travel companion , specially with kids .

The five  variants which I am going to review today are :
2. Strawberry 
3.Green Apple 
4. Litchi  
5. Lime 

Himalaya  Hand Sanitizers Orange :
This is my favorite variant with lovely citrus fragrance & a dark Orange Color .
One really fresh so fresh & refreshed after using this .
Price Rs 80 for 100 ml .

Himalaya  Hand Sanitizers Strawberry 
This has a light orange color with Sweet Strawberry fragrance .
Price Rs 80 for 100 ml .

Himalaya  Hand Sanitizer  Green Apple :
This is light green in color with a nice smell of green apples .
Price :  Rs 55 for 50 ml

Himalaya Hand Sanitizer  Litchi :
This is light pink in color with exact the same smell of fresh Litchi fruit , so smells too good .
Price Rs 60 for 50 ml .

Himalaya Hand Sanitizer Lime :
This is the basic variant .
It contains Hrivera , Lime etc .
Lime has astringent properties .
Protects the skin and prevents itching .
Price : Rs 55 for 50 ml .

Pros :
1. These sanitizers kill 99.9 % of germs , so quite useful to clean hand in absence  of soaps & water .
2. They contain extracts of  lime , neem, coriander  etc which have anti bacterial and anti microbial  properties .
3.They are Hypoallergenic in nature so will never cause any allergic reactions .
4. They have moisturizing effect , do not makes hands dry or rough .
5. They are clinically tested .
6.  Travel friendly packaging , one can easily carry these sanitizers even in small bags or pouches .
7. Lovely fruity fragrances , all these variants have fruity fragrance .
8. Economically Priced so easily affordable .
9. Easily available every where , on online stores as well as local markets .
10. From a Trusted & Reputed Indian Brand .
11. Sufficient shelf Life of  2 years .

Cons :
Could not find any :-) 

My Experience with these products :
I am using these ones and I liked them all , specially the Orange one as I loved its citrus fragrance .
One feels so fresh & good after using it .
All these have gel consistency and one needs just one or two drops and it gets absorbed easily without our hands feeling oily or sticky and the best part is it gives complete protection from germs & bacteria and is so useful when outside, when we do not have access to water or soap so this comes as a Life Saver as basic hygiene is the first step towards good health .
Specially with small kids who are not very particular about cleaning hands before eating ( specially when outside ) , one can give them such products which they will love to use because of it's fruity fragrance :-) 

So would recommend all to try these wonderful variants of hand sanitizers and Be safe & Healthy :-)

IBB Rating -- 5/5 

One can buy these products from Amazon 

Hope You all liked this post & found it useful :-) 
Do share your opinion if have used these products .

( * PR Samples with Honest Review ) 

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