Sunday 20 August 2017

Protect Your Lips with Sebamed Lip Defense SPF30

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from famous brand Sebamed .
Today I am going to review it's Lip Defense with  SPF30 .

About the product :
Sebamed Lip Defense SPF30 is a lip balm for all seasons .
It helps to smooth chapped and dry lips , has SPF 30 which helps to protect the lips from harmful sun rays . Protects the lips from drying effects of environmental influences . It regenerates dry and chapped lips quickly. Defends the tender lips with UVA & UVB filters against sun burns and it's consequences .

Product Packaging :
The lip balm is in form of a stick and I love such packaging as it's hygienic and travel friendly .

All the product information is given at the back of paper packaging.

Ingredients :

How the product looks like :
This Lip Balm is of white color with a lovely Vanilla Fragrance .
Has a smooth texture and easily glides on skin thus easy to apply .

                                     Price : Rs 450 for 4.8 gms
                                     Shelf  Life  : 3 Years
Pros :
1. From a famous and trusted brand Sebamed .
2.Quality of product is excellent .
3. Excellent Product Packaging which is hygienic & Travel Friendly .
4. Lovely Vanilla fragrance .
5. Contains SPF 30 which is too good and protects from harmful sun rays .
6. Contains Vitamin E which is good for skin .
7. Contains Camomile which regenerates chapped lips .
8. Contains Jojoba oil which nurtures dry lips .
9. Helps to make lips smooth and soft .
10. Sufficient Shelf  Life of  3 Years .
11. Has PH value 5.5 for Healthy Skin .
12. The product is without any color additives .

Cons :
Bit Expensive .
( But it's Okay considering the fact that it's from a famous & trusted brand and product is excellent and good things comes with a price )

My Experience with the product :
I am using this lip balm past  few days , it's too good .
I love it's fragrance and smooth texture , much better than lip balms  from other brands .
The lip balm easily glides and is quite easy to apply ( I have used lip balms from few other brands which were not so smooth and easy to apply ) .
It does moisturizes the lips and makes it soft and smooth .
So it's a Must have product for our daily skin care routine .

IBB Rating -4.5 / 5

One can check more about the product from their official website

One can buy this product from Amazon
Sebamed Lip Defense

Hope you liked this post and found it useful , do leave your feedback if you have used this product .

(* PR Sample With Honest Review  )

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