Tuesday 26 September 2017

Mama Earth's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more review from the famous brand Mama Earth .
Today I am going to review a product from it's Traditional Recipes : Organic Apple Cider Vinegar .

About the product :
It's  a raw , unfiltered , unpasteurized  vinegar made from organic Himalyan Apples .
It also contains Honey , Ginger , Turmeric .
It Naturally assist in healthy metabolism and weight loss .

Product Packaging :
Product packaging is good . The vinegar comes in a green color plastic bottle of good quality , there is one measuring cap also using which one can measure and use vinegar .

Nutritional  Information 
This product is free of Fats , Proteins , Dietary Fiber .
High in Pottasium .

Ingredients : 

Price & Shelf   Life :
Price Rs 599 for 500 ml 
Shelf  Life : 2 Years 

Directions for use : 

How it looks like :
When mixed with water the vinegar  looks like this , light green in color with a strong ginger fragrance .

Pros :
1. An organic product ( made from organic apples). 
2. Also contains ginger , turmeric & honey , all of which are good for health .
3. Free of artificial colors and preservatives .
4. Rich source of Vitamin A, C, E .
5. Rich source of Poattasium , Magnesium & Calcium .
6. Contains Manuka Honey from New Zealand which is rich  in anti microbial. 
7. Contains turmeric which has anti inflammatory properties and  boosts immune system .
8. Contains ginger which aids digestion .
9. Drinking this apple cider vinegar improves metabolism and helps to maintain & reduce weight .
10. Good product packaging .
11. Good shelf  Life . 

Cons :
Non availability in local market .

My Experience with the product :
I have read and heard  lot about benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar , also tried from some other brands .
Right Now I am using this Apple Cider Vinegar from Mama Earth , it's a good product  with a unique taste which is quite different from the taste of other vinegar .
I am using it as per instructions : mixing 10 ml of vinegar in 250 ml of water and drinking it half an hour before meals .
I found it good and hope it helps in my weight loss Journey :-) 
Can update more details after completing the bottle :-) 

IBB Rating  : 4.7 /5 

One can check this product from their site  www.mamaearth.in

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , do share your views if you have used this product .


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Monday 25 September 2017

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a product review of a baby care brand  Aveeno Which has recently launched itself  in India .
Aveeno is a US based brand  , all its products are good and safe to use . They use high quality natural ingredients in their products .

The first product from the brand which I have tried is it's  Aveeno Baby  Daily Moisture Lotion .

About the Product :
Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion is a non greasy formula which moisturizes the skin and protects it .
It contains natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients that soothes the skin and protects the skin . It gets absorbed in the skin quickly and keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated for a long period of time . It makes the baby's skin soft and smooth .

Ingredients : 

Price Rs 799 for 227 gms 
Shelf Life : 2 years 

Product Packaging :
The product comes in a tube . 
Product packaging is good and one can easily squeeze out little amount of lotion from the tube with out any wastage of product . 
I like such packaging as it's hygienic and much better than tub packaging .

How the product looks like :
The lotion is like a thick moisturizer , it's white in color and is a non greasy formula .
It has a mild fragrance or one can say no fragrance  . It gets easily absorbed in skin and does not makes the skin feel or looks oily or greasy . 

Pros :
1. Free of  harmful chemicals like Parabens , Pthalates , Steroids .
2. Free of artificial color and fragrance .
3. Hypoallergenic .
4. Pediatric Recommended .
5. Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it  hydrated for a long period of time .
6. Contains Oatmeals which helps to maintain skin natural PH level  and forms a protective barrier which prevents the skin from getting dry .
7. Makes the skin soft , smooth and supple .
8. Good for kids of all age group , even for new born babies . 
9. Good product packaging .
10. Sufficient shelf  life for longer usage . 

Cons :
Bit  Expensive but it's okay since its an excellent product and good things comes with a price and one wants to use the Best for their baby . 

My Experience with the product :
I am using this product past one week , before giving it to my kids , I  tried it  myself and found it good . It's  a good moisturizer , ideal for  small kids and  good for all skin type and for all seasons . And we always need a good moisturizer for kids post bath  and for their night skin care routine , so one can use this baby lotion .

IBB Rating -- 4.5 /5 

One can buy this product and other Aveeno Products from online stores likes Amazon or First Cry .

There is an exclusive coupon code for my readers to buy and try this Aveeno Baby Lotion from First Cry where as one can get extra RS 100 off  on this Product and other Aveeno Products .
Use code   AVEENOBABYMJ  at check out .

One can check Aveeno products at  First Cry here 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , do share your views if you have tried this product .


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Thursday 21 September 2017

The Learning Journey Designed As Play With Skola Toys

Excerpts from C.P.Cavafy's Poem Ithaka

" As you set out for Ithaka hope your road is a long one , full of adventure , full of discovery . Keep Ithaka always in your mind . Arriving there is what you are destined for. But don't hurry the journey at all .Better if it lasts for years , so you are old by the time you reach the island , wealthy with all you have gained on the way "

The poem written with Odysseus in mind is so true of  life where as we set out to reach a status in life , but what becomes more important are things we have gained in our quest to get there . Similarly when children set out to learn a certain "something " , the journey to learn that is critical .

 The Learning Journey begins with birth . When a child opens his/her eyes and sees the world the process of recognizing faces begins there .
Social Smile is considered as the first Mile Stone in a child's development when a child smiles at known faces .
With passage of time child learns many more things .
This learning process or capacity is maximum up to 5 years of age where in a child learns almost every things .
When they start going to school and start learning alphabets and numbers along with rhymes and other activities like drawing and coloring , a  new journey begins .

How a little child goes about learning to add two numbers  ? For instance 2+3 =5 .
But how did the child get there ?

1.Did we give them the answer helpfully and smilingly ?
2. Did they just hear the answer once , and immediately register it to memory ?
3. Did they see it in a book and write it down 5 times , so it became a fact ?
4. Did they learn to count first , practice it for a couple of months counting anything and every thing they came across .Did they then count 2 and 3 , put it together and arrive at the answer making many mistakes along the way and learning from them ?

Each route created a different type of learner , and certainly the last group of learners would emerge as wisest and most confident , just because their journey has been most meaning and enriching , gaining something at the each step of the way .

For young children , true happiness comes from doing an activity , not completing it and finding an answer . Their focus is clearly on the process and not on the outcome .

Learning always occurs when children engage voluntarily in purposeful activities.
So if we give them series of right tools, they are sure to journey through all areas of learning with great gusto and enjoyment arriving at answers at each stage on their own .

Just as we all have a different journeys running simultaneously all teaching us something different , so also at any point of  time  , the child not on one particular journey alone .
The child may be at a point where he/she is
* Learning to read 3 letter words
* Becoming familiar with sequence of numbers
* Starting to use 2 hands for some activities
* Becoming aware of cause and effects

Every child is unique in the way they start and move through these journeys . Learning is never a single occurrence , learning even one single concept involves a series of steps .
Every Skola Journey takes children systematically through a series of experiences that are incrementally challenging enabling them to discover and learn something new at each stage .
Every stage is facilitated  by a toy playing with which will allow children to challenge themselves in an interesting way .

Instead of pushing kids to learn basics in a way which is not so interesting and is bit boring , Let's explore some interesting ways , the ways which are filled with fun and joy , the ways which kids would love to go and Lets Make this Learning Process a Fun Filled Journey To a New World .

Do Visit  Skola Toys to understand children's learning journeys and views toys that facilitate incremental learning .
Enable our future generation to play , explore and discover through "Learning Journey Designed as Play " .

learning journey

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Be Safe With Redcliffe Hygiene Products

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do some product reviews from the brand Redcliffe Hygiene .

About the brand :
Redcliffe Hygiene Private Limited is a pioneer is personal hygiene space in India .
They have four products in their range :

Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer
Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer
Moskito Safe Mosquito Repellent
Gym Safe

Palm Safe Hand Sanitizer :
Palm safe is a  foam based hand sanitizer.
It's  an alcohol free product which kills 99.99% germs with in few seconds of application.
Hand Sanitizers are like basic requirement for personal  hygiene specially when one is outside home and at places where water is not available for washing and cleaning hands .
One needs a good hand sanitizer to make hands germs free , specially for small kids and children .
This foam based hand sanitizer is an excellent product with a compact design and is travel friendly .
Has a nice Pepper Mint Fragrance .
This a unique product , One of  it's kind as usually hand sanitizers are liquid based but this one is Foam and is too good .
Product Packaging is excellent , has a pump dispenser from which one can easily squeeze out little amount of product .
Price : Rs 140 for 60 ml .
One can buy this product from Amazon

Moskito Safe 
It's a 100 % natural mosquito repellent .
One needs to just shake the bottle and spray it either on skin or clothes to stay away from mosquitoes. It protects from all kinds of mosquitoes for four hours .
It's an alcohol free & Deet free product , so safe on skin , can be used for small kids as well .
Suitable for all age groups .
It's main ingredients are Neem & Lemon .
Product packaging is excellent and  travel friendly .
Price : Rs 140 for 100 ml 
It's a Must Have product for Indian Climate as we need a good protection from mosquitoes in all seasons specially in monsoon and winters when mosquito menace is at its peak .
One can check this product at Amazon 

Pee Safe 
Pee Safe is a type of  Toilet Sanitizer which should be used in Public Wash rooms for hygiene reasons.  It disinfects the toilet seat and makes it 99.99 % germs free .
It's a Must Have product for all as no one wants to take risk of having  various diseases  like UTI , Herpes  etc .
Product Packaging is excellent and travel friendly , one can easily carry in a bag or purse and it's a spray so very easy to use .
One should carry this while going outside as washrooms at public places like schools , offices , shopping malls , airports , hospitals etc are not hygienic and can be a source of various diseases .
Price : Rs 120 for 40 ml 
One can buy this product at Amazon 

I am using all these products and found them too good .
Palm sanitizer is excellent one with a nice fragrance and since its a foam based it's too good and one can easily convince kids to use it and be safe .
Moskito repellent is also good and effective .
Pee Safe is a Must Have one while travelling or when outside home .
I tried  these products myself  before giving it to my kids and found them too good .

Price of all the products are in affordable range , so any one can buy.

All these products are Must Have ones as they are related to hygiene and health .
To ensure good health and protect ourselves from diseases we need to spend a small amount and Be Safe .

So  #BeSafeWithPeeSafe #PalmSafe #MoskitoSafe 

One can buy these products from online stores like Amazon or Safety Kart .

Hope You all Like this Post and found it useful , do share your views if you have used these products.


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Friday 15 September 2017

Be Happy To Be Healthy

Happiness is a million dollar thing that does not comes with money or materialistic things but with small things and moments .
One should not wait for a big thing to happen and then be happy , one should try to find happiness in small things of  life like spending time with family and friends , playing with kids , going for vacation , pursuing some hobbies etc. As these moments are precious and we cherish them as our fond memories for ever .
In fact one should try to enjoy each and every moment of  life , Thanking the Almighty for all good things we got in our lives .
So Staying Happy is the First and Most Important step towards being Healthy .
Because of  hectic lifestyle , poor eating habit and high level of stress , People are suffering from various health issues these days , earlier it was after 40 that people used to have high blood pressure or other problems but now a days the young generation even in their 20's are facing these health issues .

 ( Image Source )

So one should analyse and work on factors which effects health :

Stress is the killing factor . It is the root cause of all disease .
People who are hypertensive in nature tends to get stressed over small issues and that effect  their health . So being Stress Free is one of  the most important step to be healthy.

To be stress free I do following :
* Prayers & Meditations
One really finds peace  in connecting with the Almighty . Forgetting all worldly problems and finding peace and solace in prayers and meditation .One gets the moral support that their problems will be solved by Almighty .
*Spending Quality Time with my Near and Dear Ones 
I love to spend time with my near and dear ones , with my kids , cousins , friends .
On weekends I do visit my parents and relatives house and spend some time there . I go for shopping with my kids so that they can have some good time after a long week of studies and hard work .
When ever I get time I do visit my cousins and friends so that we can have some fun moments and  we can enjoy that time which we have taken out from our hectic schedule .
*By Bringing Smile on Others Face 
In today's world every one has some or the other challenges or issues and depression is a common problem . In India common people do not take any medical help or aid for depression and it kills them from inside . So close family members or friends can really help in such situations .Simply by taking with them or making them feel better , can bring a big difference .
So I always try to solve other's problem in all possible ways so that they feel better and do not get stressed or depressed over small issues .
I am a Good Listener and I do listen to other's problem , to make them feel that I am there to help them out . I do this with all my near and dear ones , including my family members , friends , maids etc . So by  bringing smile to other's face I feel happy  and satisfied that I am doing something good .
* By Preparing some delicious  food dishes 
I love cooking that too the one which my kids love to eat .
So keep on trying new recipes for my kids and it's like a Stress Buster .
I feel too happy when after little effort and time I could prepare some delicious food dishes .
The smile and happiness on  my kids face makes me feel good and happy .
*By Blogging 
I Love Blogging , it is one of the  best thing that happened with me .
After having kids I was looking for some work from home  option and I started writing reviews for others and finally started blogging , Writing was my passion since childhood as it is one the best way to express yourself and your feeling to others . By writing review and articles , I could connect with many fellow blogger's and other readers and I earned some name and fame on Social Media along with many Perks and Incentives , So that really made me so happy that I could make an earning with my writing passion .
So one should  always follow their passion ,  Then money and fame follows .

2.Poor Eating Habit
The previous generation was eating healthy as they used to have home made food with no junk food or  outside food , but because of the change of  lifestyle people are eating outside food frequently without thinking much on the health problems it can cause . The younger generation is addicted to junk foods like Pizza , noodles etc .
This poor eating habit can cause lots of health problems like high blood pressure ( because of high salt ) , high Sugar , allergies (because of artificial colors used ) etc .
So it is much better to eat home made food which are hygienic and good quality ingredients are used with right quantity of salt and sugar in it .

* I eat healthy food , I have made my diet chart and I eat according to my age and weight.
* I eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they are good for health .
* I eat lots of nuts specially Almonds as it has lots of health benefits .
* I have included Olive oil in my cooking as it's too good for health .
* I prefer baking then frying so to avoid excess oil from my food .
* I use low sodium salt which is better than normal salt and I use Stevia  leaves and natural sweetners in place of white sugar in my diet .
* I drink Green tea as its healthier than normal tea .
* I avoid outside food as much as possible , stick to home made ones .

So by bringing these small changes in my eating habit I have taken a big step towards healthy life style .

3.Poor and Sedentary Life Style 
Earlier people used to walk a mile to reach a destination , then it was cycling , both of which were good form of exercise but  now its vehicles  like scooter , car , buses etc .
People use vehicles even for small distance and then lifts in place of stairs , so literally no physical activity , on the top of  it spending  hours in front of television or getting  addicted to some gadgets like smartphones or laptops . Because of this sedentary life style  also people are having many health problems specially weight gain and low stamina .
So one needs to do some or the other exercise to be fit and healthy .
If visiting a gym is not possible one can do some simple exercise at home or one can simply go for a long walk .

* Inspite of having a hectic routine I try to go for a walk daily in a near by  park .
* I prefer walking rather than taking vehicle to go to near by places .

So staying healthy is not as difficult as it seems . One can take some small steps , bring few small changes in their life style and be active and healthy .

One can check this video from Saffola which beautifully depicts " How one can find ways to stay fit and healthy "

 I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda

Thursday 14 September 2017

Introducing Plant DHA for Mama A Vegetarian Source of Omega 3

Hello Every One
Back with one more review from the famous brand Mama Earth .
Recently they have launched some new products in their Mama Range as Traditional Recipes .
The first product from this range which I have tried is Plant DHA for Mama .

About the product :
This plant DHA for mama is a vegetarian product for pregnant women & Mama's.
It's a healthy plant based alternative to fish oil , a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids .
It's a herbal supplement which strengths the immune system .

Price & Shelf  Life :
Price Rs 699  for 60 capsules 
Shelf Life : 2 Years 

Ingredients :
Each capsule contains 250 mg of DHA .

How the capsule looks like :
The capsule is brown in color .
Has no specific taste or odor .

Product Packaging :
The capsules are packed in a good quality plastic bottle .
The bottle is good but it's Lid is too tight .
It really took lots of effort to open it for the first time .
So would suggest the brand to do something with it's cap & packaging .

We all know that fish oil is too healthy .
Reasons :
It contains Omega 3 fatty acids including EPA & DHA ( Docosahexaenoic Acid ) .
It Supports healthy cholesterol level .
Helps to maintain strong bones .
Helps to boost ones mood .

So fish oil capsules are very popular and are taken as supplement by many .
But for Vegetarians and for people who do not wish to take fish oil supplement Mama Earth have come up with this Vegetarian product  Plant DHA .
It has the same benefit as fish oil but with no after taste of fish oil .

Benefits of Using Plant DHA :
1. Its an ideal supplement for Pregnant women as it's Vital for brain & eye development of Foetus .
2.DHA helps to build babies brain , nervous system & eyes .
3. It strengthen the immune system .
4.Omega 3 promotes healthier & stronger bones & joints . Mothers who consume DHA are at a lower risk of  developing  Osteoporosis .

This supplement can be taken by pregnant women as well mama's .
It's a herbal supplement with 100% natural extract and it's a 100% vegetarian product .

My Experience with the product:
I had read lot about fish oil capsules and its benefits but never tried one .
I am taking this supplement past few days . 
Its a good one , one really feels better & energetic with regular consumption of this .
I was having bit cold & fever last week and was feeling too low & dull .
When I started taking this supplement I started feeling better even in cold & fever .
So can say its a good product .

IBB Rating : 4.7/5 

One can check the product at their site 

Hope You all liked this Post & found it useful .

Wednesday 6 September 2017

How Wooden Toys can Help to Control Gadget Addiction in Kids

Hello Everyone
Today I am going to discuss and share my views on a very important topic ,
it's  How to Control Gadget Addiction in Kids .

Parenting in Digital age is too tough .
In our times we used to spend lots of time outdoors , playing with friends , playing lots of outdoor games like badminton, throw ball , cycling , running  etc but now a days kids spend less time outside .
Because in the change in lifestyle and burden of  home works they spend more time indoor and ultimately they are hooked either to television or some gadgets like smart phones or iPad etc .
Parents are increasingly concerned that screen time is robbing them off real world experience .

Apart from having health issues we are also concerned about child safety because of the numerous online frauds and crimes .

So we need to find some ways to reduce this gadget addiction in kids .

*They should be encouraged to make friends in neigborhood and play with kids of their age .
*They should be encouraged to play lots of outdoor games when ever possible .
*At home also we should try to engage them in some creative activities like Drawing , Painting ,   other Art & Craft activities etc.
*We should give them some good toys ( specially learning  ones ) to keep them engaged in their  free time and also it would help them to learn new things .

Now a days market is flooded with toys of all kind .
Staring from top international brands to local ones ,we have everything in all price range.
The expensive ones as well as the cheap ones .

Now buying a toy for your kid is not as simple as it looks .
We need to research few thing ( which usually we don't do )

* Quality of  toy
When we are giving our kids some toys , we should be sure of its quality as cheap ones can cause health hazards because of chemicals and paints in it .
*Does it contains battery or not
Many toys have batteries in it , which means  it contains chemicals like Zinc Chloride , Lithium etc .
So it's unsafe to make small kids play with these ( Swallowing a battery can be Fatal ) .
* Does it have very small pieces which a small kid can swallow
Some of the plastic toys have very small pieces which can cause choking hazard .
* Edges are smooth or not
Many toys do not have very smooth edges which can hurt a child , better not to buy such toys .

Wooden Toys are a Great option for our kids.

They are much better than Plastic & Metal Toys because :

1.There is much less chemical toxicity in wooden toys .
2.They are made of natural material and are safer .
3.Wood has an interesting texture and wooden toys are smooth .
4.They are environmental friendly .
5.They can be used for a longer time than plastic toys as they do not break easily .
6. Many wooden toys are also learning toys so can be easily given to small kids & toddlers .

So Lets explore some Wooden Toys .

Today I will be Introducing a Toy Brand which has unique range of learning toys for children between the age group of 1 to 8 years .

It's  Skola Toys .

It's an Indian brand , once can check the Facebook page  of this brand here
Skola Toys on FB

One can check their website here : www.skola.toys

Lets see some of its toys , made up of wood with lots of love & care for small kids .

Threading Palette 
It's a beautiful threading board shaped like a paint palette with a brush like needle .
Threading activity is extremely soothing and helps to build concentration and also increases attention span .

Mosaic Nut & Bolt Set 
This is a sensorial and creative toy where patterns are locked in using nuts and bolts provided .
It has rhombus & triangle pieces .
Can help kids learn various shapes .

This is a wooden toy to arrange pieces and make home .

This is a Stacking Toy .
It has several circular discs and kid need to stack them one upon another .

Stacking & Nesting Hen 
This is an interesting toy which helps to develop the art of balancing .

So these were interesting & unique toys from Skola .
I loved them all .
A great way to keep our kids engaged in some good activities and keep them away from gadgets .

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful , Do share your views on Wooden Toys if you had used any .


Tuesday 5 September 2017

Try Splendid Jewelry With The Kitty's Trinktes Jewelry Subscription Box

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do Unboxing and Review of a Jewelry Subscription Service .
It's  The Kitty's Trinkets : An Instagram Store to buy a Jewelry subscription box .

This Jewelry Subscription box provides 4-5 pieces of  jewelry at an affordable price .
The actual price of products are much more than the price of box .
This Subscription box is Curated and managed by  Kanchan Bhattacharya , One can connect with her on Instagram or Facebook .

Facebook Page of  The Kitty's Trinkets

Instagram Page of The Kitty's Trinkets

It's a Surprise Jewelry Box so one cannot opt for customization .
Every one will get same piece of Jewelry with some change in color or design .

The September Month Box is an Office Edition Box .

It has 7 products :
1.Black Metal Long Chain Necklace worth Rs 400.
2.Choker Necklace worth Rs 200.
3.Small Dangler worth Rs 250 .
4.Long Dangler worth  Rs 250.
5. Finger Ring worth Rs 150 .
6. Bracelet worth Rs 50 .
7. Face Towel worth Rs 25.

I am quite happy with the box as all pieces are too good .

                                                    Black Metal Long Necklace 
        This is a beautiful piece of Jewelry , Perfect for office wear as it does make a Style Statement and isn't  too loud . Looks Elegant . Even good for college going students .

Choker Necklace 
Choker necklace are very popular these days , This one is good with double layer and looks too beautiful.

Both the earrings I got in this box are too good .
One is multi color  one so can be paired with many dresses .
The other one is of Oxidized Silver which looks too elegant .
Both these pieces can be matched with both Indian Wear & Western Wear .
Good for Office wear as well as for college going girls .

The bracelet is too cute as it has small butterfly figures on it .
It's a Black metal one and ideal for young girls  .

Finger Ring 
My daughters loved this finger ring .
It's quiet different from usual ones .
A lovely Purple color with two pearls makes it a Classy One .

So these were the products I got in this month box .
All Lovely Pieces of Jewelry , Suitable for daily wear .
All these Jewelry are of  Good Quality  , they are not cheap local stuffs .
The Best part is we are getting this box at an affordable price .
I also got a coupon card Rs 50 off on next purchase .

The Actual cost of all the products comes around Rs 1325 .
The Box is Priced  Rs 399 + Rs 100 Shipping .
So It's a  Must Try One .

One can place order by sending an email to Kanchan at this ID 

There is a Special Coupon Code for my readers .
One can get 10 % discount  on this box by using the code   IBBKT10 
Usually they have 4-5 products in each months box but Thanks to Success of BOHO Edition box we are getting 7 products in September month's box .

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful .
Do check the store and If interested in buying  this box do place the order with the given coupon code.


Sunday 3 September 2017

Introducing India's Finest Tea With Namhah

Hello Every One
Today I  am going to introduce a  new Tea Brand to my readers & friends .
It's  Namhah :  A Site to Buy Best Tea Online .
Tea being one of the most popular beverage across world specially in  India has its own place in every one's life. Our day starts with Morning tea or Bed tea , which not only refreshes mind and body but also helps to come out of morning sickness & Laziness .
We take evening  tea with snacks to feel fresh & good .
Healthy Tea like Green Tea have antioxidants and are good for health .

Recently I came across this tea brand Namhah , It's an online store to buy finest tea from tea gardens of  Assam , Darjeeling , North East India & Nepal .
They have wide range of teas , Starting from Usual black tea to Green tea they have some interesting flavors like White Tea , Rose Tea , Mint Tea , Jasmine Green Tea etc .
One can check the site here : www.namhah.com

Today I will be reviewing three flavors of tea from Namhah:
1.Namhah Ashna Darjeeling Green Tea
2.Namhah Silver Needle White Tea
3.Namhah Peach Tea

Namhah Ashna  Darjeeling Green Tea 
* This tea is rich in antioxidants .
*Contains L-theanine which helps to improve brain function .
*Reduces stress and eliminates toxins from body .
*It also helps to take care of Oral Health .
*It's a Vegetarian product with no artificial flavor .

Product Packaging :
The tea leaves are packed in a golden packet and comes in a green carton .
The pack is sealed to retain it's freshness .

Price : Rs 299 

Silver  Needle Darjeeling  White Tea 
*This is a vegetarian product with no artificial flavors .
*Rich in antioxidants .
*It has a Citrusy Sweet Fragrance with Notes of dried apricot .

Product Packaging :
This white tea comes in tea bags .
So very good & travel friendly too , one will need just a cup of warm water to prepare this tea even when outside home .

Price : Rs 399 

Namhah Peach Tea 
*This is  Fruit Tea with aroma of Peach Fruit .
*It's a hand made tea blended with peach fruit .
*It's a Vegetarian product  with no added colors or flavors .
*It's  rich in antioxidants and other nutrients . 
*One just needs to brew 2 gms of tea leaves for 2 minutes to get a Perfect Peach tea .
Price : Rs 399 

What I Liked about these Tea's :
1. These are vegetarian products with no artificial flavor or color .
2. They have unique taste & aroma , quite different from usual green teas .
3. They have lots of health benefits as are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients .
4. Regular consumption of these teas will improve health  as they have medicinal benefits.
5.Product packaging of all teas are too good .
6. Price is affordable .
7. One can easily buy these products from online store like Amazon .
8. They provide best teas directly from gardens of Assam & North East . 

I am enjoying these teas past few days and the one I liked most is Peach tea as it has a sweet taste & Lovely Aroma of Peach Fruit  ( Something which I have never tried before )

So would recommend others to visit the site once and have a look on these wonderful teas :-) 

One can  also check these products at  Amazon 

Hope You all Liked this post and found it useful .
Do comment if you tried such teas before .

(* PR Samples with Honest Review )