Sunday 3 September 2017

Introducing India's Finest Tea With Namhah

Hello Every One
Today I  am going to introduce a  new Tea Brand to my readers & friends .
It's  Namhah :  A Site to Buy Best Tea Online .
Tea being one of the most popular beverage across world specially in  India has its own place in every one's life. Our day starts with Morning tea or Bed tea , which not only refreshes mind and body but also helps to come out of morning sickness & Laziness .
We take evening  tea with snacks to feel fresh & good .
Healthy Tea like Green Tea have antioxidants and are good for health .

Recently I came across this tea brand Namhah , It's an online store to buy finest tea from tea gardens of  Assam , Darjeeling , North East India & Nepal .
They have wide range of teas , Starting from Usual black tea to Green tea they have some interesting flavors like White Tea , Rose Tea , Mint Tea , Jasmine Green Tea etc .
One can check the site here :

Today I will be reviewing three flavors of tea from Namhah:
1.Namhah Ashna Darjeeling Green Tea
2.Namhah Silver Needle White Tea
3.Namhah Peach Tea

Namhah Ashna  Darjeeling Green Tea 
* This tea is rich in antioxidants .
*Contains L-theanine which helps to improve brain function .
*Reduces stress and eliminates toxins from body .
*It also helps to take care of Oral Health .
*It's a Vegetarian product with no artificial flavor .

Product Packaging :
The tea leaves are packed in a golden packet and comes in a green carton .
The pack is sealed to retain it's freshness .

Price : Rs 299 

Silver  Needle Darjeeling  White Tea 
*This is a vegetarian product with no artificial flavors .
*Rich in antioxidants .
*It has a Citrusy Sweet Fragrance with Notes of dried apricot .

Product Packaging :
This white tea comes in tea bags .
So very good & travel friendly too , one will need just a cup of warm water to prepare this tea even when outside home .

Price : Rs 399 

Namhah Peach Tea 
*This is  Fruit Tea with aroma of Peach Fruit .
*It's a hand made tea blended with peach fruit .
*It's a Vegetarian product  with no added colors or flavors .
*It's  rich in antioxidants and other nutrients . 
*One just needs to brew 2 gms of tea leaves for 2 minutes to get a Perfect Peach tea .
Price : Rs 399 

What I Liked about these Tea's :
1. These are vegetarian products with no artificial flavor or color .
2. They have unique taste & aroma , quite different from usual green teas .
3. They have lots of health benefits as are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients .
4. Regular consumption of these teas will improve health  as they have medicinal benefits.
5.Product packaging of all teas are too good .
6. Price is affordable .
7. One can easily buy these products from online store like Amazon .
8. They provide best teas directly from gardens of Assam & North East . 

I am enjoying these teas past few days and the one I liked most is Peach tea as it has a sweet taste & Lovely Aroma of Peach Fruit  ( Something which I have never tried before )

So would recommend others to visit the site once and have a look on these wonderful teas :-) 

One can  also check these products at  Amazon 

Hope You all Liked this post and found it useful .
Do comment if you tried such teas before .

(* PR Samples with Honest Review ) 

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