Thursday 14 September 2017

Introducing Plant DHA for Mama A Vegetarian Source of Omega 3

Hello Every One
Back with one more review from the famous brand Mama Earth .
Recently they have launched some new products in their Mama Range as Traditional Recipes .
The first product from this range which I have tried is Plant DHA for Mama .

About the product :
This plant DHA for mama is a vegetarian product for pregnant women & Mama's.
It's a healthy plant based alternative to fish oil , a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids .
It's a herbal supplement which strengths the immune system .

Price & Shelf  Life :
Price Rs 699  for 60 capsules 
Shelf Life : 2 Years 

Ingredients :
Each capsule contains 250 mg of DHA .

How the capsule looks like :
The capsule is brown in color .
Has no specific taste or odor .

Product Packaging :
The capsules are packed in a good quality plastic bottle .
The bottle is good but it's Lid is too tight .
It really took lots of effort to open it for the first time .
So would suggest the brand to do something with it's cap & packaging .

We all know that fish oil is too healthy .
Reasons :
It contains Omega 3 fatty acids including EPA & DHA ( Docosahexaenoic Acid ) .
It Supports healthy cholesterol level .
Helps to maintain strong bones .
Helps to boost ones mood .

So fish oil capsules are very popular and are taken as supplement by many .
But for Vegetarians and for people who do not wish to take fish oil supplement Mama Earth have come up with this Vegetarian product  Plant DHA .
It has the same benefit as fish oil but with no after taste of fish oil .

Benefits of Using Plant DHA :
1. Its an ideal supplement for Pregnant women as it's Vital for brain & eye development of Foetus .
2.DHA helps to build babies brain , nervous system & eyes .
3. It strengthen the immune system .
4.Omega 3 promotes healthier & stronger bones & joints . Mothers who consume DHA are at a lower risk of  developing  Osteoporosis .

This supplement can be taken by pregnant women as well mama's .
It's a herbal supplement with 100% natural extract and it's a 100% vegetarian product .

My Experience with the product:
I had read lot about fish oil capsules and its benefits but never tried one .
I am taking this supplement past few days . 
Its a good one , one really feels better & energetic with regular consumption of this .
I was having bit cold & fever last week and was feeling too low & dull .
When I started taking this supplement I started feeling better even in cold & fever .
So can say its a good product .

IBB Rating : 4.7/5 

One can check the product at their site 

Hope You all liked this Post & found it useful .

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