Monday 9 October 2017

Diwali Sale at Rock N Shop

Hello Every One
Today  I am going to  Share a  Diwali  Sale at online store  Rock N Shop .

About the store :
Rock N Shop is an online store from where one can buy Curated Luxury Products .
They have wide range of products from Reputed  brands for Men , Women & Kids .
Their product range includes  Apparels , Accessories , Skin care & Cosmetics etc .

Right Now a Diwali Sale is going on where there is discount upto 70% .
One can check the discount page here  Diwali Sale at Rock N Shop

There are various categories by which one can shop there like :
* Shop By Gender 
* Shop By Discount 
* Shop By Designer  
* Shop By Category 

When I checked the Sale for Women Category I found some useful products  in  Accessories & Beauty Products at Sale .
Being  a  Beauty Blogger the first thing I check in any sale is  Skin Care & Beauty Products :-) 
So when  I  Checked  Beauty Category Saw some Awesome products at Sale .
They have some good collection of products from brand  TVAM .
All at discount , How Good is that :-)

One can check the TVAM collection here :

TVAM  is an Organic Brand  with some variety of  Skin care  and Hair Care products  all made from natural ingredients .

Apart  from this  one can shop Accessories ,  Jewelry , Apparels , Bags  , Shoes , Gadgets & Home Decor Products from there .

One can also build their own Diwali  Gift  Box .
On  purchase on 2 products one gets extra 10% off  & 
On purchase of 3 or more products one gets  extra 20 % off .

Do check the site and check their Diwali Sale and shop  what You like :-) 

Also Check their Instagram Page   : Insta Page of Rock N Shop 

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful .


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