Tuesday 17 October 2017

Enjoy Healthy & Delicious Greek Yogurt With Epigamia

Hello Every One
Today I am going to share my experience of  Enjoying a Healthy Treat with one of the Best Yogurt I have  ever tried , Its Greek Yogurt  from  Epigamia :-)

About the Brand :
Epigamia  is an Indian brand which offers healthy Greek Yogurt in various interesting flavors .
All its products are healthy , delicious & nutritious.
Made from  low fat purest cow milk these yogurt are good source of calcium and also contain Probiotics which helps in digestion and lowers cholesterol .

Some of the flavors which I tried are these :

I got two boxes with 4 flavor in each .

The first box  had these flavors : 
1. Greek  yogurt  Strawberry 
2. Greek yogurt  Blueberry 
3. Greek yogurt Green Apple 
4. Greek yogurt  Honey Banana 

The second box had these flavors :
1. Greek yogurt Alphonso Mango 
2. Greek yogurt Wild Raspberry 
3. Greek yogurt Natural 
4. Greek Yogurt Snack Pack Strawberry with Chunky Granola 

Greek yogurt Green Apple flavor 
This is light green in color and has taste of green apple .
Rich source of calcium & energy .

Greek yogurt Natural flavor 
This is like plain curd but very thick and little sweet taste .

Greek  Yogurt Alphonso Flavor 
This has taste & flavor of sweet mangoes with small chunks of mangoes in it .
It tastes like a Heavenly Dessert :-) 

Greek Yogurt  Strawberry Flavor 
This is pink in color and has flavor & taste of strawberry .
A good treat specially for small kids as they love such flavors .

Greek Yogurt Blueberry 
It has taste & flavor of blueberry fruit .
Tastes so good & delicious .

Greek Yogurt Wild Raspberry 
It has taste of  raspberry fruit , so quite a unique taste .

Greek Yogurt Snack pack with Strawberry & Granola 
This is a strawberry flavor with  some granola chunks in it .
So when we mix both , it's too delicious and a Perfect Snack .

So these are the flavors which  I tried , All so good and Delicious .

What I  liked about these Yogurts :
1. These are healthy Snacking Options as yogurt with real fruit makes it too good .
2. Made from pure cow milk ( low fat ones ) .
3. Good source of calcium & Protein .
4. Good source of Probiotics which is good for  digestion & intestine .
5. Also contains Vitamin C .
6.These yogurts are Preservative free .
7.  Available in various interesting flavors which taste too good .
8. Product packaging is good .
9. Price is affordable , a single piece  costs  around Rs 35- Rs 40 which is Okay for such a good product .
10. Good for small kids as  we can give them these flavored yogurt as snacks in place of unhealthy  snacks & junk foods .

My kids enjoyed these flavors and  The Alphonso mango one is my favorite as it has real mango fruit in it , so more than  a yogurt it tastes like a Lovely & Delicious  Dessert :-) 

So would recommend all to have a look at their interesting flavors and Try Some :-) 

One can check their website here 

One can buy these from Super Stores and also from online grocery stores like Bigbasket.com.

IBB  Rating -- 5/5 

( for their wonderful taste & affordable price I  have given a rating of  5/5 ) 

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful .


(* PR Samples with Honest Review  ) 

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