Sunday 15 October 2017

Explore Comfortable & Affordable Products from Bella

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce a new brand to my readers and friends , It's Bella.

About the brand :
Bella is a brand that provides high quality  health & hygiene products for  women  at an affordable price . It's products are made with European Standard  and suits almost all skin type .
It's products help to maintain  hygiene in our day to day life .

Its product range includes :
1. Sanitary Napkins.
2. Tampons.
3. Panty Liners.
4. Cotton products  like Cotton Wools , Buds & Pads .

One can check their website here :

Recently I got some products from the brand :

Bella Ideale Night Pad 
It's an  ultra thin napkin for heavy flow to be used as a night pad .
Air breathability is the unique feature of this product which ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritation .
It has stay Drai topsheet -unique top layer that has double structure with pure cotton for extreme feeling of dryness and comfort .
Price Rs 190 for  14 pads .

Bella Perfecta Ultra XL Heavy Flow  Napkin :
This is for heavy flow and it's made from ultra soft material .
They have leakage control system with unique magic gel barriers to protect from side leakage .
It has silky dry top sheet to give feeling of dryness .
Price Rs 78 for 8 piece .

Bella Intima Panty Liners 
These are made from 100% cotton sheets and is of 1mm thickness . 
It gives a feeling of naturalness and softness .
Recommended for daily use .
Price : Rs 85 for 20 units 

Bella Cotton Pads With Orange Flower Extracts 
These cotton pads are enriched with orange blossom extracts that soothes and relaxes the skin .
It's made from 100% natural cotton fiber .Recommended for cosmetic and hygienic use , ideal as a makeup remover .
Can also be used for baby care .
It has two side, one plain & one embossed , Plain side can be used for cosmetic application and embossed side can be used for cleansing .
Price : Rs 99 for 70 piece .

Bella Cotton Buds
It's a must product which we use in our daily hygiene routine .
These are made with 100 % cotton can also be used for spot cosmetic application apart from cleansing ears .
Price : Rs 45 for 100 pieces .

Bella Feminine Wash 
Enriched with D-Panthenol  & Allantoin , it's meant for maximum hygiene of intimate area .

What  I liked about these products & Brand 
Hygiene products are Must Have ones as we need them regularly in our day to day routine .
Getting high quality hygiene products at affordable  price is like a Great thing as no  ones want to spend extra bucks and  also no one wants to compromise on Quality .
And Bella Products are of  High Quality & Price range is Affordable :-) 
And we Women Deserve the Best Products :-) 
The unique feature of Bella Napkins is they are  Air Breathable .
i.e They provide best comfort & no skin irritation ( Which is not there in napkins from many other brands ).

One can Buy Bella  Products from  or  Amazon 

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful , Do check their product range at  Nykaa .


(* Products sent  by brand for opinion )  

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